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    Randy McStine is kind of amazing!

    Singer, songwriter, guitar player.... on this new project. Classic smooth prog feel.... hits all the right marks. RYO OKUMOTO Also check out his stellar work with Marco Minnemann
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    Big Wreck 7.2 - might be their best 5 songs ever

    I know I sound like a shill. The messenger is flawed, but the message is worthy. If you've never given Big Wreck a shot, do it now. Draws on classic roots but is a powerfully forward looking statement. 25 years in and Ian is making some of the best music in his catalog. I fanboy gushed about it...
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    Big Wreck does Zep righteously! High on the Hog

    New Big Wreck 7.1 EP..... so much fun! High on the Hog - To me it captures the Pagian swing wonderfully!
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    New Myles Kennedy Solo Album

    New one is a rippin' slide tune! Almost Thorogood worthy tone!
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    McStine & Minnemann

    Forgive me if this has been posted already.... Marco Minnemann (of the Aristocrats and more) has a side project with Randy McStine. It is a THRILLING ride through so many styles and sounds all delivered with top shelf mastery. Randy's vocals remind me of everything from Coheed's Claudio Sanchez...
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    Big Wreck LIVE at the El Mocambo, TO

    Broadcast live tomorrow night! Thursday, Sept. 10th. 8 PM WTH - $15 in your own killer home audio setup, cheap drinks and no travel expenses!!,1344/Big-Wreck-09-2020-El-Mocambo-HD-Toronto-ON.html
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    Big Wreck Tour Dates

    BIG US swing!!! We’re excited to announce we’ll be hitting to road again this fall. Tickets on sale Friday, June 21 at 10AM local. If you can’t wait until then, there’s a pre-sale tomorrow from 10AM – 10PM local time, use the password: LOCOMOTIVE ️
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    Brian Doherty from Big Wreck Cancer Fund

    Well, the band has made it official. Our brother, Brian Doherty, for the past year has been in the fight of his life battling cancer. He is a VERY humble and discreet individual. He had hoped to keep this private but circumstances have changed. We ask for your understanding and well wishes at...
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    Big Baby Ernie - DAMNED good singer.... BETTER songwriter!

    I saw this guy open for Johnny Winter back 12 years ago or so. He still bangs around the NJ shore. They do mostly covers. He’s a helluva singer but I think he’s a better songwriter. I know this is a “player” forum but it seems to me even guys like Marcus King or Tedeschi Trucks who kill it...
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    Marcus King - that's some FIRE right there!

    Son Dane just turned me on to this kid…. At first I saw a couple of TV appearances on youtube and I was… meh…. but then hit on this. FANTASTIC presentation. Jazz/funk/blues…. soulful voice. The band is the REAL deal. FIRE! Check it out. Even if you just bounce around.
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    Yes - Relayer Tour

    Not sure if this has been posted before. This just went up a few days ago. This is a GREAT recording from, I think '75. Pretty sure I was at the Roosevelt Stadium show portion in Jersey City. I think I remember standing in 2 feet of water in the infield, all alone with my cousin.... how I didn't...
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    Big Wreck 20th Annoversary Tour Dates

    Some long un-tread ground!
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    New Big Wreck

    New one is in the works.... no real info, just a snippet. Gonna be an exciting next few months!
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    Big Wreck at the Cosmo Music Fest & Expo

    I know Ian plays like a monster, but when the whole band is kickin’ strong they are a WHOLE lot of fun too. Especially the AC/DC cover.... THUNDERSTRUCK! Fan shot stuff (I'm thankful for their dedication) Look What I found Inhale Ladylike The...
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    Ian Thornley - Friday Finger Fun

    Ian posts up little snippets on his Instagram account for us fans. Here's the latest... I made a compilation vid here.....
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    Climax Blues Band

    One of my faves from the 70's! Saw 3-4 shows in and around NY-NJ and they always killed! Before they got "popular" with "I Love You" in '81 (total Journey influence!) they moved from standard blues and boogie to more jazzy stuff with some fantastic pop chops. The touring around the Sense of...
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    Ian Thornley - Session interview

    A great in-depth interview with a bunch of guitar licks interspersed. (I'm not a musician, but it's still very interesting) This is the slide guitar section..... My fave. Enjoy! Watch the whole thing if you get the chance.
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    The Aristocrats - Tres Caballeros

    I just got billed for my pre-order of The Aristocrats new album Tres Caballeros! Download will be on the 23rd! Can’t wait! The Aristocrats - "Tres Caballeros" - Full Album Preview The Kentucky Meat Shower This one from Guthrie is a solo for the ages!!!!
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    Jeff Beck SLAMMIN' new track!

    Tribal kicks ass! No bad for 70!
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    The Aristocrats - Culture Clash Live

    WOW these guys DEFINITELY do not suck! Furtive Jack - The Aristocrats - Culture Clash Live! (2015) New album preview in 9 days too!!!
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    Some legends pay tribute…… to Big Wreck.

    Mike McCready of Pearl Jam + Ann Wilson cover *You Caught My Eye* live in Seattle 5/2/2015 Big Wreck - You Caught My Eye (Live in Edmonton May 4/12) "YOU CAUGHT MY EYE" performed by Ian Thornley at the Suhr 2014 Factory Party...
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    White Denim - AWESOME band NEW stuff

    White Denim are one of my FAVE bands. Furious musicianship live, EXCELLENT taste in composition.... anyway... Mojo Magazine has created a Zep tribute cd for the anniversary of PG. Physical Graffiti Redrawn White Denim has re-created “Custard Pie” AND...
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