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  1. riker4208

    How do I Plug My guitar and practice with Bluetooth

    Hear me out......I want to plug my guitar into my computer (2012 Imac) and practice my guitar while using bluetooth earbuds. I want to be able to hear my guitar AND my computer at the same time. In other words play with backing tracks from youtube or whatever. I've run into a problem trying...
  2. riker4208

    Concert for Covid Pearl Jam

    Concert streaming tonight on prime and
  3. riker4208

    Video and audio software question

    What kind of software would I need to produce something like this? I asked the creator and he may be able to answer, but if you all have some input that would be awesome! I've got an interface and microphones, I've got and Imac with its built in camera. What I'd like to do is create a file in...
  4. riker4208

    Stooges doc Gimme Danger

    Just finished this. I'm woefully ignorant of the Stooges. I've loved punk and alternative my whole life but never really got all the way back to the roots. Of course I know they existed and new a couple of the famous tunes, and of course everyone knows Iggy visually and the legend he embodies...
  5. riker4208

    Huey Lewis article, current health situation this was a nice read about a man struggling. Hard not to feel for the guy. Seems very down to earth. Check it out. Some great photos. Looks like he has a...
  6. riker4208

    Meat Puppets New Track Warranty

    I think this sounds cool as hell. I very rarely post anything here, but these guys deserve a shout because they still bring the vibe and can pen a killer song.
  7. riker4208

    What's my 1978 fawn marshall cab worth?

    hey guys I'm thinking of selling my marshall cab on craigslist. I've already got a guy interested. It has a quad of G 1230 black back speakers. I think a couple of the speakers might have coil rub. I was thinking about just pulling the speakers and selling the cab with no speakers unloaded...
  8. riker4208

    Erykah Badu 2nite

    Going to see Erykah tonight. I've liked her for a long time but never seen her. Hope she has a killer band with her. Date night, kinda jacked
  9. riker4208

    Psychic Temple

    the wife found some music we are liking. Band is called Pyschic Temple, album is called Music for Airports. It's on Spotify. Kinda curious if anyone is in to them. Did tgp search and found nada
  10. riker4208

    So this is more badass than I expected*stern/johnson content

    These guys look to be having fun. Not sure what I expected, I'm not a huge EJ nut or anything. Stern is the coolest. This is a good time in my opinion.
  11. riker4208

    Grateful Dead 87' Content

    So I watched a couple Santa Clara sets on youtube. I enjoyed it, but I needed to hear something else afterward. Here's what I'm listening to now. if you are going to watch it, send it to the big screen and send it thru you sound system. Its worth it. Could make a believer of some. Check...
  12. riker4208

    DIY Guitar Case Humidification

    I don't feel like buying a $25 dollar sponge from someone. I was wondering if you guys think there is anything wrong with this set up? The sponge is completely wrung out and just damp. The bag has little fork holes in it. I guess I still would need a humidistat to see if I'm at 40 to 50...
  13. riker4208

    Cripe Kimock Tone

    I was really digging this tone Kimock had here 2:00 mark BdeJo0S0y3U Looked closer and appears to be a Scott Walker guitar into a Twin Reverb. Sounds like just pure guitar tone, not much effect. Sounds really fat, bright and present all at the same time. Sweet.
  14. riker4208

    Govt mule with Krieger

    Man, I really enjoyed this, Warren sounds great singing Jim's parts! Nice job guys
  15. riker4208

    George Benson So What, why I love Jazz What a band! I've always loved his bass player, they've been together all these years
  16. riker4208

    Stanley Jordan

    He's coming thru Portland tomorrow and playing our small jazz club Jimmy Mak's. I'm thinking of going and seeing him. He's playing solo. Anyone caught him recently?
  17. riker4208

    Price Check 1979 Strat

    Hey guys, I'm trying to sell of all my unused guitars. I bought this in highschool in 1991 from Rainbow guitars down in Tucson. I've had it forever. Frets are somewhat rough: whats a rough value? Just going to list it on craigslist. Here's a pic
  18. riker4208

    Replacing Filtrons with Imperials

    If I want to change from TV jones filtrons to Lollar Imperials it a direct swap? Is routing necessary?
  19. riker4208

    Vintage Gibson 335

    I'd like to find a vintage 335. I'm thinking 60's, because I don't really want to spend much more than $5000. I want to find a good one. Anyone know of any killer ones for sale at any shops that have the right stuff? I've owned a dud 335 from the early nineties and don't want to go down that...
  20. riker4208

    Lee Ritenour w/ Mike Stern SMOKES!

    Man these guys sound great together. I'm not a huge fan of either, but I'm now seriously interested in more.
  21. riker4208

    Hurts So Bad

    Trust me. I-DLwygh4HM
  22. riker4208

    My Band's CD Skreddy Content

    Here's my bands CD. Effects chain for "lead" guitar is: Bicomprosser-skreddy screwdrive-skreddy mayo-boss dd2-deluxe memory man. As well as Roland Space Echo Re301 on many tracks My band, Sabertooth I play pedal steel and guitar. Recorded on a Mackie Satellite with Great River Preamps and...
  23. riker4208

    Iphone 5 Multitrack App

    What are you all using with your iphones? I'll probably end up getting an apogee jam for an input but may just use the mic on the phone for starters. Any real world experience would be great. t
  24. riker4208

    Sgear with Boss Js10 as Asio

    Anyone try using the boss js10 with the sgear? I don't have another asio right now so I'm trying to make this work. Right now I can't seem to monitor thru my headphone out on my computer as the signal is sent back to the js10. I think this just may be impossible.
  25. riker4208

    Tomasz Stanko

    Man, this guys got some deep moods. Some of my favorite jazz of the modern era. Beautifully crafted tunes conveyed with soulful group interplay. It doesn't get any better.
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