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  1. stinkfoot

    Power list users - what to do with the power supply list?

    Back in the early '00s (on the old stinkfoot site), I started a list of available power supplies (current version found here). The idea at the time was to present other options than the one single option the local music store tended to keep in stock and recommend to everyone :). These days...
  2. stinkfoot

    Foot controller for 11R (or any other modeller)

    I'm currently looking into using my 11R as a live rig, and will obviously need a foot controller. I'd like to run 4 presets/bank, with instant access for Dist, FX1, FX2, Mod etc as well as a couple of others (mainly tap tempo, amp tremolo and wah on/off). The Voodoo Lab GCP + one or two...
  3. stinkfoot

    11R tryout - weird feedback issue

    Having been a stout "vintage tube amps with pedals" guy for years, I've now started considering a complete game change... currently testing the 11R + FRFR PA cabs as monitors, to see if that setup will do it for me in both live and studio settings. So far, the 11R has really impressed me. As...
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