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  1. Festus

    Why dont guys measure necks?

    Most guys on TGP say "yea, this is a chunky neck! Oh yea! Never measured it though, don't know how". When you get the guitar, it's about as chunky as an Ibanez wizard neck. Those same guys no doubt lure dates with the line something like "oh yea, I'm sportin' a Sequoia in these pants!" when in...
  2. Festus

    How do you wear your guitar?

    I wear my guitar kinda like how Lady Gaga wears her meat dress.
  3. Festus

    Usa Custom Guitars Rant

    It’s awesome to hear that Dan is at Sound Guitar Works. He was the guy that made things happen for me at USA. I will give him a call. I have a Tele build that needs a neck that USA won’t make for me anymore. :jo
  4. Festus

    Usa Custom Guitars Rant

    Yea, Keith at USA Custom said they won't build me a neck to the specs that they've been making them for me for the last couple of years. He said those are options they don't offer. Really? I've got about 5 necks that say they do. I'll check out Sound Guitar Works. It looks like they were Best...
  5. Festus

    For an SG - WCR Crossroads, Wolfetone Marshallhead Mk II, other?

    I have Wagner Darkburst/Crossroads combos in a couple of SGs. Very nice pickups.
  6. Festus

    Just a thought regarding tire kicking and guitar weight...

    As some posters have astutely noticed.... This subject has NEVER ever EVAR never been debated before. Ever. It is truly amazingly amazing.
  7. Festus

    Ever seen strings do this? Nearly ruined my gig

    I have seen the "dented" strings syndrome on occasion with some of my guitars, at some point along the length of the neck. No idea how it happens. My suspicion is something pressing against the strings at the dented spot. It also happens to my 339, specifically on the 6th string at the saddle...
  8. Festus

    Worst/dumbest price negotiating technique I think I've ever seen

    “Cash money today”.... What other currency would I be using? Goats? Chickens? An old tractor?
  9. Festus

    500 guitars going in the incinerator thanks to bad CITES paperwork

    This whole thing sounds a lot like drilling holes in the bottom of your boat because bilge water has collected. While the boat's in the water.
  10. Festus

    Immoral to kick ass while high?

    Or perhaps those who have no conscience. I have no morality issue with pot. You smoke, you don't smoke, I don't care. What I have issue with is dishonesty. SwedishGuy82, I find your reasoning process to be dishonest. Your premise is that you play better while under the influence of pot...
  11. Festus

    Are noiseless single coils soon to be a thing of the past?

    I'm using the Suhr/Ilitch backplate system in two strats with Lollar pickups. They sound great in gigging situations. They are not always as quiet as humbuckers, but the noise is reduced to the point of hardly being noticeable. I do run into the occasional venue that is a mess, and then...
  12. Festus

    21 Fret Strats More Hipster?

    Hahaha! Though I believe the 22nd fret would be a high D, which is painful enough in its own right. If I bend that puppy up to an excruciatingly high E, I can make the lead singer's teeth vibrate. Then hit the boost pedal.
  13. Festus

    21 Fret Strats More Hipster?

    I make it a point to play at least one note on the 22nd fret on every gig. Whether I need to or not. I do it because I can.
  14. Festus

    Still love for WCR pickups?

    Still using Darkburst/Cossroads combos in a few guitars, a couple of Godwood/DB sets, and some Fillmores soon to be installed. You can never have too many of Jim's pickups.
  15. Festus

    Ilitch silent single coil back plate review - my first two days

    Well, I just stumbled onto this. I've been wondering how to get my Tele to behave, and he has the Tele system! Awesome! Yea, it's been a year since it's been available...where have I been? And he's in Camarillo, just down the street. Coolness.
  16. Festus

    WCR pickups... (love thread)

    Oh yes. All my humbuckers come from Jim. Darkburst/Crossroads combos, and Godwood/Darkburst combos. I love my WCRs!
  17. Festus

    Why do us guitarists still chase technology that is out of date?

    I like the smell of tubes cooking. The smell of software cooking....not so much.
  18. Festus

    Guitar Center Trade In???

    I've done quite a bit of trading with Guitar Center. Why? Because they gave me trade in value equal to or better than what was offered here on TGP for the majority of items. Those that were below TGP averages evened out because I didn't have to pay to ship anything. And they gave me a good...
  19. Festus

    57 classics or Godwoods?

    I would highly recommend the WCR Godwoods over the Classic 57s.
  20. Festus

    Compound Radius vs Straight Flatter Radius

    I've measured my Gibbys and Robins with a radius gauge, strings off. Gibbys are 12" all the way up the neck, and the Robins are 10" start to finish. Joe, it looks like our Stew Mac radius gauges must be all jacked up, if we believe certain posts....:bonk
  21. Festus

    Compound Radius vs Straight Flatter Radius

    I very much prefer a 12" straight radius. I have some guitars with a straight 10" radius, and they work great too. I have tried a few guitars with a compound radius (10-14 if IIRC), and couldn't really get comfortable on those. The D and G strings always felt a tad high from the 12th fret...
  22. Festus

    WCR Pups

    I put an American Steele set in my SG standard, very happy. I used RS Guitarworks 500k super pots for the volumes, regular CTS 500k for tones. Didn't feel the need to go 300k on this guitar for anything. However, on another guitar (superstrat), I think I went 300K for volume and 250K for...
  23. Festus

    Fingerboard popped off, cost of repair...

    Urg...maybe I should delete the brand name. This guitar has seen A LOT of acton on the road. It really has been seriously abused, so I would not consider the fingerboard problem a warrantee issue. Just looking to get some guestimates on repair.
  24. Festus

    Fingerboard popped off, cost of repair...

    Thanks for the info, Whiskey :beer. It's probably about 6 years old. It's seen a fair bit of road use, but the body is not too beat up, amazingly enough.
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