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  1. I am the Liquor

    Ripper Erased

    Wasn’t aware of this but Tim Owens says his contributions to the Judas Priest catalogue have been disappeared. Seems like a bad look to me.....
  2. I am the Liquor

    White Wolf

    Anyone remember these guys?
  3. I am the Liquor

    Help! Stiff Bar!

    I've got a Peavey Wolfgang Special. It has a licensed Floyd Rose (Korea). It is not a floating term, but is set up to dive only. I would like to know what, if anything I can do about the stiff bar action. Its like wrestling with an alligator. It is my 80's guitar which I use for that era's...
  4. I am the Liquor

    Leg Numbness

    Last couple of weeks or so I've been experiencing numbness on the outer front left thigh after band practice. I am right handed, playing standing 3-5hrs with frequent breaks. Is the strap cutting into an artery or nerve or something? Wondering if anyone has had something similar and what it...
  5. I am the Liquor

    No Drums in Bluegrass?

    Why are there no drums in Bluegrass music/outfits? My guess is they cover up the other instruments? Thoughts?
  6. I am the Liquor

    The Art of Surviving the Ambush

    Has it ever happened to you? How did you deal with it? What happened? Good or Bad? Was enjoying one of the long weekends this summer at the lake in over 100 degree heat. Liberal beer drinking was required. At any rate we return to camp to find a fair sized crowd. Im trying to stay conscious...
  7. I am the Liquor

    Problem with DSL 2000

    Ive got a Marshall DSL 2000 100w head at a rehearsal space going into a 2x12 Avatar cab. A couple days ago I noticed a pulsating noise (fairly faint but noticeable), sounding like a bass drum. Tried shutting it off and turning it back on with nothing plugged into it and the noise was still...
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