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  1. clay49

    Looking for quality Kemper and Acoustic profiles

    Before I start trying a bunch of preamp pedals… ToneDexter, Fishman aura, etc.… Was wondering if there were any quality acoustic guitar profiles for the Kemper available on the market?
  2. clay49

    Looking for quality Kemper and Acoustic profiles

    Before I spend money on a ToneDexter or some other kind of Fishman product… Are there any good acoustic profiles out there for the Kemper?
  3. clay49

    Revstar RSPC20CR vs 820

    Any Revstar fans here? I’m interested in trying one of these and was curious how the two of these compare, seeing how they’re $1,000 apart in price. I realize the 20CR is Japanese and not sure of the origin of the 820 (Korean)? I don’t mind spending the money if it’s $1,000 worth more...
  4. clay49

    Pickup selection for Martin DSS Limited Edition guitar

    So I have a friend who is considering purchasing one of the custom shop Martin DSS limited edition guitars, but it has no pickup in it and he wants to use it predominantly through FOH. it is an exquisite tone acoustically, and so he wants to make sure that he can capture that as closely as...
  5. clay49

    MIM vs USA

    Hey guys, I’m a relatively new bass player… I’ve been playing guitar for the last 46 years, but due to a recently diagnosed degenerative condition, I won’t be playing much guitar any longer but I can still play bass. That being said, I’m wondering what would I be missing if I purchased a made...
  6. clay49

    Replacing bass strings for the first time… Recommendations, please

    I am replacing the bass strings for the first time on my fender USA precision bass, American performer series, and I have no idea about bass strings. Would love some recommendations from those of you who are bass aficionados. I’m a long-term guitarist who has just taken up bass due to a medical...
  7. clay49

    Sold 1993 Pre-Historic Gibson Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” - Retirement Liquidation

    I had been hoping that this day would not materialize, but after dealing with the emergence of left hand tremors, that have consistently increased in frequency and strength since March of 2020, I have made peace with the fact that my guitar playing days are coming to an end. My doctors (after...
  8. clay49

    Pairing suggestion to go with a TV Jones Powertron plus bridge… Suggestions for neck pickup?

    I put a TV Jones PowerTron plus bridge pickup in my Chinese Gretsch Double Jet… Love it! Which of the TV Jones neck pickups would make a good match for that?
  9. clay49

    TV Jones pickup pole piece heights???

    Hey guys, I just got a TV Jones Powertron plus for the bridge position in my Gretsch. I noticed that the pole piece heights seem wonky… They’re not all even (like a humbucker)...some are higher than the others and it was that way from the factory. What’s the rationale here? It’s going to put...
  10. clay49

    Tom Anderson pick up connoisseurs… Lend me your ears!

    Hi guys! I just recently picked up a Tom Anderson raven superbird from another forum member, and I love the guitar but it comes equipped with shiny cover HC1 and HC2 pickups, which I’m not so crazy about. They’re a little bit darker and hotter than I would like. Those of you who know Tom...
  11. clay49

    Gibson Pickup Connoisseurs...where do the 61T/61R pickups sit in the Gibson Humbucker spectrum???

    More do they compare to the 490R/T set? I like the mid-growl of the 490R/T...are they similar to those, or maybe more toward the 57 Classic, which is a little more “tame”???
  12. clay49

    Hamer USA serial de-coder formula???

    Hey guys, I am searching for a way to determine the age of my Hamer USA Korina Artist. I know someone put together an online processor for Gibson serials where you put in the number and it calculates the age of your guitar. Is there someway I can figure out what year my guitar was made? The...
  13. clay49

    Kemper users...tell me what pedals you use with your rig

    I have been a happy Kemper user for about the last decade now, almost exclusively… Don’t even own a traditional “amp” any longer. I record with it, and I played live. I have settled in on probably 6 to 10 Michael Britt profiles that are my go to rigs, and I pretty much just tweak those using the...
  14. clay49

    Need Pole screws that fit Seymour Duncan humbuckers...where to order???

    Hi guys, I need to get a dozen gold pole screws for a black set of Duncan Whole Lotta Humbuckers (for my black ‘93 Pre-Historic Custom Shop LP Custom). Anyone know where I can get some that will fit the Duncan humbuckers? I know some are slightly smaller and will slide right through the holes...
  15. clay49

    What has changed in the making of the Gibson 57 Classic over the last several decades?

    I have been a perennial Les Paul player since the mid-80s, and it’s been interesting for me to hear changes in certain pickups over that time. One in particular, the Gibson 57 classic, certainly has been tweaked in someway because the sound is a good bit different than it was 20 or 30 years ago...
  16. clay49

    Martin Connoisseurs...steer me to my next guitar (Modern Deluxe line)

    Hey guys (and gals), I’m in search of a new acoustic electric guitar and have never owned a Martin (mainly high-end Taylor and custom shop Breedlove owner in recent days, and did own a Charis and Langejans a decade or so ago...yes, still kicking myself over letting those two go!). At any rate...
  17. clay49

    Recommendations for EQ unit for acoustic guitar for live settings

    Ok, this is a spin-off from my post yesterday, which I will probably remove (to be replaced by this query). I think I was asking the wrong’s my situation. I have a Taylor 714ce LTD with Sinker Redwood top, and I really like the tone acoustically, but am having a hard time...
  18. clay49

    So I have a Taylor 714ce LTD Sinker Redwood...Love the guitar, but not the Expression II, please

    This guitar sound phenomenal unplugged, but I’ve just not been able to tame the Expression II pickup’s just to boomy, and too bright, and with the onboard controls (vol/bass/treble), I’ve simply not found a happy medium that I like through FOH and in my Westone in-ears. Are there...
  19. clay49

    Recommendations for a good bass DI

    I am finding myself playing bass guitar more frequently at church these days, and while I have a Kemper profiling amp with bass profiles, I’m looking for something that’s a little bit simpler to use, just drop on the floor, plug in and have good tone. What are my options and the $300-$500 range?
  20. clay49

    Recommend a good jazz music forum, please

    Would love to find a good solid jazz music forum, but before I start doing web searches, I wanted to see if any of you might have some recommendations. I’ve developed a real appreciation for the music of David Benoit and Dave Grusin, and I’m looking to find others who are in that vein of really...
  21. clay49

    Humbuckers: So how important is it for strings to cross directly over the pole pieces???

    Are we good as long as the string is somewhere in the neighborhood??? Got these SD whole lotta humbuckers, that only come in standard size, and the PRS SE bridge is wider than 50mm (sorry, replacing strings, high-e missing in photo). Am I losing any real sonic benefit given that the outer...
  22. clay49

    Measurement range between bridge saddles and the pole screws on a humbucker

    Just to be clear, I’m not asking how far do the strings need to be from the pole pieces on a bridge humbucker, but rather, where should the bridge pole screws be (mm or inches) in relation to the bridge saddles themselves? I am converting the P-90 pickup on my Hamer Korina artist to a...
  23. clay49

    Bare Knuckle BOOTCAMP Old Guard Humbucker testimonials???

    Anyone had these and can provide feedback on what they’re like? I’ve got 2020 PRS SE Paul’s Guitar, and I’m looking to upgrade the pickups (minus the 2 mini-toggles...have no use for them), so I’m just wiring it up for standard HxH playing. How do these compare to the standard “higher-end” BK...
  24. clay49

    Soft case recommendations for Fender American Precision Bass

    I need a decent soft case for my Fender American Performer Precision Bass. It came with a real skimpy gig bag that is a half-inch thick at best. Strange that a $1,200 bass comes with such a crapper for a bag. At any rate, would love some recommendations. Not interested in a hard case, need...
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