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    Rickenbacker 360

    I recently got a great deal on a Rickenbacker 360 from Musician's Friend. I took the guitar to have it setup by my guitar tech and after he inspected the guitar he recommended I send it back because the neck was twisted. I was really bummed, but there's no sense in keeping a new guitar that...
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    Rickenbacker Experts

    Recently, I bought a Rickenbacker 360 at a very good price from Musician's Friend. Prior to this purchase, I had spent very little time with Rickenbackers and didn't really know what to expect. The guitar was a little difficult to play and I assumed it just needed a proper setup. I took...
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    Need suggestions on the best way to use my HD500

    I use my HD500 for practicing at night and a once a week jam session plugged directly into a Jam Hub. I'm very happy with the sounds I'm getting out of my HD, but I'm looking for some suggestions on the best way to manage it. Is there a way to have the output volume be the same for every...
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    Who will build this?

    S-type Body Wood: Alder Neck: Fat U shaped 1", Quartersawn maple, Nitro finish Fretboard: Indian Rosewood, Compound 9" - 12" radius, 1 11/16" nut, Jumbo Stainless Fret wire Nut: Bone Tuners: Gotoh Split Shaft Bridge: Gotoh 510TS-SF2 Chrome Electronics: 5 way, CTS Pots, Orange drop, etc...
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    Another Fake Gibson on eBay

    I reported this yesterday and eBay still hasn't taken it down.
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    Not so new member from Towson, MD

    I've been posting for a while, but never introduced myself. I am a 37 year old father of three who is purely an amateur musician who has more gear than talent. I most often play through my POD after the little ones are in bed, however I do get out about once a week to jam with a buddy of mine...
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    Recipe for Tone

    This past Saturday I took my Eric Johnson Strat, my Princeton Reverb and my Keeley modded Blues Driver to jam with a buddy of mine. Due to the fact that I have three children under five, I rarely play through an amp at home. Most of the time I play through a POD X3 Live after the little ones...
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    Eric Johnson Strat Owners -Tremolo Question

    Have you kept the factory setup or do use the tremolo? I assume there would be no issues since it is a regular vintage tremolo.
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    1922 Martin OO-18 Value

    My neighbor's father recently passed away and left him his 1922 Martin OO-18. As far as I can tell the guitar is all original with the exception of the tuners. (Grover open back) There is plenty of wear on the guitar, but there are no cracks, a few dings, but no cracks. I was amazed at how...
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    Guitar Center is being bought!

    Guitar Center Up; Bain Cap To Buy It Shares of Guitar Center Inc. (GTRC) shot 20% higher to $60 after the Westlake Village, Calif.-based musical instrument retailer agreed to to a $1.9 billion buyout by Bain Capital Partners LLC. Shareholders would get $63 a share, a 26% premium to Tuesday's...
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    Highway One™ Texas Telecaster® Owners

    How do you like yours? Is the neck similar to the American series or is it fatter? The specs look very appealing: Ash Body Maple Neck 12" Radius 21 6105 Dunlop frets 2 Hot Vintage Tele® Single-Coil Pickups Master Volume, Master Greasebucket™ Tone Circuit (Rolls Off Highs without Adding...
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    Plek Review

    I picked up two guitars today that I had Plek'd by Phil Jacoby at Philtone in Baltimore, MD. In a nut shell, the results far exceeded my expectations. The guitars (Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard and American Series Stratocaster) never played or sounded better. I just can't get over how...
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