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    2016 AVRI Jazzmaster with Chinese Dragon!

    I am trying to find out something of the mysterious image in this JM I just bought. The seller noted that it looked like there was an image under the finish that looked like a dragon but was only visible at an angle. True enough there was something there but it looked like the image had been...
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    The New Seraph Deluxe Dimensional Chorus

    The Seraph Deluxe is a true stereo in/out analog dimensional chorus modeled after the famous Roland SDD-320 Dimension D which was introduced in 1979 and used extensively by Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Kate Bush, U2, and others. In many ways the dimensional chorus defined the sound of the 80’s. The...
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    Shape EQ Back in Production - With Improvements

    Yes the Shape is now available for pre-order. Orders will be shipping within 30 days after receipt at most. We expect to have a shorter lead time than that. Price is $199.00 What is the same. All the controls remain the same with bass cut/boost, Mid Freq as parametric or shelf, mid cut/boost...
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    Amp Build Clinic in Seattle

    I will be teaching an amp building class in Seattle at The Guitar Store in 3 Saturday classes on May 13th, 20th, and June 3rd. We will be building the classic Tweed Deluxe with some speaker/chassis/transformer options. This will be a class on theory learning what all the parts are and what they...
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    FROMEL Electronics Tweed Deluxe 5E3

    Hi All, When I am not building pedals I build amps and now it's time to let some of them go. I will be posting other new amps over the next few days. Here is the first offering. Tweed Deluxe – Overview and Specs Fromel Electronics take on the famous 5e3 Tweed Deluxe. This is not a kit build...
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    Fromel Electronics Re-Vamp Kickstarter FUNDED!

    Hi All, Thanks so much for all the support on my Kickstarter project for the revamp. There is a little less than a day left. For the rewards I am offering all the new pedals at the old pricing and a T-shirt and Sticker to boot. Plenty of rewards still available. You can check out the...
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    Fromel Electronics Re-Vamp

    Hi All, I have been hiding for a while busy with a re-design of my entire line with many added features. I have added soft touch relay true bypass to all but the germanium fuzz, added my true or buffered bypass to Up! and The Velvet Vice, and added a hair/no hair switch to Go!. The newly...
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    Strymon Timeline is On the Way

    I have been allocated a very limited number so if you want one let me know via PM. Thanks John
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    Firebird X - Is this wrong?

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    Not Celebrating Black Friday

    Leading Tone Music in Seattle will not be celebrating Black Friday with any one day only sales, opening prior to the rise of the Sun or any other such nonsense. I will open up at 11:00 close at 6:30. Our prices for all our gear will be just as good as they are today and the prices on Saturday...
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    Leading Tone Music is Open!!!!

    And I swear with God as my witness that my first paying customer (a young teenager who came in with his Mom) sat down with a strat and played "Stairway to Heaven" I will post a better pic when the camera has more battery - here is a shot with the iPhone.
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    Designation Hsn-7 is Coming

    Designation Hsn-7 is the culmination of all the previous custom Seraph pedals combining the best features I could squeeze out of the circuit. At it's core the circuit is basically the same as the Seraph which is a take on the Boss DC-2. After much tweaking and bending I discovered this circuit...
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    Contest - Help Me Name My New Music Store

    I am really excited to announce that today I signed a lease for a great commercial space to make my pedals. What's more is there is a cool store front attached where I can have a small (I mean small) 400 square feet retail music store. All within walking distance of my house. I can't even tell...
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    Fun From the Custom Shop

    I have been very busy with custom shop orders recently and thought I would post some pics of the most recent work. Hope you enjoy. All the pedals have LED's but most are hidden so you only see them when the pedal is on. 1. You've Got the Fear - Custom Shape EQ - Special thanks to Fiona Hooley...
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    Square Wave Generator

    I am doing a custom shop Square Wave Generator for a customer. Danny asked if it really generates a wave that is square so we pulled out the scope and rather than bore you with a 1K sine wave input test the we hooked up the circuit and Mike rocked a nice tele through a really cheap amp. Check...
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    New Photo Etching Technique

    I have been working with a new photo etching process that gets some pretty dramatic results. The images are not ink or paint what you are seeing is just etched metal with clear/ see through color coat. Just wanted to share some of what the custom shop has been doing. Radio Head theme point to...
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    Amp Candy - Special Edition Shape EQ

    I have wanted to make these for over a year. Audrey is my all time favorite actress and what better face to put on a circuit called Shape! I didn't know what to call it and my wife suggested Amp Candy because it will look so good on my amp. The finishing process that I used gives these boxes a...
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    There's No Place Like Fuzz

    My assistant Mike asked why bother having a Fuzz or Volume control on a Fuzz Face type circuit since they should both be dimed. I had to agree, The one control is the bias. Mike made a pair of these, one for himself and one for his girlfriend and I thought, oh we must make more. Mike did a great...
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    Stolen Fromel Pedals Alert

    Two Fromel pedals were stolen from a customer tonight along with 4 guitars and some other gear. If you see these they are stolen... (This is the only picture I have of the prototype fuzz but it's a complete pedal) Let's send someone to Jail!
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    I Finally Have a Web Site

    I am still ironing out some of the wrinkles but it's up and working with sound clips for most of the pedals. I still need to add the current inventory and dealer links but should have that up in a day or so. Please check it out, I would love to hear your comments and if you find a bug let me...
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    Fromel Custom Shop - In Color

    I have been getting a lot of requests for pedals in color lately the first two I just finished up for Ryan at SkinPimp. The Seraph is the first of it's kind with invisible LED's and a second mode switch to toggle between the Dimension mode that the Seraph is known for and the Leslie/Vibe mode on...
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    Pedal Contest For Bobby D's Daughter

    Here are the rules. To enter the contest you must Vote for Bobby D's Daughters picture here Bobby has a thread here If you are a...
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    Wolftone VS Fralin P-90's?

    I have an '89 Les Paul Gold Top, had P-100's stock, didn't sound bad but I like single coils, put in a set of Wolftone pups last year - Vintage Mild (8.03K) for the neck and Vintage Med (8.89K) for the bridge, always liked them but a bit heavy on the mids even for P-90's and a tad too hot. I...
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    Who Makes Your PCB's?

    I am currently using ExpressPCB to make my boards but I am looking for a new manufacturer. ExpressPCB has pretty good product but some of the boards have had errors and I want to start using a solder mask other than green. So who are you using? Any feedback positive or negative would be...
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    Designation HSN-7 - Custom Seraph

    Just Finished up this beauty as a custom order. I was going for a '70's Star Wars look. The basic circuit is the Seraph It has all the dimentional sounds of the Seraph but no presets. I have been messing with the LFO to see if I could get a decent Leslie/Vibe type sound and I think I came pretty...
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