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  1. jcshirke

    FS Source Audio True Spring Reverb + footswitch

    FS: Source Audio True Spring Reverb with footswitch. Has two small strips of Dual Lock on the back, but I can remove it for you, if you want. $200 shipped
  2. jcshirke

    TC Electronic Delay Lo-Fi Tone Print?

    Does anyone know if there is a Tone Print for TC that is really lo-fi? So lo-fi that it includes bit-crushing and aliasing at extreme settings? I have a Nemesis, and I'm thinking about selling it, but I love the Degrade delay algorithm, and none of the other delays I have can reproduce it. Just...
  3. jcshirke

    EP-3 style preamp before after delay?

    Would you put an EP-3 style pedal/preamp before or after your tape delay pedal for the most authentic EP-3 style sound? Thanks.
  4. jcshirke

    Source Audio True Spring/Trem Question

    I was just messing with the tremolo settings on the True Spring, and for some reason the pulse of the tremolo sounds uneven, like it ramps up from slow to faster and then back again. It's definitely not steady. Did I accidentally select some time division feature that I'm unaware of in a...
  5. jcshirke

    FS Hughes and Kettner Cream Machine

    I've tested the unit in 2 of the 3 ways it can be used. It works as a pedal (using the mix out, I believe) placed in front of the amp. It works connecting the speaker out to the input of a cab. I haven't been able to test it straight into a DAW, but I'm going to try to do so soon. $150 shipped...
  6. jcshirke

    FS MOTU Ultralite MK3 Hybrid Interface ($210)

    MOTU Ultralite MK3 hybrid interface in excellent condition. Box, manual, power supply, and cable included. I'm not sure where the rack ears are, unfortunately. $200 PP (or Venmo)/Shipped in CONUS
  7. jcshirke

    MIDI with TC Alter Ego x 4

    I'm sending MIDI from my Gigrig G2 to my TC AEx4 to change presets. According to the TC manual, MIDI program change 1 (001) =preset 1, PC2=preset 2, and PC3=preset 3. The G2 sends PCM 1 on footswitch one, PCM2 on footswitch 2, and PCM 3 on footswitch 3. However, when I press FS1, I get preset...
  8. jcshirke

    Native Instruments and Logic X Help Needed

    I'm not sure if I should even post this here, but I've had a hell of a time installing Komplete 12 on my old iMac. I had to update the OS to Catalina b/c NI's installer, Native Access, wouldn't run on my old OS (High Sierra?). Even after doing that, though, some of the NI libraries and...
  9. jcshirke

    Gigrig G2

    I can't get my G2 to go into MIDI setup mode. You're supposed to hold down foot switch 7 and then press the phase button. But that's not doing anything for me. So, I tried powering the unit up while holding down FS7, then pressing the phase button--and a couple other variants as well. Anyway, it...
  10. jcshirke

    Help: Gigrig2 + Riverside + MIDI

    Long shot, but does anyone else have a Strymon Riverside (or Sunset) that's connected to a Gigrig2, and are you using MIDI to change Riverside presets? I could use some help.
  11. jcshirke

    IRs for Lne 6/HX Stomp

    Huge topic, I know. I'll preface my post with the following important disclaimer: I don't need an IR pack with 2000+ IRs. I don't need anything that is super high gain or metal. I also don't have any illusions that IRs will magically sprinkle my sound with fairy dust and turn everything into...
  12. jcshirke

    Fighting a Plexi

    It's been a while since I've played my Germino Lead 55, so I had kind of forgotten what it feels like under my fingers. It can be crazy loud, too, as I'm sure most people know, so I can't crank it at home without having a visit from the cops. I had a MV installed several years ago, which helps...
  13. jcshirke

    Iridium w/Headphones?

    How's it sound? And what headphones are you using? Thanks.
  14. jcshirke

    Volume drop with drive pedals in front of EP-3 style boost(s)

    I'm getting a substantial volume drop when I run a drive pedal in front of my APE (with EL Cap in the loop) and--on a different board-- an Epoch Boost, which I have in front of a Volante. I don't know if it's something about the EP-3 style boost circuit that causes it not to play nice when...
  15. jcshirke

    APE and EL Capistan?

    Anyone putting the El Cap in the APE's loop? I checked YouTube, but didn't turn up anything yet. Just curious how it's working out for you. Thanks.
  16. jcshirke

    Are George L's Really That Noisy?

    I'm using George L solderless patch cables on my pedalboards. My boards *are* noisier than I wish they were, but I have always figured that could be due to any number of issues, not least of which is the fact that the electrical wiring in my music room is old and sucks. But I've also heard that...
  17. jcshirke

    Transcribing using Ultimate DVD player?

    Is anyone here using Roni Music's Ultimate DVD player? They have a popular transcribing tool for audio called Amazing Slow Downer. I'm sure some of you have it and use it. I demoed the DVD version b/c there are some dvds I'd like to slow down to transcribe, but the trial version I downloaded...
  18. jcshirke

    EP-3 Style Boost Placement

    What's the prevailing opinion? Should it go before or after the delay, especially if you are using another OD in the chain?
  19. jcshirke

    Rickenbacker Customer Service

    I sent the service department at Rickenbacker an email over a month ago, and I resent it maybe 2-3 weeks ago or so. I never got a reply. So, I sent the same email to customer service a week or two ago also--and I still didn't get a reply. Anyone else have the same experience? I plan on calling...
  20. jcshirke

    Nemesis--Mix knob

    A question for Nemesis owners. The mix knob set at 12 o'clock should provide a 50/50 mix between delay and dry signal--according to both common sense *and* the manual. Mine is more like 65% delay/35% dry--or something along those lines. I have to turn the mix knob way, way, way down to get the...
  21. jcshirke

    Rickenbacker 360 Twisted Neck

    My Rick 360 has a twisted neck. The luthier I took it to thinks he'll be able to get it to play well without having to do massive surgery on it, but he also was clear that poor manufacturing/lack of attention to detail is ultimately the root cause. So, I'm f'ing pissed about that little fact, of...
  22. jcshirke

    Custom MIDI cables

    Is it worth the extra bucks to buy high-quality MIDI cables? I need three with right angle plugs, so I'm thinking about ordering some that are custom length, but they will also be pricier because of the quality of the cable. But MIDI is MIDI. It either works, or it doesn't, right? There's no...
  23. jcshirke

    Tube Tester?

    Are there any high quality, but relatively inexpensive tube testers out there? I have a bunch of NOS tubes that I have gathered over the years, but I really have no idea at this point what is good and what is just...well...****. Just looking for any suggestions. Thanks.
  24. jcshirke

    MIDI control of non-MIDI pedals?

    I'm looking for a gadget similar to the RJM Mini Effects Gizmo to control (by "control," I basically mean switch them in/out of loops) maybe three drive pedals via MIDI. The MEG would work great, but it's too big for my needs. Is there a device that would do the exact same thing but may only...
  25. jcshirke

    M5 needs an update

    Line 6, if you're listening, the M5 needs to be updated with HX effects. Include the legacy fx as well. Double the number of presets. $200 price point. You'll sell bazillions. Who's with me?
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