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  1. Mikeroesoft

    Sold Pedal Power 2 Plus

    I imagine you know what this is and what it does. Comes with original box, cords and connectors. $125 shipped and paypal’d
  2. Mikeroesoft

    FS Mythos Oracle Analog Delay

    Beautifully built analog delay with tap tempo. Top notch delay that doesn’t get in the way of your playing. This pedal is in excellent condition. $215 shipped and PayPal’d
  3. Mikeroesoft

    Help identifying a grounding (I think) issue

    Recently I’ve been getting noise from my rig that hasn’t always existed. I run a Strat, Tele, Les Paul or LP Jr., type guitar and the noise is there regardless of the guitar or pickup type. It’s also there with both of my amps. It’s worst with the Tele into the non-master volume 18w Marshall...
  4. Mikeroesoft

    Sold R2R Electric Treble Booster

    This one is the one knob version and uses the AC107 germanium transistor. As most folks here know, these are built in small batches and sold on Reverb once a month and they sell out in minutes. Great pedalboard friendly version of the old Rangemaster style treble booster. The pedal is in mint...
  5. Mikeroesoft

    Speakers, and the end of my search

    Well, I think I have finally landed on my favorite combination. A little over 10 years ago, I received a KTS70 from Austin Speaker Works. I loaded it into a oversized, open back 1x12 and was floored. It just did everything I want a speaker to do. I want a speaker to be touch sensitive, sound...
  6. Mikeroesoft

    Killer tones that you may never hear otherwise. Post 'em here for all to hear.

    I love the lead tone in this song especially from 2:01 - 3:02. From the smooth OD to the controlled feedback to the note separation that's maintained through gained up bass notes the solo. It's so good.
  7. Mikeroesoft

    Sold Spaceman Orion Reverb Ltd Ed. - Price Drop

    Spaceman Orion analog spring reverb effect pedal, limited polished version. Only 55 of this version were made. The reverb is wonderful and I believe its the most compact real spring reverb pedal out there. The pedal is in 'like new' condition and comes with everything I received earlier this...
  8. Mikeroesoft

    Universal Audio 6176 - Price check

    Just wondering what one might expect to pay for a used UA 6176.
  9. Mikeroesoft

    SSS #003 - David Lindley's old amp

    Not my video, I just saw it on youtube.
  10. Mikeroesoft

    FS: Lovepedal Eternity Handwired

    I have Handwired Lovepedal Eternity for sale. I believe it is the "Roadhouse" edition. I am selling this pedal for a few bucks less than I have seen them go for to try an get a quick sale. The pedal is in great condition. $SOLD Ship'd and paypal'd I will post pics tonight.
  11. Mikeroesoft

    Anyone compare the ASW Crossroads and Celestion M Creamback?

    I am looking to see how different these two speakers are. If you have experience with both, please contribute.
  12. Mikeroesoft

    Fender CS John Cruz Pickups are not handwound?!?

    How come some dealers advertise the John Cruz pickups as being handwound? I was told that John Cruz doesn't wind pickups, and that the John Cruz spec pickups are machine wound. Seems to be a lot of mis-guiding information out there about this. The only other thing I can think of is that the JC...
  13. Mikeroesoft

    Pickup change Collings 290 - Lollar and Voodoo content

    So I ordered a custom Collings 290 a while back. It came equipped at my request with Lollar pickups and had a P90 in the neck and splitable (4-conductor) humbucker in the bridge position, one master volume and tone master tone control. The guitar always played well, but had a horrible, horrible...
  14. Mikeroesoft

    Have you ever been overcome by GAS?

    I cannot think straight and its affecting my ability to do my job. My girlfriend thinks there is something up but all I want is a Two Rock TS1.
  15. Mikeroesoft

    Price Check - 1963 Fender Pro (non-reverb)

    Looks like I am going to be putting my old Fender Pro (1x15") up for sale. Does anyone have any idea what an amp like this would sell for? It's in really great shape and the only non original parts are the OT and the filter capacitors. Its one of the first BF Fender amps I believe from Sept or...
  16. Mikeroesoft

    Price Check: vinatge 4x12 Marshall cab

    What would a vintage 1969 4x12 Marshall Cab loaded with 4 16 Ohm Celestion G12M 25watt speakers be worth? Apparently the soldering is original. Condition is decent and the Marshall logo is missing. Thanks
  17. Mikeroesoft

    ASW KTS70 with what speaker in a 2x12?

    I have 2x12 and am looking to pair my KTS70 with something. I am using a Carol Ann Revo-45 amp which has its roots in the JTM45 territory. Possible pairings KTS60 Elegante A second KTS70 Let me know what you all think.
  18. Mikeroesoft

    Best Reverb - to pedal or not to pedal

    I am looking most natural sounding reverb. I dont care if its a pedal or a separate unit. Which one is the best and why? Ideally, I would love a Reverberato, but thats a lot of $$ if you can even find one. All input is very much appreciated.
  19. Mikeroesoft

    Stone Age & Carol Ann (NCD)

    Well, it finally arrived! I have had the amp for almost a year now, but its mate just arrived yesterday. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this cab and everything to do with John and Stone Age Custom Cabinets. The cab has made a great amp sound better. Build quality is superb (have...
  20. Mikeroesoft

    Choosing a Two Rock

    I am looking for a Two Rock and have very limited access to trying them out. Ultimately I would likely end up trying them out anyway, but wanted to see what other TGPer's experience is with different models. I am pretty terrible when it comes to describing tones with adjectives so I have found a...
  21. Mikeroesoft

    My pedal is not working

    I have an OD pedal that just stopped working. I have sent a message to the manufacturer and have yet to recieve a reply. I was hoping that someone may have had a similar experience, and may be a ble to point me in the right direction. I re-arranged my pedal board, and plugged everything in...
  22. Mikeroesoft

    Who knows what a Dumble Slidewinder is?

    Can't find any info on these other than the fact that Landau uses one.
  23. Mikeroesoft

    I finally ordered my dream guitar (MB Strat Content)

    I just placed and order for my masterbuilt Strat today. Light relic black over sonic blue with a mint green pickguard should look pretty neat. I have been dreaming about this for a while and its finally going to come true. It won't be ready for some time yet, but at least it's now official.
  24. Mikeroesoft

    Help me

    Okay, I am looking to find an amp that has the following characteristics... -35W to 45W with ability to tame it some not necessarily to bedroom levels but at least to home levels. -Clean tones are of the utmost importance here. I am looking to find an amp that will deliver a blackface to...
  25. Mikeroesoft

    New Amp Day!! Reinhardt Sultan

    So.....I just picked it up at UPS. I haven't even gotten a chance to play it yet!! I have never played one or heard one for that matter. Here's hoping she will sound as good as she looks on paper. Anyone have any speaker suggestions, I am thinking a heritage G12H30 but am looking for other...
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