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  1. Britishampfan

    Guitar strings are tools and not body building weights

    I`ve played 008 to 013. I`ve settled on .010 as the largest string I can handle in all situations. I like the stable tuning and I don`t bend them out of tune or pick them out of tune when I attack the guitar. I`d like to go with 009`s again but my playing style will not allow for that...
  2. Britishampfan

    Callaham block not doing it for me??

    I kept the block but I removed the saddles and went back to the stock cast original ones. Wierd overtones and pingy and too bright in a bad way. The block is great IMHO not a fan of the saddles.
  3. Britishampfan

    Explain your understanding of "tone is in the hands"

    I`m going to be honest, I can get a usable tone out of anything. Thats the hands and ear part with picking and years of experience. And I`m not all that great on guitar. Cheap crappy gear is really limiting and hard it`s hard to progress to explore more sounds. So good gear is a huge...
  4. Britishampfan

    Duncan or DiMarzio?

    I was Duncan until I tried Dimarzio. Still stock Fender singles in the strat. Bareknuckles in the LP so take that.
  5. Britishampfan

    How do you like your STRAT wired???

    Mine has 5 way sw Master volume neck and middle tone bridge- middle-neck treble boost or cut tone I think it`s similar to the clapton strat. I dunno I like it.
  6. Britishampfan

    Let's talk picks.

    I normally use 2mm big stubby`s but lately I am totally into green tortex. I seem to have a little more of an open sound with better dynamics and touch sensitivity with the green tortex and I can get different sounds with them. I am going the other way, played thick picks all my life now moved...
  7. Britishampfan

    Good bridge pickup for an HSS Strat

    I`ve run a few mini buckers in my strat. I`ve liked all of them it really depends on what sound and what kind of music you want. I`ve kept every one I`ve bought and can swap them in or out as needed. I have a super distortion that I love but the down side is that the singles are too weak. Mix...
  8. Britishampfan

    Dan Erlewine's book for setups -- why all the love and referrals?

    I have Dan`s book "How to make your electric guitar play great." I pretty much taught me everything I needed to know to fix and set up my guitars the way I like them.
  9. Britishampfan

    Rank Your Guitars in Order of How Much You Play Them

    1- Les Paul 2- Ibanez 8 string 3- Fender Strat
  10. Britishampfan

    Top Wrap On Les Paul

    I just got back from playing- Very very happy with my guitar- the other guitar player noticed something after a few songs. I showed him the top wrap, He said more ringy and more overtones. The thing I noticed was my big strings. Power We did some thrash for fun and I can speed pick just as...
  11. Britishampfan

    Top Wrap On Les Paul

    It should`nt sound different and from a physics standpoint it should`nt play any different but it does. It has to do with the break angle and the extra coupling on the tail piece. My only thought- and well I`m playing cables now :) My laptop pic
  12. Britishampfan

    Top Wrap On Les Paul

    There is something more lively and resonant about top wrapping and it`s not just the size of the strings- More research is needed. I need to isolate it in the studio- I will get back to you
  13. Britishampfan

    Top Wrap On Les Paul

    I tried it once- top wrapping with a standard 9 set years ago and did`nt really care for it, so that maybe is part of the surprise too. I figured I would just use this beefy slinky 11 set until I could get to the guitar shop for more strings but nope it`s staying.
  14. Britishampfan

    Top Wrap On Les Paul

    Yes I also use the tone-pros ABR bridge the stock one was beat up and filed by what looks like an auto mechanic not a luthier. So unusable- needed new bridge. Love the locking tone-pros
  15. Britishampfan

    Top Wrap On Les Paul

    I discovered something so good and it was such a surprise. I normally play Ernie Ball 10`s on my strat and my Les Paul. To be honest the 10`s started feeling a little too light on my Les Paul because I was playing my strat so much but I was liking the effortless shredding. And sometimes...
  16. Britishampfan

    Gibson Les Paul Studio

    A studio is my main axe, it`s a standard without the binding and has usually a big neck mine does anyway. Wood and frets are good, mine weighs in at 10lbs paid 900 for mine used years ago. I basically use Gibson wood. The bridge, tuners, pots, wiring, caps and pickups are all custom and quality...
  17. Britishampfan

    It's time...Most overrated guitar.

    Yes I also covet the marshall guitar.
  18. Britishampfan

    It's time...Most overrated guitar.

    Oh man too funny:rotflmao
  19. Britishampfan

    Why do people like fat necks on their guitar?

    Thicker necks have a fatter fuller sound and my wrists are not killing me after 4 hours of jamming. Paper thin necks are for the new apprentices, old hands know better. :)
  20. Britishampfan

    Covers or no covers?

    Covers and they are quieter too. Faraday cage
  21. Britishampfan

    Experiences with single coil sized humbuckers in the bridge of a Strat?

    I have used a hot rails, JB, and I have a Dimarizo super distortion. All sound different and nice. I use them as needed only takes an extra fifteen minutes to change them out on a string change. I also own a Pro-Track and a 59 mini too. I found most of them used for cheap over the years. My...
  22. Britishampfan

    Is there such a thing as frets that are too large?

    I was thinking 6100s or 6105 for my strat, it`s going in soon. I have an ibanez with 6100`s and I really like the tall wider frets.
  23. Britishampfan

    How did a Callaham bridge improve your sound?

    Clarity, sustain, intonation and I can get chimey bell tones easy. It is a tad brighter but the bass response is bigger and tighter as well. It took me awhile to get used to the change and find some new amp settings.
  24. Britishampfan

    How much E and A string buzz do you set your Strat to have?

    No rattle, use 10 gauge, slight neck relief .008 String height at 12th fret 2mm high and low E Clear clean no fret buzz
  25. Britishampfan

    Fat neck=big tone. Myth?

    It`s not a myth, thicker darker heavier tone. I play 8 string as well as 50`s neck LP. I would`nt worry too much about it, I would worry about what is most comfortable.
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