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    Line 6 Powercab 112 And Powercab 112 Plus!!!

    Has anyone tried loading and using an IR of a 4x12 cab? How does that sound?
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    New boss GT 1 MFX pedal

    yeah if I can't save it, i won't be able to gig with it -- too bad! thanks or the info though!... i hope boss adds some way of doing this in the future. EDIT: i think i misunderstood! so it CAN be saved for user patches, just not the factory patches... nice.
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    Demonstrating Atomic Amplifire's Parametric EQ

    Yeah it seems we need an audio engineering degree for those ;P
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    Demonstrating Atomic Amplifire's Parametric EQ

    Thanks for sharing this! good to 'see' what is going on coz my old ringing ears aren't so reliable anymore!
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    Katana 100 1x12 vs. Amplifire original

    I feel your pain as well. I've been using the Amplifire live for the past year or so... I can get good sounds, but i agree it is definitely frustrating to tweak sounds on this thing -- like the new delays and all those parameters for the fx -- like wtf? -- we shouldn't have to be studio...
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    New boss GT 1 MFX pedal

    I've been reading the manual and it seems that the 'up' and 'down' buttons cannot be reassigned to anything else.. is this true?? I am hoping i just missed something... is there a "stomp box mode' or something like that? My grand plan is to get the GT-1 and the FS6 and have 5 pedals on/off for...
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    New boss GT 1 MFX pedal

    Those tones in the OD vid are way better than they should be! I'm assuming these are recorded direct with the stock cab sims?
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    New boss GT 1 MFX pedal

    thanks for the answers guys! So it is a hold function in the tera echo effect! -- so if i want 1 footswitch dedicated to the hold function, i assume the tera echo has to be always on? if so, then i can't have any other delay active? I don't mind dedicating 1 footswitch for this effect as it...
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    New boss GT 1 MFX pedal

    Does the GT-1 have a "freeze" type effect? (Similar to the EHX freeze) I've looked through the effects list and cannot find anything listed... But I am not familiar with boss effects so maybe it goes by a different name?? Thanks.
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    The Ultimate Modelling Amp Shootout!!!

    Katana sounded the best
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    New Amplifire Plexi Track

    Nice tones and riffs! the plexi amp in the AF is pretty bright and thin (at least to me whenever i try to use it). Your rhythm track is nice and thick and dark. would you mind sharing your amp/cab/eq settings? thanks.
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    New boss GT 1 MFX pedal

    Thanks, I've seen that list... was hoping for some first hand, real-world opinions/feedback.
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    New boss GT 1 MFX pedal

    Hey GT-1 users, Is there an OD in the GT-1 that is the same or close to the OD-1x (standalone digital boss OD pedal)??
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    Morningstar MC6 Review

    I also just got one of these. The web editor is awesome and makes programming a breeze. Definitely one of its best features. Everything just works as expected (as long as you know what you are doing), and the customer support is great too. Unfortunately, the footswitches are a tad bit too...
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    Atomic Amplifire Wishlist

    Atomic, please make the A/B preset function NON-global!
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    Amplifire - Van Halen Unchained

    nice tone! where do you have the gain on the amp? and are you using a boost? (doesn't sound like it...) i find that amp model pretty awesome, sounds great low or hi gain
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    Atomic Amplifire Wishlist

    Would it be possible to make the footswitch "A/B function" change per preset? For example: for preset 1 -- A=preset5, B=preset6 for preset 2 -- A=preset7, B=preset8 This would make the AF really flexible even when using a simple midi controller (with just preset up and down) like the tech21...
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    Atomic Amplifire - High Gain tone sample

    Sounds great! Looking forward to trying that preset! please share it :)
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    Finally got an Amplifire!

    Yup factory presets are useless, don't worry about em.
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    Is there a way to load a bunch of patches at once onto Amplifire

    Yup they should add that; totally unacceptable in this day and age. But since the little red box sounds so good, owners are just putting up with the shortcomings... and waiting for updates/fixes
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    Amplifire Midi Controller

    ^ Thanks for the info guys, I'm planning to get a DMC midi controller in the near future for my AF
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