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    Matchless Lightning NR Head and Cab price check?

    Thinking about selling my Matchless Lightning NR Head and Cab. Wrapped in Tan. The head and cab have the same color but the piping is slightly differing between the two. Whats a realistic price for the pair?
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    Matchless dc30 and sound man

    Well 600 people isn't that big and if you have a dc30 cooking I have no doubt they asked you to turn it down. I play 1000 plus weekly and my lightning is often too loud. Even when I have played up to 4000 people I've had to turn my lightning down. It's hard to find a balance between stage...
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    New Cab Day: Matchless ESS

    And I just want a matching cab instead if a big old avatar cab but suRely it won't sound worse
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    New Cab Day: Matchless ESS

    I just pulled the trigger on a matching 1x12 for my Matchless Lightning head in Elk Beige. I was running it through an Avatar 2x12 loaded with a Hellatone 30 and 60. I'm excited to see the difference between the two and imagine the Matchless cab will sound much better. We will see it will be...
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    Brownface 6G2 Princetons... lend me your thoughts

    I found a '62 in my church attic. The grill cloth has a red coating and the back panels are missing but u got it up and running for 175 and I tracked down the guy who owns it and he let me keep it. Here is a video
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    Boutique Amp of the Day: Matchless Lightning

    I love my lightning. Best amp ive played or owned
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    Dr. Z Maz 18 or Morgan ac20, Input please!

    The maz has a fuller low end
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    Shorting the list - Matchless Morgan Bruno

    Ive had Dr.Zs, Vox's, Bad Cats, Matchless and played multiple morgans. Matchless Lightning has been the best for my needs. Its loud enough but with a very good MV so you can get dirty sounds with out being screaming loud. It takes pedals pretty well although it can be picky with dirt. Ive found...
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    Matchless lightning vs. Morgan ac20 deluxe

    I have tried both. sorry i didnt mention I have tried both in the OP but I think I like my matchless better. I heard one AC20 Deluxe live and thought it paled in comparison to the AC30 the guitarist was using. I played an AC20 deluxe combo with a blue and thought the clean sound was great but I...
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    Matchless lightning vs. Morgan ac20 deluxe

    Hmmm what were your guys favorite pedals with the matchless?
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    Matchless lightning vs. Morgan ac20 deluxe

    Which would you want and why?
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    Need help with matchless lightning line out

    Anyone else?
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    Favorite edge of breakup tones: what amp?

    Matchless lightning
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    My matchless lightening sounded amazing, then it died....

    It was just the rectifier tube which is what I thought it was. $20 dollar fix. And I do usually re-tube my own amps but no body in town sells tubes so I need to order them so its usually around the same price as getting them online and doing it myself but I get it back quicker from the tech
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    My matchless lightening sounded amazing, then it died....

    I woke up this morning and had the day of so I got some good time in playing this morning with my strat and my duesenberg through my Matchless Lightening. It seriously sounded better than ever and I was super stoked. Well I turned my rig off, went and flew some r/c gliders then came back and...
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    Need help with matchless lightning line out

    So I've been using my lightning for a while now through a 2x12 cab but am curious how the line out would sound through the PA. To use the line out how would I set it up? Would I go line out with the cable I use to hook up the head and cab into a DI box? And do I need to have the speakers...
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    Show us your amp(s)!

    are you by chance benjamin dunn? of benjamin dunn and friends?
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    Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Vs. Matchless DC/HC/SC-30

    I would go matchless... The Jackson sounds ok to me but I have never been really floored by one especially when I have heard them live. The Robbie Mcintosh Demos sound amazing though.
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    Mercury Magnets New Power chord

    eh i bought one what the heck
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    Tips for Taming a Matchless DC-30

    Get a lightening. Same vibe but at a much more manageable volume
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    NAD: Matchless Lightning

    No that's not me. I'm playing a strat Ora duesenberg
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    Favorite matchless lightning speaker?

    any ideas? maybe a celestion blue or gold? maybe an ASW of some sort?
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    Favorite matchless lightning speaker?

    Curious to see what your favorite speakers are to go with a matchless lightning. Currently im running a 2x12 cab with a hellatone 30 and hellatone 60 which is good to my ears but i wouldnt mind trying out something different.
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    NAD: Matchless Lightning

    So for the last six months ive been running a 30watt Bad Cat cub that I really liked but it was just too much amp for me, volume wise and weight wise. I got a call from the guy i bought the BC from and said he had a Lightening head and cab he would trade back for the cub so i went over today and...
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    NEW AMP DAY! Divided by 13 RSA23

    You've been talking about this guy for a while, how long ago did you get it
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