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  1. Mikey Likes It

    Zhangbuckers vs Sheptones

    I've put Sheptones in a few guitars and like them even better than the Wagners, Tom Holmes, Throbak, Fralin and Harmonic Design humbuckers I've used. Looking for input from anyone who has used both Sheptones and Zhangbuckers, as to whether I should try the Zhangbuckers. I do love the Sheptones...
  2. Mikey Likes It

    Octave Pedal Picking Up Radio Station

    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm working on a new board, which is home to a Lovepedal Believe and a Mayer Octavia TC. When I engage the Believe, my amp starts blaring a Journey song from a radio station. The Octavia does it as well, but the amount of interference is linked to the drive...
  3. Mikey Likes It

    Favorite Octapussy settings?

    For the Octapussy users out there, what are your favorite settings for Hendrix, Landau, Bramhall II tones?
  4. Mikey Likes It

    One of the first Budda Wahs?

    Came across this. PCB is dated 08/08/94. Has anyone ever seen one with this label?
  5. Mikey Likes It

    1956 Gibson 350T

    This guitar belonged to Danny Gatton (see the Austin City Limits show - Sun Medley). He got it when he was 9 years old. He had put a new tortoise pickguard on it sometime between the '92 ACL set and '94 when he left us. Well, the tortoise guard is nitrocellulose and gassed off in the case all...
  6. Mikey Likes It

    Eden pedals - polarity?

    Friend wants to supply an Eden World Tour Bass Preamp, but there is no indication regarding polarity on the pedal or the website. I'm assuming it is center-negative, but can anyone confirm?
  7. Mikey Likes It

    Vox Virage - drop-in replacement tuners?

    I've had a Vox Virage for over 6 years now, and while it is a favorite in my lap on the couch because of its awesome egonomics, I have never gigged with it because the tuners are a MAJOR weak link. I love the tuner knobs but would love to find a decent Gotoh, Schaller, etc. machine replacement...
  8. Mikey Likes It

    Mastery Bridge and broken strings

    I built a Jazzmaster for a fellow, with a Mastery Bridge and Vibrato, and he's breaking a lot of E-strings (.011). Has anyone had this problem or heard of it with the Mastery Bridge?
  9. Mikey Likes It

    Got Wood?

  10. Mikey Likes It

    Onyx Forge is no more

    Just so you will know, the Onyx Forge Guitar business is done. I have bought many sets of Roy's bolt-neck bushing sets and tried to order more tonight and it wouldn't go through. I received an e-mail response from Cindi Bullis (I am only guessing that she is either Roy's wife, daughter or...
  11. Mikey Likes It

    Blackstone Appliances OD

    Guys, I am a gear slut and there are a few pedal categories in which I collect, and by far the most shameless category is overdrive pedals. I got on the waiting list for a Landgraff pedal and he made one just for me, at an obscene price, but I figured it was a safe investment because the wait...
  12. Mikey Likes It

    Michael Landau gear question

    Does anybody know what octave pedal Mike used on the Burning Water sessions?
  13. Mikey Likes It

    Octave/Fuzz - signal chain placement

    I've been hankering for one ever since I heard Michael Landau juicing one on a live Burning Water CD (and probably subconsciously ever since Purple Haze played on the radio when I was a kid). I decided on the Catalinbread Octagina (take that, censor). Where does it fit best in the chain?
  14. Mikey Likes It

    Can you picture a double-tortoise-bound tele with a very subtle brick burst?

    And then, tweak things a bit more, with a neck made of a Carribbean wood called Chechen, which is related to Rosewood and looks like Bocote, and a fretboard wood called Katalox (Royal Mexican Ebony), some open-back HipShot tuners with custom brown pearl buttons, and then pimped even a bit more...
  15. Mikey Likes It

    Dunlop Custom Audio/MXR Power Supply

    OK, this MC 403 box is the best pedalboard power supply I've found, but it does not fit onto a Pedaltrain board. Does anyone know of a non-custom pedalboard that accommodates this power supply?
  16. Mikey Likes It

    This Axe was Ocean Once

    This is a print by an artist named Michael Garfield (a pretty cool guy - check out his site: ) The title of the painting is "This was all Ocean, Once". I asked his permission to have my wife use it as the basis for a guitar body and this is the result...
  17. Mikey Likes It

    Anybody have a Mike Lull TX?

    I'm trying to find specs on the TX neck. Beyond what's on their website, I need to know the thickness of the neck at the nut and at the 12th fret and whether it's a contour other than C. Also, fret size if available. I have inquiries in at Lull but no response after a couple of days.
  18. Mikey Likes It

    Harmonic Design Humbuckers - Split Sound?

    I love Harmonic Design's pickups but have never tried splitting one of their humbuckers. I'm planning an HSS strat design which will have automatic splitting of the coils in the bridge humbucker when the switch is in the #2 position. I like to keep it simple - no push-pull pots or mini-toggles...
  19. Mikey Likes It

    What is this guitar?

    Driving me nuts - I recognize the headstock but can't make out the name.
  20. Mikey Likes It

    Aboriginal Goannacaster

    OK, this might not be for everyone, but here she is. Neck and middle pickups are OC Duff Fillmore and the bridge pickup is an OC Duff Plankster Tele pickup. The Hipshot trem is excellent! Kudos to my talented wife for painting the body.
  21. Mikey Likes It

    Just finished a Jazzcaster...or is it "T-Master"?

    This one is nice and light, with a Hannes bridge, roasted maple neck. Still trying to get the Jerry Donahue/Omniac wiring perfected.
  22. Mikey Likes It

    Anybody use Philosopher King with Power Supply?

    I have a Philosopher King (awesome pedal) and want to add it to a pedalboard with its own power supply (T Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon). The manual insists that you use only the wall wart supplied with the unit, but I'm assuming that the 18v output on the Fuel Tank would work just fine. Can anyone...
  23. Mikey Likes It

    Redd Volkaert Tele

    I just finished this unique T-style for Mr. Redd, to his specs: Heavily flamed maple neck (I used roasted maple, courtesy of Tommy Rosamond) - the neck is quite beefy, 0.95" at the nut and 1" at the 12th fret, V to C contour, 9.5" radius, 1-3/4" nut, vintage stainless steel frets and a very...
  24. Mikey Likes It

    Any Love for Dynamic Amps?

    This is my 2040 VA, with 6L6s and a Kendrick Black Frame speaker. This amp is loaded with features, including a switch for %100, %50 or 10% power, A 5-position voicing switch, really nice reverb and trem circuits, as well as the ability to handle 6V6s and EL34s. A frind is playing some country...
  25. Mikey Likes It

    Community Project Guitar for a Friend in Bosnia

    We have a small forum called FenderTalk which is not very active these days. Pretty closely-knit group, including a very nice guy named Elvir who lives in Bosnia, where he teaches school. He had to sell his beloved Strat a few years back to feed his family (the government is corrupt and...
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