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    Your Fav Fender Sig Guitar & Why..

    I love my EJ 3 Color Sunburst from Wildwood. Best Strat I've ever played. I love the specs on this guitar. I'm not a huge fan of EJ's work, but he can spec out a guitar. I also have an Albert Lee Music Man HH with the rosewood neck that I'm not crazy about. I'll probably swap out the...
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    What's your "OK I'll admit it" song?

    Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Islands in the Stream ABBA - just about everything Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire, Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart Jay Z - Empire State of Mind Martina McBride - This One's for the Girls Chely Wright - Single White Female Berlin - Take My Breath Away Eric Carmen - All...
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    Any one else jump on a blowout Gibson?

    Coming tomorrow - I couldn't resist @ $749
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    Epi Casino...anyone play/own one?

    I have the inspired by Lennon Casino. I absolutely love this guitar. It plays and sounds great. One can cover a lot of ground by just rolling back the volume knob.
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    Let's change it up then ... what characteristic within a specific brand lets you down

    Rickenbacker 360 - Absolutely the worst guitar I've ever played. I really wanted to like this guitar, but the neck was twisted (so much for the double truss rod).
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    Do you play guitars that are completely stock?

    Stock Guitars Albert Lee Musicman HH Gibson R8 Gibson SG Classic Gibson Firebird V Fender EJ Strat Larrivee D3 Seagull 12 String Epiphone IBL Casino Modded Guitars Gibson U-2 (Stainless Frets, Duncan '59 Bridge, Dimarzio True velvet middle & neck) Gibson LP Junior (RS wiring harness) Gibson...
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    practicing, noodling... what do you plug into?

    Gibson GA-5, Vox AC-15 or POD HD 500.
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    When did this start happening for you ? The Gear

    I went to a school for the arts in the '80's. My classmates and I had Charvels, Jacksons, Kramers, ESPs, and anything with a pointy head stock. About mid way through my sophomore year, we had a transfer student come in with a real deal 50's gold top. We snickered at his choice of hardware...
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    Do you prefer signature guitars?

    I think the EJ Strat is the best bang for the buck guitar in Fender's line-up. I also like that it doesn't scream I'm a signature guitar; the only clues being the neck plate and the lack of string trees.
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    Worst guitar you've owned so far?

    Rickenbacker 360 x 2. I ordered one and the neck was twisted. I returned it and ordered another one and the neck was worse. It's a real shame too, because I've always loved the aesthetics and sounds these guitars produce.
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    I'm tired of signature guitars

    I have two signature guitars; an Eric Johnson Strat and an Albert Lee RWMM. Although, I respect and Mr. Johnson and Mr. Lee, I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of their music, but I am a huge fan of the specs on the guitars. I don't care if it's a signature guitar or not. If it has the specs...
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    How many guitars do you own?

    1) Gibson Les Paul R8 2) Gibson Firebird 3) Gibson Explorer 4) Gibson SG Classic 5) Gibson LP Junior 6) Gibson U2 7) Fender Nocaster 8) Fender EJ Stratocaster 9) Fender AV '62 Jazzmaster 10) Fender MIM Jazz Bass 11) Ernie Ball MM Albert Lee RW 12) Epiphone Casino "inspired by Lennon" 13)...
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    Gibson's latest fingerboards.
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    Gibson's latest fingerboards.

    Are you talking Private Stock or regular production?
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    Cleaning 'yellowed' humbucker bobbins?

    That's called mojo; remove it and the pickup will most definitely sound awful.
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    Does Ernie Ball Music Man have any....

    I'm 6'4" / 250 lbs; I don't look in the mirror when I play, so how the guitar looks on me is irrelevant. I have a rosewood Albert Lee and I don't have a problem getting around on the guitar. The quality of the guitar and the tonal capabilities over came any short comings. I have guitars with...
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    When it is DiMarzio vs Seymour Duncan...

    I shouldn't talk and type at the same time.
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    When it is DiMarzio vs Seymour Duncan...

    I like them both. I have True Velvet neck and middle pickups paired with a Duncan '59 in my Gibson U-2 and they sound fantastic. I have Dimarzio humbuckers in my Albert Lee Music Man that I also like. I had a Parker Nitefly with Dimarzio's, that didn't impress me (i think it was more the...
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    Here's a wolfie for ya

    At first I thought it was pricey, but then I noticed the black pickups.
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    FAIL GRAIL: Gibson Firebird LPC hybrid

    I've seen worse. I don't find this offensive at all.
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    how many of you guys have got the BIG 3 of guitars?

    I have the big three: Fender Nocaster R8 EJ Strat
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    Baja Tele mods

    I think the stock pickups are one of the best features of the guitar. I love the Twisted Tele neck pickup; it's one of my favorite tele pickups of all time.
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    Rickenbacker 360

    I've never bought from Dave's, but I agree that the chances of having a lemon come from Wildwood or Sweetwater (not a Rick dealer - btw) would be far less. I still don't think dealers should have to act as QC inspectors. FWIW, I'm not terribly picky when it comes to guitars. As long as a...
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