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    Bands or artists that say who they are in a song.

    I wonder if this one counts since it’s a cover of Donovans song? :)
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    Who was the first guitarist to put a humbucker in a Strat?

    Wayne has been mentioned a few times. He did in 1967.
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    Recordings with out of tune guitar?

    This one brings me back to teen punk years but first that came to mind. When the bass comes in at :08. Eh, close enough lads?
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    Songs that sound cheerful, until you actually listen...

    Upbeat, uptempo & necro-goth lyrics in 1957!
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    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    Or anything from Nick Cave here. NSFW!
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    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    Don’t think you can top Shane with quips. “I’ll walk there with my feet, and leave there on my back”
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    Recommend some 60's psychedelic/garage rock

    Couple killer bands from LAWNG Island
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    Cramps Tribute LP

    A lot of their songs were covers or riff rip-offs. (I’m saying this as a huge fan.) There was a comp out years ago called Songs the Cramps Taught Us that is really great for reference. They stole way more than zepplin lol-but in a totally unique way.
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    What was the immediate impact of ...And Justice for All?

    That’s cool. I saw SOIA play a bunch in New England around 92/93. Me and my skater friends hung out with them for a bit at newbury comics in Cambridge. They were nice to us & funny. Wonder if ‘one’ influenced ‘just look around’?
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    The first song to ‘feature’ fuzz guitar sound?

    Definitely a distinction to be made. There are loads of examples of overdriven guitar but the first actual fuzz-box recording was the aforementioned Ventures. Pretty sure their record was prior to the Spector session which wasn’t a fuzz pedal.
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    The first song to ‘feature’ fuzz guitar sound?

    Nope that distinction goes to the Ventures 1962.
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    "The Letter": crazy bad miming

    Alex is awesome. He also joined Tav Falco’s band. This is 1981.
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    Perfectly engineered songs...

    I don't think it was mentioned yet but Nirvanas Nevermind is a great example (despite Kurts irritation). I doubt it would have hit so big with the raw Bleach production.
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    Your favorite Simon & Garfunkel song

    I love their version but can’t count as best being a well-worn traditional folk song since they have so many strong originals!
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    Do you consider Springsteen's "Born to Run" to be one of the best songs in American classic rock?

    It’s ok but I vastly prefer Heart of Rock & Roll & Fast Car when it comes to Bruce.
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    Which member of Led Zeppelin...

    I agree but my point was you don’t & wouldn’t know these songs without the contributions of Plant, Jones & Bonham.
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    origins of Punk Rock

    1975. Stylistically and sonically pure-punk.
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    Which member of Led Zeppelin...

    Page seems like the easy answer but thinking about it not so sure. The 3 other members were what made the band distinctive & successful. Led zep would not have happened without them. Just look at the late-period Yardbirds that Page was trying to turn into zep-dazed & confused, tangerine etc. It...
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    origins of Punk Rock

    1968 (ripping off pretty things)
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