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  1. amp48

    Hx effects footswitch

    Hey, I just picked up an HX effects. I updated to the newest version firmware and everything seemed to be working fine. I have noticed that one of the footswitches is not consistently working (will sometimes not turn on or off when pushed). This happens quite frequently with this one...
  2. amp48

    2019 SG pickup suggestions

    Hi. I currently have Gibson 490t and 490r pickups in my 2019 SG. So far, I have installed an RS Guitarworks wiring harness, which seemed to help the sound...but I still find the neck to be a bit muddy and the bridge kind of shrill. It’s useable, but when I compare the SG to my McCarty with...
  3. amp48

    Pickups for SG

    I picked up a 2019 SG standard. Pretty nice player, but the neck pickup is too dark. Needs more clarity. When adjusting EQ on my amp, I can almost get the neck pickup to sound right, but then the bridge is too bright. I have lowered pickup height and roll off the bridge tone knob to...
  4. amp48

    Rickenbacker pickups?

    I have a recent model 620. Bridge pickup sounds ok, but the neck sounds bad. Way too muddy. I’ve seen replacement pickups by Barden and Lollar that look interesting. I was thinking of either toasters or something similar like Lollar Broilers. But I don’t want the bridge pickup to sound too...
  5. amp48

    Got a Fuzzy Drive for cheap

    I got an EWS Fuzzy Drive from Texas Guitar Ranch for about half of what every other place charges. Looks legit, though it didn’t come with EWS manual/paperwork. How are these guys selling them for so cheap? Open box items/returns?
  6. amp48

    Tuner signal strength problem

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with my tuner that I haven't noticed before. For some reason, when I place my tuner in line after my other pedals, it will barely pick up enough signal to properly allow me to tune. I would think that because I have a Boss OD-3 and Blues Driver early in the chain...
  7. amp48

    Please help identify this guitar

    I got this the other day. Supposedly a 1997 ‘62 AVRI. The neck and pickups seem legit. Just wondering about the body. What you all think?
  8. amp48

    Darius Rucker pregame show

    I like this guy and he’s a good singer. However, he sounded pretty mediocre/out of tune during the Super Bowl pregame show. Maybe his monitor mix was bad.
  9. amp48

    PRS finish issues

    I recently bought a 1997 McCarty that had white clouding around the edges underneath the finish. I was told that most of these 90's PRS exhibit the same finish problems. Then I got a late 2000's DGT where the finish was flaking off really badly. I'm wondering if PRS is ever going to get a...
  10. amp48

    Gold Anodized Pickguard on Strat

    So I put a gold anodized pickguard on my Eric Johnson strat, and maybe it was my ears deceiving me, but it seems that the pickups sounded different. They seemed to sound less bright, with a kind of dull thud to them. So I put the original pickguard back on and the old sound I was used to was...
  11. amp48

    RWRP or stock polarity?

    HI, I recently purchased a Bare Knuckle neck position pickup for my Eric Johnson Stratocaster. It is stock polarity. After installing, I found that the in-between position (4) sounds super thin and out of phase. Should I have gotten a RWRP pickup instead to correctly match the Eric Johnson...
  12. amp48

    Sold Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special

    FS: Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special 1x12. Excellent condition. Comes with foot switch, amp cover and extra tubes. Local pickup only. I'm in Tacoma, WA. Paypal is ok. $950
  13. amp48

    Sold 2015 PRS DGT

    Sold 2015 PRS DGT in faded whale blue finish. Near mint condition. Original hard shell case. Great guitar but I need money...and a Strat :) Sold...
  14. amp48

    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr, Digitech Jam Man Express Looper, You Dirty Rat distortion pedal

    For sale: Diamond Memory Lane Jr delay pedal. Silver, in excellent condition. With original box. Sold Digitech Jam Man Express Looper pedal. Excellent condition. Original box/papers. Sold You Dirty Rat.....sold thanks, Adam
  15. amp48

    Taylor Guitars Factory Tour

    I got to go on this factory tour when I was in San Diego for my brother's wedding. It was fun...about an hour long. No cost and they encourage you to play the guitars they have hanging in the visitors center. They have a really good vibe dad said it almost made him want to get a...
  16. amp48


    Just got this one in today. A DGT in faded whale blue with a black back. Reminded me of a modern eagle I saw years ago. Not sure if I like all the flame in the top, but I think it works. Plays well. A little stiff with 11's but hopefully I'll get used to it.
  17. amp48

    Clapton Strat frets

    I just picked up a Clapton Strat and I think I could get along with everything except the small vintage type frets. Is that something you just get used to over time? Has anyone here made the transition from medium jumbo to vintage frets?
  18. amp48

    Wildwood 10 Custom Shop Strat

    I was looking at a wildwood 10 1955 relic Strat that was listed at $4300. A nearly identical looking 1957 relic on another website was going for $3000. Can somebody tell me what makes the Wildwood models cost $1300 more? Is there more attention given to these builds? I'm aware they have...
  19. amp48

    What's the cheapest Warmoth/parts build you've done?

    I'm looking at building a tele. With good pickups and painted/finished wood, it looks like $800-900 is where I'd be at. How would you suggest doing it cheaper and still getting good quality parts?
  20. amp48

    American special tele

    I played one the other day and really liked it, aside from the rather slim neck. One thing that jumped out at me was the price. When did these become priced at $1000? Not too long ago they were around $800.
  21. amp48

    Has the Gear Page changed or have I?

    It used to be that I would spend a lot of time reading through TGP. Nowadays it seems I can hardly find any threads that interest me. What happened to me?
  22. amp48

    NGD PRS CE22

    I found this at the local GC. Plays great, sounds full and clear...I actually think I prefer the sound compared to my DGT. The pickups are more defined and articulate. A few's a 1999, so does anyone know what pickups are in this and were they using alder or mahogany in 1999...
  23. amp48

    Refinishing a PRS

    I have a PRS DGT where most of the finish has flaked off the neck. It was apparently a flawed factory nitro finish. (I'm not the original owner, so no warranty here.) I'm thinking of refinishing the entire guitar since it's only a matter of time before the body's finish is flaking off as well...
  24. amp48

    Silverface deluxe reverb vs 68 custom

    I was out at GC playing a 1973 deluxe reverb next to a 68 custom deluxe reverb. Thing is, I couldn't tell that much difference between the two although I will say I preferred the 73 a little more. Seemed to have a little more warmth and midrange that the reissue was missing. It got me...
  25. amp48

    OS2 Overdrive/Distortion

    I picked up an OS2 for $30 the other day. Not bad for a cheap pedal. Can get a Nirvana type distortion from it. High gain leads sound pretty good too.
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