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    Pedalboard tweakers - when all was said and done, what were the pedals you really needed

    I have a small board with tuner, tremolo, overdrive, phaser, delay and reverb, but that‘s more for home use. Live I generally only use the overdrive and the tuner
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    What your most recent gear purchase?

    Original Marshall Guv‘nor and a Digitech Ventura Vibe. Both only because I got them very cheap….
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    First Strymon Pedal Experience-Was yours weird too?

    I had a Lex and while it was very nice, I sold it because for me it‘s way too much options on one pedal. I‘m more the set and forget gus when it comes to pedals, but all Strymons het great sounds when I hear them by others
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    What overdrive am I describing?

    Fulldrive 2 or Nobels ODR1
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    I cannot believe how cheap Marshalls are in Europe.

    Yes, but almost everything else for guitar is way cheaper in the US than over here. Also vintage Marshalls can still be found for reasonable money and they all have a voltage selector switch to run all over the world
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    Are Creambacks M65s bassier and darker than 25W Greenbacks?

    Had a couple of Creamback 65 in an old Marshall 2045 2x12 cab and loved the sound with my old Marshall 4 input heads. Didn‘t find them boomy or bassy at all. But they did sound more robust than Greenbacks, maybe because of the major power handling?
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    Stop putting 'bonus tracks' on album re-issues!

    Yes, 99% of the time there was a reason the artists didn‘t put thse „bonus" tracks on the original album
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    Talk to me about your two amp rigs and aby boxes

    When I run two amps I use a Lehle Little Dual. Radial is also good. Most of the cheap ones might work, but more often than not hum quite badly
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    Little Feat appreciation

    I always thought Richie Hayward was one of the finest drummers around. Little Feat were just a stunning band with great tunes and no „prima donnas“.
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    Bring the expensive guitar to gigs or no?

    I have a few vintage guitars that I always bring to gigs, but my area is quite safe.
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    Questions about Squier basses

    The Squiers CV are very highly rated over at the TalkBass Forum. I have a 51 P Bass myself and enjoy it very much.
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    MXR Duke of Tone

    here you go
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    1973 SF Champ more clean headroom possible?

    Like others suggested a speaker swap is easy and cheap. Jupiter and WGS makes some 8“ speakers that sound double the amp. And then a Champ is a beautiful amp for home playing. Don‘t expect to put it against drums and other instuments unless miked, but you will not hear it in that situation.
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    For you Thunder fans

    Loved that album, esp. An englishman on holidy!
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    NPD and it's a boring one for many, boom sauce for me!

    You cannot go wrong with Boss pedals!
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    Black Crowes Lions

    Never saw them live but on the BC live album with Audley it’s the same. Almost inexistant…..But some gteat songs on that album for sure
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    Best value ES335?

    Go used. I got my 2001 for less than 2K and it‘s a very nice one. Just be patient
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    Post Brexit - UK Buyers And EU Stores Etc

    Beeing in Italy I stopped buying from the UK just like I stopped a few years back buying from the US for goods that cost more than a fews hundreds. Customs, VAT and hassles are just not worth it
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    Mic Stands: Round base vs. Tripod w/boom

    Straight stand with a round base for no other reason that it just looks better
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    DiMarzios: Why Didn’t You Tell Me????

    With all the boutique builders and stuff I still think you hardly can go wrong with Di Marzios or Duncans. Had a Super Distortion in the bridge and a PAF in the neck of a Les Paul custom copy in the early eighties and they for sure rocked!
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    What is an inexpensive delay for a player getting into shoegaze for the first time?

    Boss DD‘s and RV are always a safe bet. if you want to be really cheap go with a TC Flashback mini and HOF mini. Those have all the options and you can experiment a bit…then if you like what you hear all doors are open
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    Amps that YOU own which you cant use at HOME without something to drastically lower the volume ?

    A couple of old Super Reverbs, a Vibrolux Rever, a JMP 50W haed and an ancient Gibson Maestro. All too loud for home, so they stay in the rehearsal room. I‘m very happy with my Vibro Champ and sometimes my Pignose for home use.
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    What’s your least used guitar, and why?

    My 73 Strat. It‘s a great guitar and was my number one for years, but it must have been about 3 years the last time I played it. I just prefer Gibsons for now…
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    Rotary pedal: small, great sounds, switchable speeds

    Like all things change, I don‘t use rotary anymore. That said, the Lex was really very nice and sounded very authentic to my ears. It has the problem with daisychaining, so I powwered the board with a proper Truetone CS6 and was perfect. Tha Ventura sounds great as well, is smaller, but doesn‚t...
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