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  1. Prairie Belt

    Green bottom strat pickup?

    Looking to see if anyone can ID this pickup. It came in the neck position of an old Squier strat. No markings that I can see but it has that green bottom. The other two pickups are regular strat pups so this must be an aftermarket.
  2. Prairie Belt

    Tony Joe White RIP

  3. Prairie Belt

    Sold Partscaster Telecaster, USA Fender, Callaham and Duncan parts

    Very cool quality partscaster Tele for sale. USA Standard neck & tuners, Warmoth body, Callaham hardware and Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. Just came from the shop with a full fret dress and setup! Reverb listing here. SOLD
  4. Prairie Belt

    Sold '57 Gibson ES-125 for Martin OM

    TRADED Looking to trade a very nice 1957 Gibson ES-125 for a Martin OM, or possibly other small body wide-neck Martin. The guitar is in great shape and had a recent nut and fret job so it's ready to go. Tuners and pickguard are period-correct replacements, everything else including the...
  5. Prairie Belt

    Sold JHS modded Turbo Rat

    JHS modded Turbo Rat for sale. Cool sounding & very versatile. From the JHS site: We start by replacing the horrible factory chip with a little discovery of our own that no one else is using in their RAT modifications. You can expect all the vibe and mojo of the old LMN308 but with less noise...
  6. Prairie Belt

    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr

    Diamond Memory Lane Jr for sale. Works great, sounds great. SOLD
  7. Prairie Belt

    Sold Diamond comp

    Diamond comp, works great & sounds great. $135 shipped & pp'd to the lower 48.
  8. Prairie Belt

    What’s the wiring in this Nocaster?

    I have a 2010 Wildwood spec Nocaster. It came with the wiring diagram below: explaining that the guitar is currently wired to the top diagram, “Standard Vintage Wiring”. The pickup combinations for that wiring diagram are: #B Bridge pickup only #M Neck pickup only #N Neck pickup with highs...
  9. Prairie Belt

    Anyone use a prefab shed for a practice space/music room?

    In an effort to free up space in my house I've been looking into options for a separate structure for my music room and practice space. It doesn't have to be large, only about 150sq ft. The most affordable route are the Home Depot/Lowes prefab sheds. I'd have to get it insulated, run power out...
  10. Prairie Belt

    EHX Memory Man repair?

    My EHX DMM is no longer producing repeats. Turns on, but no delay. Anyone have a good recommendation for a place that does repairs?
  11. Prairie Belt

    What year is this BF Bandmaster?

    I just bought a Bandmaster that's been converted to a combo. The tube chart is long gone, but the blackface faceplate looks original. It has "Fender Musical Instruments" printed on it. The transformer codes, from left to right looking at the amp from the back, are: 022814 606-617 022699...
  12. Prairie Belt

    Vibrato pedals?

    I've been looking around at vibrato (pitch bending) pedals, but there doesn't seem to be much out there...the old Boss VB2, the EHX ones...are there some less-well-known vibrato pedals on the market right now? I don't mind if it's a combo vibrato/chorus/etc pedal, but just a dedicated vibrato is...
  13. Prairie Belt

    Tele volume knob slipping off

    The volume knob on my tele keeps slipping off. I crank down on the screw each time I put it back on, but it still comes loose. Short of super glue, what's a good way to keep this from happening?
  14. Prairie Belt

    Shock mount for AT4033?

    I need to buy a shockmount for an AT4033. The AT brand shockmounts I found are all about $75. is there a less expensive, generic shockmount that will work?
  15. Prairie Belt

    Reneck a '60's Guild hollowbody?

    I have a '67 Guild CE100D sitting in my closet that I bought for about $100 when I was a teenager. The neck is in bad shape (warped, fretboard doesn't go all the way to the end, missing tuners, bad nut), and from looking at pictures of other Guilds I'd say the neck isn't even original--the...
  16. Prairie Belt

    What's the guitar Dylan is playing?

    I saw Bob Dylan recently, when he played guitar it was some sort of single-cutaway. This isn't a great picture but it was the only one I could find: What is this?
  17. Prairie Belt

    What would you call this chord?

    This is an easy guitar chord that's just a first position E major moved up a fret. So- 6 - 1 F 5 - 3 C 4 - 3 f 3 - 2 a 2 - 0 b 1 - 0 e What would you call that? An F maj7 b5?
  18. Prairie Belt

    '51 Gibson J-50 demo

    A buddy of mine had me record a little demo of a '51 J-50 he's planning on selling online, thought I'd put this up.
  19. Prairie Belt

    Jack cup for Fender cab?

    Anyone know where to buy a jack cup for a pre-CBS Fender piggyback cab? The new ones I've found are too large and won't fit without enlarging the existing hole. Nothing turns up in an eBay search. edit: Also, I'm not looking for an original (unless it's cheap!). I just want something that fits...
  20. Prairie Belt

    Electric mandolin builders?

    I've been looking around for a solid body 8-string electric mandolin. Seems like most of the newer ones are being made by small builders. Any recommendations of good ones to check out? Mostly looking in the 1K and under category here.
  21. Prairie Belt

    Hearing Test

    Thought this was pretty cool- I got up to 16, then nuthin'.
  22. Prairie Belt

    52ri copper tele question...

    I've been looking around at some of the late 90's copper finish 52ri's on line and seriously considering buying one. Do these have the same neck size as the butterscotch 52ri's? I've been seeing different reports about this—some say it's smaller, some say it's larger. Anyone compare the two?
  23. Prairie Belt

    Really basic speaker wiring question

    I just bought an Eminence Rajin Cajun & a Copperhead to put into an empty Fender 2x10 Tremolux cab. So, aside from the speakers, what else do I need to wire this up? Is there a good website with instructions on it?
  24. Prairie Belt

    Neck vs body for tone

    A while back I bought one of those MIM Esquire reissues. I really like the feel of the neck, but the acoustic tone of the guitar is tight and a bit plinky, and I can hear it when the guitar's plugged in. It's not terrible, but lately I've been thinking about putting some money towards an...
  25. Prairie Belt

    Modern country tone on a budget?

    A friend of mine is a great bluegrass mandolin/acoustic guitar player, and he's looking to put together an electric rig to start playing modern country gigs. So it'll be a mix of classic rock and top 40 country stuff. I told him I'd help him put something together that'd cost him about 1200...
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