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  1. alivegy


    I have two aracoms because I like to run the master on my jcm800’s >6 while keeping the preamp gain low. The have a lineout if you want to run ir’s and cab sims, you can run them silently as a load and on the occasion that I like to attenuate my super reverb i can set my cabinet and amp...
  2. alivegy

    KT77 a direct replacement in a JCM800 converted to EL34?

    I dont have a lot of experience with the later 800s but the 65 is a pretty dark speaker. If it is still very bright I dont know that a swap to a different tube is going to do it unless there is something wrong with the old tubes, especially if youre not driving the power tubes with a lot of...
  3. alivegy

    KT77 a direct replacement in a JCM800 converted to EL34?

    What speaker are you using, and where do you run the preamp volume? I can’t turn the bass on my 800 above 4 without it causing the preamp distortion to get muddy and flubby. With the eq on the 800 youre more setting what frequencies you want to break up first than setting an overall output eq.
  4. alivegy

    15” Guitar Speakers

    Celestion has the fullback 15 which could be worth checking out. Ive never played one but have heard a couple Of recordings and they sounded great. Almost tempted to make a 2x15 cab for it.
  5. alivegy

    What amps with the Celestion Classic Lead 80?

    50 and 100 watt jcm800. Anything from fuzzy hendrix, funk, 90s rock using either single coils or humbuckers.
  6. alivegy

    Celestion G12-65 vs. Classic Lead 80

    I would pair the lead 80 with something like a bh75ld. I would compliment it with something that has more high-end grind but still a large dustcap so that they blend well.
  7. alivegy

    Celestion G12-65 vs. Classic Lead 80

    Ive always thought the vintage 30 to have a bright upper mid emphasis, the g12-65 is dark, and the cl80 sits in the middle. Not as dark as a 65, more neutral mids than a v30 but with the large dust cap to keep the sizzle down.
  8. alivegy

    $7,500 for a piece of the Hollywood Bowl

    I see this sitting in the corner of a room of an expensive home that has been staged to sell. It looks cool and I love the bowl but I think they have misjudged how much people will value this.
  9. alivegy

    Attenuators anyone?

    I have a 2203 and a 2204 that I run through a pair of aracom attenuators. I find even at extreme settings that there is very little coloration of the sound. They also have a load feature if you want to play silently through a cab sim or ir setup. If you just want a passive attenuator that...
  10. alivegy

    Speaker for 1x12 JCM 800 combo

    What volume are you going to play at? I have a couple of 800's and I find they really work well with a Celestion Lead 80, or the WGS version. It's a pretty neutral speaker that seems to work well with the 800. It has a good amount of low-end and a top end that isn't too shrill. I like to...
  11. alivegy

    I may need to succumb to a small combo, needs some recs that won't disappoint

    They're annoying in that I usually say do one thing and do it well, but the Emplexador breaks my rule. There are so many great Marshall tones in that little box, and it does them all well. They are just amazing amps.
  12. alivegy

    I may need to succumb to a small combo, needs some recs that won't disappoint

    Tophat emplexador combo. Several flavors of Marshall tone and a great master volume.
  13. alivegy

    Would you consider Celestion G12-75t's to be "fizzy"

    What volume are you playing at? I think the first obvious thing to do is to remove the attenuator and see if the problem persists.
  14. alivegy

    Which speakers in a 2x12 for a DSL100 head

    The lead 80 is a pretty balanced speaker. It doesn't have a whole lot of character on its own, so if you generally like the eq of your amp you'll like the Lead 80. It has good bass, balanced mids, and the large dust cap gives you smoother high end. It's not as dark as a 65, it's not as...
  15. alivegy

    Which speakers in a 2x12 for a DSL100 head

    Your description of what you're after does sound like the Classic Lead 80.
  16. alivegy

    One “Marshall” to rule them all

    Tophat emplexador.
  17. alivegy

    Amp mic for live use

    57 for classic mid range punch through the mix. 906 if you want something fuller, more balanced and condenser like. I5 if you want a 57 with more bottom and maybe a touch more sizzle. Make sure that you are playing at a porper volume or all of these suggestions are meaningless.
  18. alivegy

    Sick of the Creamback (G12M-65) in my Marshall DSL-40C... replacement?

    It sounds like you want a heavier magnet speaker.
  19. alivegy

    Is the M65 Creamback good in a 1x12?

    I feel like the celestion lead 80 is like a v30 without the honkiness. I use one in a 4010 combo.
  20. alivegy

    AMPS.. IN THE ZONE #2 Blackface Super Reverb

    If you do it right the knob is labeled “vol”. I use jcm800’s with a strat this way. You have to have the master > 6 for it to work well.
  21. alivegy

    AMPS.. IN THE ZONE #2 Blackface Super Reverb

    This is a good example of how raw and rich a strat bridge pickup can sound even with a bright switch engaged. Its all about setting the amp to the point that the power section is breaking up and compressing. Its very hard (not impossible) to get a good strat bridge rock tone with pedals into a...
  22. alivegy

    1981 Marshall JCM 800 price check

    I think companies like ceriatone that build reliable, quality clones of these old circuits are depressing the prices of these older workhorse amps. I dont think it affects the top end of the market as much when you get to the museum piece level, but for these amps that show some wear and signs...
  23. alivegy

    Do valve amp sounds better warmed up

    I have to keep myself from adjusting the knobs on my Marshalls for about 30 minutes until they warm up. Like has been said 20-30 minutes seems to be enough to get them in the zone. Although it's not just a matter of the heaters because leaving them in standby for 30 minutes isn't the same. It...
  24. alivegy

    I need a good SF Bay Area Amp tech

    Stan of mojotronix recapped my 800 for me and did good work at a reasonable price.
  25. alivegy

    Struggling with Marshall Origin 50c combo and Strat

    For strats with Marshall amps I find it better to push the amp well into break up and saturation and then to get your clean by backing the volume on your guitar down. Using this methodology I find its easier to get a setup that works with the singles on the strat and humbucker guitars.
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