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    New Scott French website...

    And while he called them travel guitars as they will fit in an airline overhead compartment, they are full 25.5 inch scale instruments. The extended upper horn allows the upper and lower strap buttons to be exactly the same distance as the strap buttons on a strat. Really, really creative. Brandon
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    New Scott French website...

    Hi all, First as a disclaimer, I've never met Scott and have nothing to do with his website or his business. I am lucky enough to own the original SF3 travel guitar and a second SF3 travel guitar that Scott started and sold to me to finish. The original has the Bolivian rosewood top with a...
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    Ooga Chaka, Ooga ooga...

    I've never been a big fan of the tune either, especially compared to other tunes coming from Memphis and American in that era. Brandon
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    Ooga Chaka, Ooga ooga...

    Crazy, there was a thread a bit ago with an alternate take of Elvis singing "Suspicious Minds" and now we have this thread. As it turns out, "Hooked on a Feeling" was also written by Mark James, the writer and original singer of "Suspicious Minds". Reggie Young, the guitarist on both the Mark...
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    Elvis' Suspicious Minds (Take 6)

    There are a number of standards recorded in Memphis that didn't go anywhere until someone else re-recorded the song with a near identical arrangement. Danny O'Keefe's Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues and Merrilee Rush's Angel of the Morning immediately come to mind. Suspicious Minds has...
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    Elvis' Suspicious Minds (Take 6)

    And not that it matters in this thread but I assume folks realize that the original version of Suspicious Minds was recorded in the Memphis at American Sound by Mark James. If you didn't realize you do now :). Brandon
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    Elvis' Suspicious Minds (Take 6)

    The release is shown in the video, The Searcher OST: Brandon
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    Primus showing out on MTV in '93

    Early 90s Primus was great, great stuff. I was in Columbia, MO at that time and Primus opened for Fishbone on the first date of a national tour that started at the Blue Note in COMO. Fishbone had just released Reality of My Surroundings and both bands were 100% at the height of their powers...
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    Your favorite tremolo songs?

    My, my folks, we're 5 pages in and no one has mentioned Guitar Town!!!!!! I never have known if the trem riff was done with a detuned tele or if this one is a tremolo'd bass VI.
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    13 Songs vs Repeater

    Repeater for me slightly over 13 Songs although as already noted Margin Walker is the individual song that is my favorite when just considering these two. In the full Fugazi catalog, both Red Medicine and Argument would rank higher in my list of favorite Fugazi records than either Repeater or...
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    RIP Julee Cruise

    RIP, Julee. As a Lynch fan, Julee was a huge part of the soundtrack to my early adulthood. If folks haven't ever heard it, Lynch, Badalamenti, and Julee collaborated to cover Elvis on Wem Wender's Until the End of the Work soundtrack in stunning fashion: Brandon
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    30 years of Angel Dust

    While I grab all of the Mr. Bungle records regularly, Angel Dust is the only FNM record that I ever spin these days. The 2 cd deluxe edition with the b-sides and live tracks is the way to go IMHO. Brandon
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    Unpopular opinion: Pablo Honey is great

    First, Pablo Honey is great and I think most music fans would agree. At the same time, I also believe that it isn't Radiohead's best album, depending on the day, I will pick Ok Computer, Kid A, or The Bends as my favorite. Pablo Honey just pales a bit compared to the band's other output. That...
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    RIP Ron Luczak

    Read the article and do better my friend. This isn't the place for a question like this. Brandon
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    Tao Guitars Disco Volante Build Thread

    Just resurrecting this zombie thread to tell a story. Turns out that when this thread was new, I had dropped Andrew a PM asking that he let me know if he ever wanted to consider moving on from this guitar. From the first moment I saw a Disco Volante I was hooked and I found the wonderful blue...
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    Can someone help me identify this 12ax7 tube?

    Ah, that makes sense, I wasn't able to tell that they weren't scratches until I selected the picture and zoomed in.
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    Can someone help me identify this 12ax7 tube?

    "the one you posted had some serious scratches ontop." That's printing in various states of being rubbed off on the top of the tube in the picture.
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    Can someone help me identify this 12ax7 tube?

    Now that's a great story! I use a Glow Audio Amp One integrated stereo in my work office. Yes, it's overkill but it's a great conversation starter. And I have Telefunken El84s in it right now. Using a simple amp like the Tubecube 7 is a great way to hear the differences between tubes through...
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    Can someone help me identify this 12ax7 tube?

    You're welcome, to give a bit more detail, it's a Telefunken "2 hole" smooth plate, it's the most common type of smooth plate Telefunken 12ax if I'm remembering correctly. Most of the aura/hype around these tubes comes from the audiophile community, IMHO. I've got/used a small handful of these...
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    I remain a huge Mother Love Bone fan and I break out Green River every once in a while too. I haven't listened to a Mudhoney record in ages. Like some of the earlier posts, I absolutely agree that 4th of July is my favorite track on Superunknown and in mind mind it's the high point in the...
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    I completely agree, Ultramega OK is way underrated, Beyond the Wheel is Superamazing every day of the world and twice on Sundays. Badmotorfinger is my personal favorite Soundgarden album front to back. Brandon
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    In appreciation: Mother Love Bone

    My natural home is rural north Missouri and when Shine came out none of the regular record stores in the Des Moines malls that my mom would go to ever stocked it. As luck would have it, my small class had worked and were able to go to Florida, Orlando and Daytona, for our senior trip and I made...
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    Juke Coda Distortion Levels

    Sorry mate, wasn't mine. I owned and sold my Coda 3-4 years ago. Biggest difference between the Coda and the Warbler aside from size is that the trem is better on the Warbler (in my opinion). The circuits are different and the Warbler trem is deeper on both the AM and FM settings. If I'm...
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    Yanuziello photo gallery

    Agreed, the ones I've owned have been maple on mahogany with a maple neck, 2x maple on maple with a maple neck (including the cupcake) and maple on alder with a maple neck. All had rosewood boards other than the maple on mahogany which I seem to recall had an ebony fretboard. Every one was a...
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