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    Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional replacement pickguard

    Got a quick "no" from Schecter tech support, even for an HSS guard. I do have to give them big ups for sending me a replacement trem arm set screw free of charge a few months ago, though! If anybody reading this has an HSS guard they'd want to swap for my SSS, I'd be down. Loaded or not.
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    Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional replacement pickguard

    Okay, I definitely stated in the original post why I want a replacement and acknowledged that I could send in a tracing. Many custom pickguard companies are either prohibitively expensive, backed up, or not taking orders at all right now, so I was hoping someone knew of an off-the-rack solution...
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    Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional replacement pickguard

    Anybody else have experience with this?
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    Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional replacement pickguard

    It’s the import Diamond Series but the newer version with roasted neck may be different from the original. Mine has the swimming pool route.
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    Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional replacement pickguard

    Has anyone been able to source a replacement pickguard for their Nick Johnston Diamond Series? I've been thinking about converting to HH pickup configuration (the guitar has a swimming pool route) but have been unable to find any examples of replacement guards. Of course I could send in a...
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    Pedals that lived up to the hype that caused you to buy it

    Not sure the TGP hype machine is still cooking on this one, but the Suhr Riot is the first high gain distortion pedal that I've been happy with after being an amp gain guy for so long.
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    New Schecter - Jack Fowler Traditional

    I just took home a Nick Johnston and it's probably the nicest sub-$1000 guitar I've ever played. Love the combo of modern features and vintage aesthetic. HH variant is a nice option!
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    Recovered! PRS DGT and Baja Telecaster

    It's been sold a few times over the years and I hadn't been able to recover it. In 2018 it was listed on eBay by a pawn shap but the case fell between the cracks (jurisdictional transfer, missed communications) and things didn't work out. Apparently since then it had even travelled down to Texas...
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    Recovered! PRS DGT and Baja Telecaster

    Happy ending: this DGT is finally coming home. After a couple of attempts it was recovered today. My parents are holding it for me until its safe to visit again.
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    Which bent steel saddles for Gotoh 510? (narrow spacing?)

    As a follow up, received the Highwood 10.5mm saddles after a couple of weeks of international postage, and restrung. They did the trick! The extra brightness and snappiness was just what this axe was missing for me, especially for the single coil sounds.
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    Good Bye Les Paul... Hellooo All MusicMan line up!

    Briefly owned the Albert Lee HH in both trem and hardtail... would love to have one again. Such great axes.
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    Which bent steel saddles for Gotoh 510? (narrow spacing?)

    Okay, but if the saddles on my bridge are 10.5 (which they are), the the 10.8s you said won't fit.
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    Which bent steel saddles for Gotoh 510? (narrow spacing?)

    They're 10.8mm, which is too wide for this version of the bridge. I found a note on their website where they have updated the spacing of the height screws to fit the slots in the 510 baseplate. I went ahead and ordered a set from them on Reverb.
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    Which bent steel saddles for Gotoh 510? (narrow spacing?)

    I'm sure this has come up a few times, but couldn't really find a good answer. I have a Charvel DK24, and love pretty much everything about it, except I want to bring back a little bit of the Strat zing and airiness from bent steel saddles. What are the best bent steel replacement saddles for...
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    Pedal shipping price

    USPS Priority Flat Rate is your friend. Should never cost more than $8.
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    I will never buy a new guitar

    I felt the same way for the longest time, why take that depreciation hit? Then I factored in the endless shopping ("deal hunting"), anxiety of shipping, taking a chance on accurate descriptions, wasting countless time on forums, all of the other stuff... just bought my first new guitar in years...
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    Shredder Guitar Suggestions? RG? Soloist? Other?

    Charvel is doing great stuff lately, I played a DK24 recently that was really nicely built. I'm currently waiting on a Strat in the mail, but after thinking about some mods, I think I should have just gotten the Charvel. EDIT: talked myself into it. This thing is slick!!
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    Not feeling the love on this build! ... Edit: Changed neck and looking good!

    Once you put a silver (nickel, chrome, what have you) bridge/knobs/strap buttons/tuners on, I think it will pop a bit more.
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    What’s Your “Overachiever” Guitar?

    My first decent guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. After an electronics swap (36th PAFs, nice 500k pots) and a setup, that thing was stellar! Used it for about a decade, but eventually sold it as my preference moved towards a narrower nut and longer scale.
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    Fender Strat Custom Shop classic player 1960s real ?

    The Classic Player Stratocaster came in 50's and 60's varieties and were marketed as "Custom Shop Designed," but were definitely MIM guitars and not "real" Fender Custom Shop instruments. They do have a nice feature set, including flatter radius fretboard, upgraded pickups, and a 2-point...
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    Current Stable - Check in

    Currently just have a P-Bass I built from parts (seafoam body, maple J-width neck) I have had some difficulty recovering my stolen DGT which was posted on eBay about a year ago, not holding my breath that I will get it back. Looking right now for something to tide me over, maybe an EJ or...
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    Where did all the DGTs go?

    Tremol-No worked nicely in mine to keep things rock solid. Also, RE: Standard vs. maple top, Briefly owned both. I think the extra snap of the maple top really helps the single coil tones.
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    Consistently light production guitar?

    I've had a couple of these, and they were really light. Great ergonomics sitting or standing, also. I had a PRS Korina Mira that was really light. Early Eric Johnson Strats were spec'ed super light, around 7lbs IIRC, also.
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    Why does this new Lincoln Brewster Strat tempt me so...

    Being militantly evangelical about a guitar that just came out is so weird.
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    Why does this new Lincoln Brewster Strat tempt me so...

    If you're hesitant to swing for this specific sig Strat, there are plenty of 50's Classic Player Strats that cop this vintage vibe with modern specs for a fraction of the price. Flatter radius, medium jumbo frets, two point trem, etc. Even comes in gold.
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