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  1. OrangeAD30TC

    Why do you play a Digital Unit?

    Why do you play a Digital Unit? Kemper, Helix, Axe, Quad Cortex, Iridium, Headrush etc. Why dopes it work better for your in some situations than a tube amp? What is your use case where digital wins? I know a lot of people use both, as do I but when you choose digital, why do you do it? Is it...
  2. OrangeAD30TC

    Are TrainWrecks still being made?

    I know that JM was manufacturing them for a couple years but the last reference I can find to the JM made amps is from 2017. Does anyone know if JM is still making Train Wrecks?
  3. OrangeAD30TC

    Best John Mayer Strat? PRS or Fender?

    We did a little shootout of the PRS Silver Sky vs the Fender John Mayer Signature Strat. It's interesting how John's preferences in strat pickups have changed.
  4. OrangeAD30TC

    Battle of the Gretsch Sparkle Jets. Same model, spec, pick ups...different sound.

    I got my hands on two Sparkle Jets. They feel nearly identical, so much so that you could confuse them if blind folded. Maybe its the wood, or the pick ups or both but they sound different. Have a listen, it's a really good example of how unique each instrument can be.
  5. OrangeAD30TC

    Ventris Dual Reverb by Source Audio - First look

    Watch out big blue box, the reverb wars have begun!
  6. OrangeAD30TC

    The Story of the Marshall Blues Breaker (BB style pedal shootout inside)

    This pedal has pretty interesting history, and considering it has been the grandfather pedal to so many great overdrive that we talk about on here like the KOT, POT Snouse Black box, Morning Glory, it's sort of a modern classic/ vintage piece of history. I think there is still something special...
  7. OrangeAD30TC

    The Story of... Fulltone OCD (All 8 versions comparison video)

    This is for everyone who has ever asked, "What's the story with all those versions?" This is the story (short version) of the Fulltone OCD with all 8 versions compared in an A B C D E F G H comparison.
  8. OrangeAD30TC

    Henretta Chord Blaster

    I can't say I see people talking about this pedal so I thought I would share my thoughts... It's kind of like a Fuzz but kind of like a super hard clipping distortion. It has a master volume, a master tone, and two gain knobs, the chord and blast. The chord is a gain knob for the bass and mids...
  9. OrangeAD30TC

    Thoughts on Greer Lightspeed and Relic Drive

    Overview: Greer Lightspeed - Transparent, Transparent, Transparent! How over used is that word around here? Still though, it's hard to describe the Lightspeed any other way. It hardly changes the feel of your amp. It's way more transparent than a BB style circuit like the KOT and it has almost...
  10. OrangeAD30TC

    Kingsley Harlot vs Minstrel vs Jouster?

    Kingsley Jouster, Minstrel and Harlot quick thoughts, Kingsley Minstrel - Does low to Medium gain the best. The 3 band eq makes it the most flexible, for edge of break up and low gain having control over the mids is very useful. Between the 3 modes the minstrel is super versatile. It can do...
  11. OrangeAD30TC

    NPD - Kingsley Harlot short review and video inside

    Got this a week or so ago but didn't have a chance to play it until now. Mode 1 - voiced fairly neutral, maybe a bit more midrange. Perfect for edge of break up, blues and just general lighter OD tones. Very vintage sounding. Mode 2 - Rock and Hard rock tones for days. EQ is scooped, meds are...
  12. OrangeAD30TC

    The Great BB style OD shootout

    Hi all, We are planning a shootout of many popular BB style pedals. What would you like to see in the shootout? What are some favorites you have? Any budget contenders you think we should be aware of? Suggest what we should add to the poll!
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