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  1. guitarist58

    UAD Apollo Twin DUO w/Thunderbolt cable ~ SOLD ~

    SOLD Like new. $625. Paypal OK. Set up but never really used except to listen to stuff through my monitors. I had just put together a little audio recording setup but then had to vacate the house I was living in. Now I'm starting to sell off some of the equipment until I am able to get...
  2. guitarist58

    Interesting mix of pop, jazzy prog, funky rhythms, avant garde...

    Not even sure how you'd describe it. I just think this music is kind of intriguing. The more I've listened since learning of them a few years back the more I like them. I wasn't familiar with this song… I never heard the original until after seeing this a few times. I think it's pretty...
  3. guitarist58

    Some songs just really get to ya... (Tommy Emmanuel)

    This song is SO beautiful. It literally brought me to tears. Just discovered it this morning. Tommy wrote this in 1977 for the daughter of his bass player friend. He used to babysit that little girl, and I guess her name was Dixie. It wasn't until a very special little girl who was battling...
  4. guitarist58

    If you like Hiromi...

    I'm pretty sure you would like her new album “Alive.” When I heard the title cut which was released on Youtube, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get it. I've listened to so much of her music... maybe almost to the point I was getting a little burned out. But I got it, and have listened...
  5. guitarist58

    Does anyone else struggle with finding and/or keeping passion for playing?

    I was enthusiastic for a while, putting together a small bedroom studio. I had ideas for different songs to cover, different things to record or maybe even record with video too. Then my desire and interest just died. Gone. It's been probably six weeks now. Despite gigging steadily back in my...
  6. guitarist58

    The Fents!

    Anyone else remember this band from the '80s? One of my all-time favorite fusion albums: "The Other Side". tdh-Rsd4c44 Ckf4zVqcupg RN10WrB1H70 v_Ikuf1rwnU _
  7. guitarist58

    Scuttle Buttin on a Gayageum...

    Some of you may have seen her version of Voodoo Chile floating around the web... but this was just so dang fun I had to share! JX-T0eBr31w And if you haven't seen the version of Voodoo Chile: NfOHjeI-Bns
  8. guitarist58

    The Flight of the Bumble Bee...

    It's been done many times, but I thought this was just awesome. Don't know if this has been posted here before, but wanted to share: c1ogcp8_bdk
  9. guitarist58

    Sweet awesomeness!!! - Swing...

    #42 PvNuigQrFM8 I LOVE those ending chords... :D _
  10. guitarist58

    '80s Funk BADNESS... Resurrected for 2010! - Level 42

    . Just came across these and thought some of you might enjoy them too: L6Inf4BZiKk Fades out quickly at the end, but right back in with this one: rpb1nh89MlM _
  11. guitarist58

    Hiromi is such a badass...

    God, I love her. Killin' soloing from about a minute and a half into it and onward... 5Ao3gRYpV6A I love her expressions from 4:36 to 4:39!!! :D And then so very different... so beautiful... hftj2jne4xU _
  12. guitarist58

    Anyone here still love the Barber Tone Pump? Alternatives?

    . Hi! Ancient guy here, from ancient pedal land :D For those of you who have and dig the Tone Pump, I'd love to hear how you feel it compares/contrasts with newer pedals... In particular the Suhr Shiba, CMAT Butah, any other smoother pedals you might think of... I like the sound of...
  13. guitarist58

    Suhr Shiba alongside Sweet Honey OD... good complement? Too much overlap?

    I'm scaling down, selling off a lot of stuff--want to eventually get a couple of MXR size overdrive/distortion pedals. I really like what I hear of the Shiba and plan to get one mainly for smoother lead tones or backed off for light overdrive--most say it cleans up well with the volume control...
  14. guitarist58

    Even if I only knew just the CHORDS...

    . She plays in the first 1:17 of this, I'd think I had "arrived"... agyor0ksmqw _
  15. guitarist58

    Hiromi digs Jeff Beck

    I know cos she said it somewhere! Her jazzy take on Led Boots - Yeah, Baby!!! :hiP 5Ao3gRYpV6A I love the expressions on her face at 4:35!! _
  16. guitarist58

    OCD listening habits ruin music for you?

    I don't listen to music much, but when I find something I really like, I listen over and over until it's running though my head incessantly (usually in bits and pieces) and driving me crazy. Then I never want to hear it again... and I don't really want to listen to anything else to "try to...
  17. guitarist58

    Guitar tech recommendation - as close to San Bernardino, CA as possible...

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this question... I'm hoping I can get some recommendations for a guitar tech who knows electronics as well as general set-up. I'm selling off all of my music equipment to survive, and a couple of guitars need electronic work (no output) in...
  18. guitarist58

    Tech21 Character pedals - is speaker simulation off when pedal is off?

    I tried searching, came up empty. Anybody know? :confused:
  19. guitarist58

    FET Dream "vs." Kingsley Jester...

    I'm wondering if anyone has been able to compare these? I don't care that much for the clips on the FET Dream pedal website, but people I respect have praise for it--and I love the tiny footprint! The Jester clips OTOH I love... And was impressed with what I heard in jzuckers' demo. I'm mostly...
  20. guitarist58

    Name me that 212 speaker cab/cab maker I can't remember...

    I apologize for such a dumb thread, but several weeks back some folks here were talking about some really great cabinets. These would be "high end" cabs (at least in my way of thinking), and the only thing I can go by is that I would recognize the web site if I go to it again. Alas, I failed to...
  21. guitarist58

    Hot Rod Deville... 410 vs. 212... do most folks like the 410 best? If so, how come?

    Just wanted to get some opinions on this. It seems like most people say they like the 410, I've always liked 212 combos quite a bit and liked one 212 I played in a store once... IIRC, even Tag specified the 410... Are there differences that show up at band volume or in a live mix? Does the 410...
  22. guitarist58

    A Stunning vocal performance

    I imagine musicals/opera type stuff might not be everyone's thing, but I wanted to share (this just blows me away) :eek: (the plaintive wail of a woman whose man has died...) A very different performance by her...
  23. guitarist58

    icanhascheezburger pic for you recording "cats"

    Just fur fun :p
  24. guitarist58

    Is there something wrong with the frets (fretboard) in this picture?

    See those marks on either side of the (closest visible) fret that run along it? I'm wondering what would cause this... Has it maybe been re-fretted? Shoddy work? Just curious! (It's a Gibson 335) Thanks for any input :) Photo:
  25. guitarist58

    Retro-Sonic Distortion

    Anyone actually tried or bought one yet? :BOUNCE I guess it's supposed to be somewhat RAT-like?
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