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    Getting shocked - is it my friend's amp, or the facility?

    Why am I having visions of someones toes exploding :omg
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    This has probably been answered before but...

    I would be curious to, but wouldnt this resister act as an attenuator and lower over all volume?
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    How hard is it to bias an amp without electrocuting yourself?

    Get wooden chop sticks and shave/shape down one side so it is like a flat head screw driver. Use that when turning the bias trimpot
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    What does the gear page think of Carvin amps

    I have 8 of their guitars and they are top notch. Some amps are bad some aren't. The Legacy 1 had a great clean channel and it took pedals very well. The overdrive channel was pretty good but I prefer others. I have had all of their amps at one point and only the V3 stands out as a...
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    That's what I was thinking but wanted to make sure.
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    I think I will go this route I will wire 4 of these in series to make a 16 ohm load at 480 watts. Do these let you know what side is + and what side is - like it does on a speaker or does it matter?
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    Husky, is this safe?

    I think I am going to go this route To be safe I would want to get two and hook it up in series for 16 ohms at 400 watts. But i guess one is good enough and this has everything you need right out of the box.
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    Is this all that is needed? No housing required/ no heat sink? just this hooked up to amp? How hot does it get?
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    My goal is to plug my guitar amps speaker output into a Radial JDX box and then have the speaker through on the radial go the the load dump and then the Radials cab emulated Mic output to a mixing/recording board This way I could hear what I am recording instead of being overpowered by the...
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    Do I need a heat sink for these?
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    How hot do these get? Do I have to put these in somekind of housing or is it fine as is?.. If I take 2 of these 8 ohms can I wire them up in series for 400 watts at 16ohms?
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    Husky, is this safe?

    What kind of heat sink? Do I need a heat sink for each resister? And what is heat transfer gel?
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    Husky, is this safe?

    I was going to take two of these and wire them in series to create a 16ohm load to conect to the PT100's 16 ohm output. So 150 watts 8ohm resister in series with 150 watts 8ohm resister should make a 300 watt 16ohm load...
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    Just dont feel like spending $200 plus dollars for something that would only cost $30 to $50 bucks. Plus every attenuator seems to be built for 100 watts and I want at least 200 watts power handling.
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    really all I need is a really powerfull resister at 16ohms that can handle at least 200 watts(400 Watts would be even better) and have it hooked up to 12 guage speaker cable and a 1/4" Male TS jack. Other than that something to house it in. Or is it possible to take a 16ohm cab/speaker and...
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    Carvin Vintage 16 Head

    I have one and I removed the negative feedback on the amp. The V16 is a killer little amp. Just remove R24 and C21 and the amp gets a lot of balls to it.
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    I need a cheap Load dump

    Dont need a power attenuator that vaires the volume. I just need a Box that will handle 200 watts at 16 ohms. I dont even need the box to have an out to the speaker. Just a stand alone box that will handle a 100watt head with 16ohm output. What do I need to make this? something like below...
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    Jackson Brownes Dumble ODR sells for $235K

    I have a peice of gum that I will sell one of you rich people for $2,000 bucks. I can assure you that it's really special. Hasn't even been chewed and still has original wrapper.
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    Trying to understand capacitor values

    This site has clarified everything for me. It all makes it a little clearer now
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    Trying to understand capacitor values

    I play with this calculator all the time. If I just want to make a high pass filter and My plan is to filter out 100hz and below what size cap would I use? 3.9nf is what I heard to use before. Lets say I want to roll of highs above 5khz what cap would I use to bleed those frequencies to...
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    Trying to understand capacitor values

    So I was told the bigger the cap value the wider the frequency response. So if a presence cap is .1uf, then wouldnt the frequency be wider than what the entire Marshall Tone stack would be? Which is T= 500pf, Middle = 0.022uf and Bass 0.022uf. So if the presence is grounding out the...
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    Understanding Fender Bright Switch

    What a Capacitor does is allow a certain frequency of a signal to be able to be carried on. So a Capacitor that is 1uf will probably allow the full frequency spectrum to pass to the next stage of the aplification signal path. The smaller the caps value the higher freqnecies get pass through...
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    PT100 Presence Cap?

    What is its value? .1uf .47uf .68uf I am guessing it is .1uf How hard would it be to replace it with a .68uf also what voltage should it be able to handle?
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    Amp tech recommendation in northern IL?

    I used Joe before. He put the depth mod on my SL100 and he did the Marvel mod on my Bigner XTC( which I later had removed and modded in a different way) but anyway dropped of both amps on a Saturday and the picked both up the following Saturday. Total cost was 60 bucks for the mods and biasing...
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    If it sounds good, it is good

    Sometimes its hard to just accept that fact.....but I have difficulty with that sometimes. I have a hard time owning up to the fact or believing that I like my $3000 amplifier better when I use a earthquake devices tone job in the loop. It weird how your mind has a built in bias, that how...
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