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  1. noley

    The Black Keys New Album is out

    I dig it, but it sounds remarkably like the first couple albums from the North Mississippi All Stars.
  2. noley

    How to start selling gear on TGP?

    I'm more interested in what you have to sell than how much you've sold. :dunno
  3. noley

    How many of you have just one electric?

    For the last month or so I’ve had only one electric, but I just got my Tele back from repairs so I’m back up to 2. In the last 6 months I’ve unloaded electrics, acoustics, mandolins, drum sets and a vintage amp. I don’t miss any of it.
  4. noley

    Into the Wind.

    HaHa... coupla bands I like. Meant as a compliment! :aok
  5. noley

    Into the Wind.

    Damn wind. Great if you’re sailing but no fun to bike, fish or golf in. Really pleasant song. The vocals match up nicely to the music and the music is hypnotic... like cycling ? The intro immediately made me think of Gomez, but by the end of the ride I was hearing String Cheese. Way cool...
  6. noley

    NGD! Plain top anyone?

  7. noley

    Does this look like a real R9

    Nothing to contribute other than to say I love these ‘Fake vs. Real’ threads and all the input from those in the know. I also think that’s a bad@ss top. :aok
  8. noley

    Phil Rudd - Head Job -

    That’s a solid song... but that’s a dopey video :messedup
  9. noley

    NGD: 2004 Gibson LP Standard Limited Edition Pacific Reef

    Ooo-La-La that’s a mighty pretty color. Congrats on your new guitar!
  10. noley

    New 75th Anniversary MIM Tele

    I’m with you, matching headstocks are icing on the cake. That’s a real looker, Congrats!
  11. noley

    PSA: "1968 Gibson SG." Real, fubar, or fake?

    I can’t contribute to the Fake vs. Real discussion but I always enjoy them and always learn things. What I do know is if I were trying to sell a guitar for 4K I wouldn’t have it displayed on an unmade bed, or on the floor with my feet in the picture. I take better photos for the junk I sell on CL.
  12. noley

    NGD Lawsuit Howard Roberts, branded Speedfire

    I love just about any guitar with a Florentine cutaway, but that one is particularly bad@ss. Congrats to you! :aok It’s a beauty.
  13. noley

    Old Guitar Player Magazines

    HaHa great timing for this topic... I’ve had this mountain of mags on my local CL for a while and finally got a bite. Buyer drove over two hours to pick them up last night and I let him have them. I’m happy to have them outta my office. I kept a couple of the VG’s, especially the Father’s...
  14. noley

    NGD - After 40 years playing the guitar, I'm gonna Relish this one :)

    Very nice, Congrats to you! Wow these are really impressive both aesthetically and in concept. I looked at all the models online, they’ve all got great looks and I don’t think the pricing is unreasonable. Even at the high end of the range, this to me is so much more guitar for the money than...
  15. noley

    Can I have my guitar modded at Guitar Center?

    Your current guitar looks like it’s in great shape. Used prices for yours and for a used EOB are pretty darn close, and only 2-$300 more if you have to have a new one. I agree with others that have said sell your Classic ‘70s and pick up a used Ed already wired up.
  16. noley

    Luca Stricagnoli - amazing player

    Wow , that’s fantastic.
  17. noley

    We need to talk more about Nile Rodgers...

    Nile Rodgers’ right hand must certainly be one of the fastest in all of guitardom, and I have shaken it. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him on a flight and can confirm that the man is an absolute gent. :aok
  18. noley

    Does anyone else’s Guitar Center currently look like this?

    Yep, $9 2X4's at Lowe's fer chrissake!
  19. noley

    NGD: Squire Surprise

    Well he was close... and he didn’t call it a Fender like everybody on Craigslist does!
  20. noley

    Has anyone owned or played an Erlewine Chiquita guitar?

    This was my Chiquita... I sold it in 2008 and bought a Traveler UltraLight that was tons easier to play and to travel with. The Chiquita took 12 (maybe 13?) ga strings! DHL destroyed it when I shipped it to it’s new home :bitch
  21. noley

    Do you think high end acoustics are a good investment?

    Sorry for your loss, Darth. I think what I would do would be keep the one you like the most, GIVE another one to your Dad’s buddy, sell the rest and by the bass gear you want. You said you have no need for 15 acoustics so buy what you’ll play and enjoy. It will mean a lot to the guy your Dad...
  22. noley

    yet one more home recording.

    I like this song! Sounds great, thanks for sharing it here... :aok n.
  23. noley

    Signature Guitars - Story, Post yours

    I had a ZM for a while and regret letting it go but, wanted something else... also green, but much smaller and louder and with a 5” barrel. :dunno My wife misses it more than I do but I would like to land another one. As others have mentioned above it’s an easy guitar to love. I didn’t know...
  24. noley

    Covers from big bands

    Govt. Mule plays a LOT of covers.
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