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  1. FenderGuy53

    Martin D-16E: Your Thoughts, Please!

    I recently sold my 2017 Martin Custom Road Series DCRSGT and I'm now looking to upgrade. My search had narrowed to the Yamaha A5R and the Takamine P2DC, either of which can be had for $1399/shipped; however, I just stumbled upon the Martin D-16E and I have to say that I'm intrigued - plus, I...
  2. FenderGuy53

    Solid State Home Studio/Small Gig Amps

    Solid state amps have come a long way in the past few years, giving us "retired" folks the opportunity to continue to get great tone, at less weight, for less money, and low/no maintenance. I know there are several, if not many, smaller, boutique and "niche" amp makers out there, building some...
  3. FenderGuy53

    Yamaha: AC3M/AC3R with System 63 SRT vs. NEW AC3M/AC3R with SRT2?

    I drove 30+ minutes to our closest guitar shop to play these, but they had none in stock! Has anyone played these side-by-side? They're the same price, i.e., the two mahogany versions are $799 and the two rosewood versions are $899. The major differences between the previous and newest...
  4. FenderGuy53

    Yamaha AC3R/M: Natural (Tuner) or Vintage (No Tuner)?

    I'm looking at the current and previous models of the Yamaha AC3R and AC3M (I have a Martin DC16GTE, so I'm leaning toward the AC3R). Apart from the finish and bracing differences, the Natural and Vintage have different electronics (and the previous version includes a tuner). Is there enough...
  5. FenderGuy53

    Hardshell Cases for Tribute ASAT Classic?

    Guys, I pulled the trigger on a new G&L Tribute ASAT Classic (BSB), so I'm looking for a hardshell case to accommodate the slightly longer headstock on the G&L. I know that a 1SKB-FS6 won't fit (been there, done that); headstock is right up against the aluminium valance! What hardshell cases...
  6. FenderGuy53

    G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Limited Edition!

    Does anyone have, or has anyone seen or heard about this G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Limited Edition: I'm intrigued because it has an ash body, alnico pickups and Fender-like specs, and it's selling for $499, BUT Musician's Friend has a "Call & Save" promotion going on right now, so we may even...
  7. FenderGuy53

    BOSS Katana 50 Owners: MDBcovers Delivered!

    I own a new BOSS Katana 50 combo and I just received my new amp cover from MDBcovers. I could not be more pleased, for $41.08, delivered. Here are some pics:
  8. FenderGuy53

    Katana 50 Owners: I Need Your Help!

    Gonna be a guinea pig for Larry @ LeCover, who will be making his first amp cover for a Katana 50 , so I need some measurements: distance from ground to bottom of cabinet length and width of dogbone handle (rubber part only) distance to rubber part of handle from front, rear, left and right...
  9. FenderGuy53

    Is Anyone Gigging A Katana 50?

    I'm wanting a solid-state combo amp for my home studio that can also serve as a grab & go amp for jam sessions and impromptu small gigs. The Kicker: The amp needs to stand on its own merit , i.e., no mic'ing or line out to FOH. The Question: Can the Katana 50 combo get the job done? Thanks...
  10. FenderGuy53

    50-Watts or Less Solid State Amps with 10-Inch Speakers! Why?

    Maybe its me, but why do makers of mass-produced solid state amps, in the at/under 50-watt range, use 10-inch speakers? It seems that BOSS, with its Katana 50, and Roland, with its Blues Cube Hot, are the only ones that have a clue! Why? You would think that manufacturers would want to use...
  11. FenderGuy53

    BOSS Katana Amps: Get Your Amp Covers HERE!

    Guys, did some browsing and here are a few places to grab a cover for your new BOSS Katana 50 or 100 combo amp: Custom Amp Covers: Katana 50, $55.95/shipped, eBay Katana 100, $59.95/shipped, eBay Fender Part #0075947000 ('65 Princeton Reverb): Katana 50, $25.95 plus shipping Katana 50...
  12. FenderGuy53

    BOSS Katana 50 Owners: Where'd Ya Get Your Cover?

    I want to order an amp cover for my incoming BOSS Katana 50. If you own a cover for your Katana 50, could you PLEASE post where you got it? OTOH, if you use a different cover, could you PLEASE tell me which cover you use? Thank you so much, guys.
  13. FenderGuy53

    Katana Amps Here and Gone! What's Up?

    It seems that the BOSS Katana amps arrived without much fanfare, but once they became available at retail outlets, they flew out the door! Now, they're as scarce as hen's teeth! What happened? Did BOSS underestimate the demand? And why hasn't BOSS caught up with the demand? Are changes in...
  14. FenderGuy53

    Amp Cover for the BOSS Katana-50?

    Is anyone making one yet?
  15. FenderGuy53

    Roland Cube 40GX or BOSS Katana 50?

    Looking for a new SS amp to complement my "Cyclops" Peavey Bandit 112; both will mainly live and play in my home studio, but I wanted a smaller, grab-and-go option, for those impromptu affairs. I like the Roland Cube 40GX and BOSS Katana 50, and can grab either one, NIB, for about the same $$$...
  16. FenderGuy53

    BOSS Katana 50: Newbie Questions

    I'm retired. I sold all my tube amps to go solid state, so I recently bought a new "Cyclops" Peavey Bandit 112. I want to add a second, smaller amp, mainly for my home studio, but also for "small venue" opportunities which may come along. My short list is: Roland Cube 40GX, "Cyclops" Peavey...
  17. FenderGuy53

    Peavey Envoy 110 or Orange Cube 35RT?

    Looking for a solid state, analog amp for my home studio, mainly for practice and jamming with friends. I like the Envoy 110 and Orange 35RT, but don't really know much about them, other than what I've read at the manufacturer's web-sites. Both have 10" speakers and similar size, power, weight...
  18. FenderGuy53

    Worthy 40-Watt +/- Solid State Combos?

    Just ordered a new Peavey Bandit 112. I also want a smaller, solid state, grab-and-go combo, in the 40-watt +/- range. Any worthy candidates < $300 out there? Thanks, guys.
  19. FenderGuy53

    Has Anyone Purchased Amps From HiFi Sound Connection or GearNuts?

    I'm very impressed with HiFi Sound Connection. They offer the best pricing that I have found and their customer service is top shelf. I'm very curious about GearNuts. Their rating dwarfs that of HiFi Sound Connection, and is very positive, but otherwise, I know nothing about them...
  20. FenderGuy53

    Solid State Amps with Fender Tweed Vibe

    Okay, I'm expanding my tonal horizons, in search of gig-worthy solid state amps (analog/digital) that are based upon a Fender Bassman circuit. Which are the worthy candidates?
  21. FenderGuy53

    Peavey "Red Stripe" Bandit VS. Roland Blues Cube Artist - YOU Decide!

    First, let's HEAR them: Now that you've decided, let's BUY one: USED Peavey "Red Stripe" Bandit, $80-150 NEW Peavey Bandit, $399 or less NEW Roland Blues Cube Artist, $899 Just sayin'... ;)
  22. FenderGuy53

    NEW Roland Blues Cube's: Hot vs. Stage

    Okay, there's lots of buzz about these two, new amp offerings from Roland. I'm wanting to hear from folks with real world experience with either or both of these amps: Hot: 30-watt, 1-channel, 1x12, 28 lbs., $499 Stage: 60-watt, 2-channel, 1x12, 31 lbs., $699 How are the Hot and Stage...
  23. FenderGuy53

    NEW State of Solid State: Roland JC-22/40, BC Hot & BOSS Katana 50

    Roland JC-22, 30 watts, 2x6.5" speakers, 26.5 lbs., $399 Roland Blue Cube Hot, 30 watts, 1x12" speaker, 28 lbs., $499 Roland JC-40, 40 watts, 2x10" speakers, 35 lbs., $599 Boss Katana 50, 50 watts, 1x12" speaker, 26 lbs., $199 Roland & BOSS seem to have several gig-worthy, "solid state" amp...
  24. FenderGuy53

    Peavey Bandit 112 TT vs. Peavey Envoy 110 TT

    Apart from the obvious differences between these two amps (physical size, speaker size & output watts) are there any compelling reasons why one would be preferred, or superior, to the other? Thanks, guys.
  25. FenderGuy53

    Peavey Bandit 112 TransTube: Blue Marvel Speaker?

    Guys, are the stock Blue Marvel speakers in the Peavey Bandit 112 worthy? If so, do you break them in by playing them, or is there a faster process (e.g., I've heard folks say they hooked up their amps to CD players, cranked up the volume, threw a blanket over the amp, then left the house for a...
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