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    1964 Epiphone Wilshire Painted Pickguard? Help, what should I do?!

    Recently, I stumbled across a 1964 Epiphone Wilshire refin that had been refinished and all the gibson hardware stripped off of it for $500. It plays like an absolute dream. I have a '63 SG and I imagine that these pieces of mahogany were soul sisters, sitting on a rack together at some time...
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    Trouble with '68 Silverface Bassman

    I have a great sounding Silverface Bassman 50 watt head. It has recently developed some gremlins, and I would LOVE some advice as to what to check / look at. Here are the symptoms. There is a constant, intermittent staticky sound that is always there (regardless of volume knob setting). Then on...
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    Any resources for G bender licks?

    I just got a guitar with a G bender and I'm really loving it, but I don't have much experience playing with country playing. Any good websites/ resources that you could point me to that specifically advise on G Bender technique? I know that it doesn't have to be used in a country setting - in...
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    Can I use Nitro white primer to paint my guitar white??

    A while ago I painted a guitar gold using reranch products. I had the white primer to cover the body before the gold went on. Now I have a project guitar that I want to refinish in white. Can I just put the leftover primer on and then the clear nitro over that? I know its obviously possible etc...
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    Solo volume... What pedal will make it happen?

    My rig is a strat into a zendrive, a true bypassed dl4, then a 68 fender bassman. My problem is that I don't really have a good way to take a solo. I have some other distortion pedals, but they dont sound great when they boost before the zendrive. Also - things tend to get noisy so I would like...
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    74 Les Paul Custom value?

    Looking to find out how much this 74 Les Paul Custom is worth. I think it's rare, it has a "20th anniversary" inlaid on the 15th fret. I'm thinking about selling it and I have absolutely no idea how much its worth.
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    Amp Recommendations for Zendrive????

    Hey all- I've got a SRRI, and have tried the zendrive in front of it to get "the sound," with a strat. To be honest, its not really working for me... so lay it on me, give me some good recommendations for a nice big sound, either a different amp, or something I can add the to equation to make...
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