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    Ampeg RB 108 for home

    Anybody using this just for home practice? Or better to go up to the RB110? I don‘t need lots of volume, and want to play around with songs with a nice sound that‘s better than using my guitar amps (Vibro Champ or Gibson GA45)
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    NPD - Marshall Guv‘Nor

    Bought it mainly because very cheap and wanted to flip it immediately, but it really sounds great. I had a few when they first came out in the late 80‘s but didn‘t remember them so well. It has way more gain I normally use, but it‘s a nice pedal, although a Korean made
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    Vintage Super Reverb experts, need help

    Tomorrow I will see a 1966 Super Reverb, looks like out of a museum, original cover and all. Apparently the only thing changed is the small transformer in the middle of the tubes, I believe the one for the reverb. All else is original, down to the CTS Alnicos. Now, I have a Silver Trim 68 that...
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    Mic recomandation for home recording

    I do a little home recording for fun, using a Scarlett 2i2 interface into my Mac and mainly the condenser mic that came in the package with the Scarlett. Now I was thinking about adding a better Mic for vocals, acoustic guitar and micing amps (I also have a Sennheiser 906 for guitar amps, but...
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    Fender Road worn Precision

    I did some search and the general consensus seems these are quite good basses. I‘m looking at a 2009 model for aroung 1,2K to make the switch from my (to me) nice Squier 50‘s Precision to something a bit better. I play guitar mainly, but play some bass for home-recording and really enjoy playing...
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    Garageband drum programming problem

    I record a little for fun and it works out well when I start an intro on time and all. Now I want to record a new tune with a free form intro after which the drum should start. The guitar intro is not in time, click or whatever…and have a hard time finding out how…I really don‘t know Garageband...
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    Celestion Creamback (vintage) 30 W 55Hz making glassy/splattery sound

    I have an old Marshall 2045 cab from ’73 with two of those speakers. Running a 73 Marshall 50 W JMP into it. It still works, but it makes a bit of a glassy/splattery sound on high notes. It‘s not really noticeable, loud or in your face, but it bugs me…trying other cabs the sound is fine, so I...
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    Delay & Reverb combo

    Looking for a nice pedal that does just a bit of Reverb for my amps that don‘t have one, spring reverb beeing my faborite and a slap back delay for my rockabilly workouts. Should be able to run them singularly, but not necessary to be footswitchable. Right now I‘m using a HOF Mini on a Spring...
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    Any Gretsch experts here?

    Looking to add a 6120 to my collection, but there are so may different ones that makes it hard to choose…I like the Brian Setzer (not Hot Rod) one, but also saw some early 90‘s 6120-60 that seem to be well priced. But I read that the pre FMIC models are not so good, and the newer ones are higher...
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    Kenny Vaughan TrueTone

    Don‘t know if it‘s been posted before, but was watching it today on a longer train ride. Very nice, and seems like a nice guy too Wondering what his Reverb pedal is…he tell something like C-verb or similare…anyway stunning player
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    Looking for opinions on the Squier Vintage Modified Precision

    I mean the one with the ’bucker in the neck and the strings through the body. I already have a CV50‘s Precision with the single coil which I really like and thought about adding that one as I really like the look. I‘m no bass player, just a bit for fun and home recording
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    What‘s the word on P90‘s?

    I have a project in mind to build with two P90‘s. What are everyones favorites for classic P90 sound. No hum-cancelimg, overwounds etc…
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    Nux Mighty Plug problems

    Did a firmware update today and now the bass amp don‘t seem to work. Big echo and latency on them. And by holding the comtrol switch down it doesn‘t switch from guitar to bass like it used to do. Any help?
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    Bonamassa Firebird Pots?

    Anybody changed out tne pots on the Epi Bonmassa Firebird? What did you use as I cannot find a wiring kit and I‘m not so good in soldering….
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    Line 6 Echo Park - boost?

    Just got one and fiddling with it I noticed it adds a slight boost or fatness to the sound, even with all the controls off. Sounds nice… Is that normal?
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    Boss Reverb pedals

    Using a HOF mini at the moment and kinda like it for a spring mode in my non-reverb amps. But sometimes I would like to play around a bit with delay. So wich of the Boss offerings has a mode where I can run the delay without a reverb? I thought the RV6 does, but seems only combined?
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    Derek Trucks pedal - any idea?

    Watching this show there is a fairly big pedal with lots of controlson top of DT Super Reverb. Any idea what it could be?
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    Tele bridge pickup and P90 neck - pot value?

    Anybody usingntheis combo? What values of pots and caps you use?
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    TC Flashback vs. Line 6 Echopark

    Tried a few Delays but couldn‘t really bond with them. Now I want to test again and can get a Line6 Echopark for about the same price as a Flashback, both used. Playing classic and southern rock, blues, a little country…wich one would be your choice?
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    Fulldrive 2 drive knob

    I have a 2003 CS Fulldrive that always keeps coming back on my board. Somehow it just works, especially in FM mode (ithas a three-way switch) Butbtoday I noticed the drive knob doesn‘t do much after half way up. Never noticed it, as I keed drive generally kinda low. Anybody else noticed this?
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    Dunlop Mudslide but larger

    Is there something like the dunlop mudslide with a bigger inner diameter to fit my big old fingers?
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    Squier CV 50‘s Precision pickup

    I normally play guitar and bought this bass to record and have fun. Really like it so far but was wondering if a pickup and electronics swap would be a good idea to get more out of it
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    Gretsch experts here?

    Kinda interested in a 6120, but there are lots of different models. I saw a 6120 TM and a „normal“ 6120 at about the same price (kinda 2K), but the TM has just one switch, three controls and a Master volume, where the other has 2 controls, two switches and the Master volume. The „normal“ one...
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    Percussion basics

    I like recording home and found percussions work wonders over certain projects. Now the percussions on Garageband are nice, but I would prefer the real thing and mike it up. What would be a basic set to start with? Tambourine, shakers, maracas....
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    National Jazz Blues question

    Anybody has one? I have my eye on a beautiful one from the early 90‘s, but it seems to have no truss rod which seems a bit strange as on Resos sometimes I play 016‘s and sometimes 013‘s....
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