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  1. Orren

    NGD: The Koll "Gothcaster VI"

    Another Saul Koll masterpiece just arrived! I've always loved Saul's willingness to stretch, and he really outdid himself with this one: As fans of Robert Smith of The Cure knows, many of their most atmospheric/gothy guitar parts aren't played on a traditional guitar, but a Fender Bass VI, in...
  2. Orren

    Gibson Elliot Easton "Tiki bird" signature Firebird

    I've wanted a Firebird for a while, and this looks like it will be the bees knees: All that for around $2k street. And available lefty too, thanks Elliot! Orren
  3. Orren

    Laney Ironheart IRT60H impressions

    Ive had the 60W Laney Ironheart for about a weak now and thougt I'd post my impressions. I'm not going to go over all the specs and features of the amps, which you can look up here. Short version: it's a three channel amp with switchable boost on every channel. Clean and Rhythm share EQ, but not...
  4. Orren

    Who needs an amp when you have a phone?

    This is probably as far from hardware as any modeler could possibly get: Orren
  5. Orren

    NAMM After Thoughts

    For anyone interested: I actually wrote this a few days ago, but here's what caught my eye at Winter NAMM 2010: Enjoy! Orren
  6. Orren

    Semi OT: Amazing Mac Pro Deal

    This post isn't about recording per se, but its definitely about a screaming deal on inarguably an excellent computer for recording. With my finances, I'll be using my 4-core "vintage" Mac Pro, now 2 years old, for many more years. But wow, what a deal! If I had this kinda money, I'd jump...
  7. Orren

    New plug-in: "Turn your guitar into an Analog Monosynth" I haven't tried it out yet, but the concept of pitch tracking oscillators is not new, and quite tried and true. My main questions are if this particular synth sounds good, and if there is a large latency. But of course that's easily determined...
  8. Orren

    Kinda OT: Logic Users Group...

    Hi all, I know some of you use Logic, so I just wanted to quickly post this for those who are interested. I've long been involved as an administrator in the "Logic Users Group." In the past, this has been an email list only, but after months of preparation, we're finally ready to unveil our...
  9. Orren

    Apple Refreshes Desktop Macs

    If you haven't checked it out, Apple just refreshed all of their desktop Macs. There are new iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros. If you're just getting into recording, that Mac Mini for $599 is an amazing amount of computer for the money. And trust me, a lot of...
  10. Orren

    New Koll "Sun Glide" and Egnater MOD50 metal riff!

    In a thread in the Small Luthier forum, I was asked if my newly arrived Koll "Sun Glide" can do metal. Heh. :) So today, I very, very quickly put this together. I apologize for the sloppy playing. This was the very first take, no editing, no effects, no real thinking about what I was...
  11. Orren

    My New Koll: Introducing the Sun Glide!

    Recently I took possession of my newest custom Koll guitar! :RoCkIn The original idea for this guitar sprung from my love of the 70s Gretsch White Falcon with the wire Bigsby. However, the Gretsch isn't quite what I want. For one thing, I'm a little guy, and the White Falcon is thicker than...
  12. Orren

    NAMM Oddities

    For the past 11 years, my good friend, and collaborator in Ember After, Barry Wood has been highlighting the weird, wonderful, and wacky that is on display at the NAMM show. He's just gone live with his annual NAMM Oddities site, updated for the Winter 2009 show.
  13. Orren

    New Book Release: Logic Pro 8 Power

    Please forgive the shameless plug: Kevin Anker and I have co-authored a new book on Logic Pro 8, titled Logic Pro 8 Power!. For those who don't know, Kevin Anker is a professional touring and session musician with an armload of credits, and has served as a moderator for the OS X Audio (now...
  14. Orren

    Guitar Rig 3, Logic 8, and Überschall

    If anyone's curious how amplifier models help amp builders, here's a great example. This is a Native Instruments promotional video of Paul Landers of Ramstein, sitting in front of his Logic 8 and Guitar Rig 3 setup. He gets some pretty juicy sounds out of it, talks about how vital GR3 is to...
  15. Orren

    Metric Halo: Mobile I/O Expanded/new 2d Card!

    Hi Guys, Many of you know I use a Mobile I/O interface. Well, Metric Halo interfaces just got an amazing upgrade. For those without one, they are now selling the 2882 Expanded and ULN2 Expanded. Current Metric Halo Mobile I/O owners can add a 2d Card to their current interface for all the...
  16. Orren

    Studio Furniture: The Composer's Desk

    Hi all, I'm mentioning this here because its offered by Virtual Instruments magazine, for which I'm a semi-regular contributor to the magazine. I should also mention I'm not associated with this product in any way (and can't afford it :) ). But many of us are constantly looking for a desk...
  17. Orren

    Logic Pro 8.0.2 Update Available

    For all Logic users: Get yer 8.0.2 update now via system update. For the first time, they posted an extensive list of fixes: Some of us may have asked them for this... ;) You can also look through the Logic Pro 8 Late Breaking News PDF (there is a...
  18. Orren

    Logic Users: KB Covers Logic 8 Keyboard Cover

    I know there are a number of Logic Pro/Express users who check this forum, so I wanted to bring this to your attention. KB Covers have just released a new keyboard cover for the default Logic 8 key commands: These...
  19. Orren

    Amp Modelers + Dynamics: A few tests

    I wanted to test how well the modelers I have at my disposal "play." As nearly everyone here already knows, through a real tube amp, we can use the volume knob of our guitar and our picking strength to dynamically control the "dirt." These days, most modelers can get more than passably close...
  20. Orren

    Video Soundbite: MOD50, Koll Tornado

    I thought I'd combine a little shameless self-promotion along with some Egnater and Koll content. My group, Ember After, has just posted it's first video on our YouTube channel ( My Koll Tornado is in full view, and my MOD50 is clearly behind me. And on the...
  21. Orren

    Koll, Egnater, Ed DeGenaro, and Black Sabbath!

    I've finally finished a CDs worth of goodness for Ember After, my industrial/metal/goth/rock/insert-other-label-here group. And we did one cover song: Paranoid, by Black Sabbath. Trust me, it's not a's our version. The guitar solo is played by Ed DeGenaro. However, I play...
  22. Orren

    Please help me identify this guitar

    Does anyone have any idea what the guitar in the picture below could be? The guitarist is a very young Robert Smith, here playing with Siouxsie and the Banshees at Royal Albert Hall in 1983 (this is from the Nocturne show). Unfortunately, I can't find any site that talks about Smith that...
  23. Orren

    New Koll: The Lefty MIDI Tornado!

    I have officially joined the ranks of Koll Guitar owners! I'm sure many of you know how difficult it is to find the left-handed guitars. Saul Koll and I spent quite a while spec'ing out exactly what I wanted, and the best way to make it happen for a price I could afford. We used as our...
  24. Orren

    Amplitube 2 and THD BiValve

    I'm currently reviewing Amplitube 2. One of the amps that Amplitube 2 models is the THD Electronics BiValve. Since I have both the BiValve and Amplitube 2 right here, I wanted to see if I could get the simulation to sound like the real thing. This is not a scientific test--this was simply me...
  25. Orren

    Shameless Plug: Guitar Rig 2 Power now shipping!

    If you'll forgive the brief plug, my latest book, Guitar Rig 2 Power! is currently shipping. If its not in your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. it is certainly available from, other online booksellers, and direct from Course Technology (the publisher). Guitar Rig 2 tries to be...
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