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  1. duaneflowers

    The Gibson “P.A.F.” Humbucking Pickup: From Myth to Reality

    Anyone checking out the new read by Mario Milan and James Finnerty? For those interested in PAFs I do believe it's destined to be touted as the new PAF Bible... check it out if you haven't done so already... you can order it from Amazon...
  2. duaneflowers

    New Duane Allman Clone Pups from Wizz

    PSA: Anyone wanting to release their inner Duane (the other one) might want to have a look at the new Duane Allman pups announced this month from Wizz... they are hotttttttt!!! :cheers:
  3. duaneflowers

    Chambered Reissue Pickup Swap

    Anyone swap out the pickups in their CR? I just picked up a CR8 and am not all that impressed with the stock BBs (no surprise there) and was wondering what you've found works and/or doesn't. Specifically I'm wondering if high impedance pickups respond better/differently than low impedance...
  4. duaneflowers

    New(ish) Seymour Duncan Skinner Burst Set

    What's the TGP consensus on these? SD have cloned the pickups in Bonamassa's Skinner Burst and making 800 sets available signed, sealed and delivered... which started shipping this week. For being a mass production outfit, SD produces some pretty nice pickups... at least the custom shop...
  5. duaneflowers

    New from Wizz... Limited Edition Vintage Wire Set

    I just got a set of the new Limited Edition Wizz PAF Clone sets and they are out of this world!!! They are wound with a very limited find of vintage wire and Alex will be making them until the wire is gone... which won't be very long. These are the nicest pickups I've received in quite some time...
  6. duaneflowers

    BJIII Up in Smoke

    I was playing my Fromel modded BJIII last weekend (Swart Night Light Jr Attenuator active) when there was some crackling and then some smoke. I immediately unplugged it and finally had a chance to take a peek inside today. Here's what I found... Except for the installation of the Fromel Mods...
  7. duaneflowers

    Kemper 4.0... Anyone Partaking?

    Really haven't gotten past the morphing yet... it is majorly cool!!! Possibilities just seem endless at this point!!! Anyone else dig in yet?
  8. duaneflowers

    Unofficial Pickup Directory

    As many of you who are familiar with me from other forums know, I am somewhat of a pickup connoisseur (over a hundred sets in my little collection as of right now) and I've been compiling a list of guitar pickup companies/winders for several years. I thought I would post it here, with links to...
  9. duaneflowers

    Greetz From Japan

    Long time lurker here and thought its about time I say "hey". Hey! :wave I'm mainly a Les Paul enthusiast, but I've been known to stray from time to time. This place contains a wealth of knowledge and I hope I can add to it in some small way...
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