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  1. Hamer95USA

    Is there still a place for 100W amps?

    I play in an AC/DC tribute (Bon Scott era) and we use 100 watt heads, Marshall 4x12 cabs, a 2x15 bass cab, and our drums. For that style of music, our fans want to hear & feel what a hard rock tribute band sounds like in a club, not combo amps or amp modeling/IR being pumped in the P.A. Using a...
  2. Hamer95USA

    Amps with underrated cleans

    I'd have to say the Reverend Kingsnake or Goblin has some underrated cleans for an all tube amp. Guitar George
  3. Hamer95USA

    Let's hear it for 1990's American Standard Stratocasters!

    I had the same model guitar with the same Fender/Floyd Rose bridge in black. I traded it off towards a Fender American Deluxe Tele since it had a dent on the rear of the neck. Guitar George
  4. Hamer95USA

    Dave Meniketti - Cause he deserve his own thread!

    That I know too well. I used to be the house bassist at a Sunday jam night at bar called The Hot Spot, a real nasty biker dive bar in Hayward, CA. Leonard was the bartender and we used to make prank phone calls to people as a joke. He'd give us free drinks. Unfortunately, the owner was involved...
  5. Hamer95USA

    WTB Hamer USA Sunburst

    Check out the Hamer Fan Club ( )
  6. Hamer95USA

    Speaker advice for 4x12 Marshall 1960A cab.

    This was my last set of speakers that I had in my Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab. It currently has 4 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers in it with a custom made 5 input jack plate on the rear...
  7. Hamer95USA

    Help with this Hamer guitar

    That's definitely an import Hamer guitar that was made in South Korea, not a Hamer USA guitar. Everyone always needs a beater guitar in case you play some less desirable places. Looks like someone did some mods on it already. Maybe you can find some cheap aftermarket pickups that you can install...
  8. Hamer95USA

    How cool / desirable is a Hamer Scepter?

    Do you have any pictures of the guitar that you're talking about?
  9. Hamer95USA

    Reload a 900 1960a Cab?

    I tried this out for a few years with the Celestion Vintage 30 & G12T-75 speakers in an X pattern. I didn't like the way those speakers sounded different from each other when I first got my 1960A 4x12 cab. The Vintage 30 speakers sounded more dominant over the G12T-75 speakers which had more...
  10. Hamer95USA

    Love Letter to the EMG 85

    I'm a big fan of the EMG 85 pickups! I have two on this guitar in the neck & bridge positions. The 85/SA/85 pickups are wired with a Super Switch and has the Knopfler mod in position #2. For some strange reason, I bought an older used EMG 85 neck pickup off of E-bay and it seems to have more...
  11. Hamer95USA

    Stereo Tube Power-amp Below $1000?

    I own a Mesa Boogie 50/50. I have no issues with mine. It's a great sounding stereo tube power amp with a 50 watt (full power) or 15 watts (half power) per side in stereo. I recently sized down from a Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 power amp. What is this bad talk that you speak of? More internet BS...
  12. Hamer95USA

    Reload a 900 1960a Cab?

    I bought a used Marshall JCM 900 1960A 4x12 cab used with only 2 Celestion G12T-75 speakers loaded in the cab and a nylon cab cover from Guitar Showcase about 10 years ago. I have loaded the cab with different Celestion speakers over the years. My cab currently is loaded with a quad of Celestion...
  13. Hamer95USA

    Semi-Hollow for Rock/Hard Rock? Who's in?

    Count me in, mang! I use my 1997 Hamer USA Artist Custom semi-hollow body guitar in my AC/DC tribute. I call it my "Ted Nugent" guitar as a joke to my friends. When played at loud volumes, the air comes flying out of the f-hole, and can howl or feedback if I'm not quick on shutting off the...
  14. Hamer95USA

    We need to talk more about Nile Rodgers...

    When I first heard of Chic when I was in my pre-teens, I thought it was ok. When I heard of Chic or any other type of R&B/funk/disco from that era as a teenager, I disliked it since I was in my hard rock/metal music phase of my life. A lot of guys on this forum are all about the blues, rock, or...
  15. Hamer95USA

    What is the smoothest double locking, FR-style tremolo out there?

    I currently have the Schaller Floyd Rose licensed tremolo bridge (2), OFR (1), Kahler Spyder (1), and used to own the Kahler Steeler tremolo bridge. I always felt that the Kahler Steeler was well built, had more mass & sustain, and was a step above the OFR bridge that I have in my 1998 Fender...
  16. Hamer95USA

    Strat volume knob placement: annoying as $#it or necessary?

    My first good super Strat guitar was a 1992 Ibanez RG-570. The volume & tone knob locations on that guitar was perfect! About 8 years later, I bought a 1987 Fender Contemporary Strat with the typical volume/tone/tone configuration. I rewired that guitar with EMG SA pickups and changed the...
  17. Hamer95USA

    FOUR pickup ultra versatile guitar project, what order do I put the pickups?…

    How about a Fret King Corona GW guitar with H/S/P-90 pickup? Bottom push/push tone control splits the bridge humbucker. Middle push/push tone control combines the bridge humbucker and P-90 pickups together. Lots of pickup and tonal variety on this guitar. Or you can wire up a Strat pickguard...
  18. Hamer95USA

    Old Spice melts nitrocellulose!

    There's a lot of hygiene products that are bad for the human skin and causes skin allergies, in particular, laundry soaps & softeners, skin lotions, soaps, shampoos, and deodorants. I have skin allergies and have learned from my dermatologists to avoid using certain products that contain high...
  19. Hamer95USA

    Question for Hamer guys

    A 1985 Hamer USA Sunburst Special with a tunomatic bridge/stop tailpiece, binding on neck & body, trapezoid pearl neck inlays (both known as "crowned & bound" in the Hamer Fan Club), and the arena headstock logo commands a high dollar value as a vintage guitar compared to the dot neck USA...
  20. Hamer95USA

    Vintagetone amps out of Muscle Shoals

    I would ask for a complete refund and find an amp that you really want that would suit your needs.
  21. Hamer95USA

    Smallest, lightest,tube amp with giggable clean headroom

    No longer made, but can be found used on Reverb/Craig's List/etc., either a Reverend Kingsnake 20/60 watt 1x12 combo amp (around 32 lbs.) or if you need lower wattage, a Reverend Goblin 5/15 watt 1x10 combo amp (around 30lbs.)...
  22. Hamer95USA

    Setting up a wet dry rig.

    I would run all of the pedals except the chorus & delay into the amp's input. I would the signal from effects send from the Marshall DSL40CR > rack delay for chorus & delay> stereo solid state power amp> a pair of 1x12 cabs...
  23. Hamer95USA

    Nita Strauss leaves Alice Cooper

    Wow! A bunch of jealous old guys hating on an up and coming talented female touring guitarist with great stage presence who started out playing in an Iron Maiden tribute, has played with Alice Cooper, is now working with Demi Lovato, has her own signature Ibanez guitar, is currently an Ibanez...
  24. Hamer95USA

    Guitars you'd be comfortable buying without playing

    Reverend, Takamine, and Hamer USA. I've been successful in buying these brands of guitar either on this forum or online that wasn't damaged and met my expectations. Guitar George
  25. Hamer95USA


    Great looking guitar! What happened to the original tuners? I see some extra holes at the headstock. Here's my '95 Hamer USA Archtop Sunburst. It currently has the Seymour Duncan '59 & Dimarzio Norton in the guitar now...
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