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  1. fisticuffs

    Fender is trying to break TGP

    Why else would they release such an abomination? Many of us saw this thing already but today, July 1st, is the official launch date. I haven't been able to get my hands on ours yet but it's on my to do list for next week. When I saw it in January I hated it. Since then it's grown on me...
  2. fisticuffs

    Pedal Demo Bingo

    Thought this might be handy to have posted here.
  3. fisticuffs

    New Yamaha Digital Mixers

    TF Series. They have Faders!!!! I'm usually a Yamaha fan whether it be a tuba, a bass, a speaker, a motor or a digital mixer. Our sound guy has been using an O1V for a long time. Think he will upgrade.
  4. fisticuffs

    NBD! (G and L)

    Actually it was last Friday. I got to gig with it this weekend. Cuts through like I wanted, does what my ASAT can't. The color is a prototype, tough to photograph. I'm considering adding some racing stripes. Diagonal like a Fender Mustang. Black? White? Silver?
  5. fisticuffs

    New Sennheiser Headphones

    Creepiest ad ever:
  6. fisticuffs

    Raising Awareness for a Terrible Disease

    So I was bored, and I already paid for Adobe Muse. Still a work in progress. Clearly some typo's and I could use some more examples of the condition. Let me know what you think.
  7. fisticuffs

    New Mackie DL Mixer

    32 Channel Rack version... Could be interesting. They went ahead and skipped 24. I was skeptical on the DL at first but have heard nothing but good things. Also Mackie and Presonus may have the best marketing teams in the bidness...
  8. fisticuffs

    Laney FRFR Cab?

    Anyone else notice this guy? It's a powered wedge voiced for guitar with lots of ins and outs. Yipee right, well it will also take the speaker out signal from your low wattage combo, reproduce it and send it right back to your combos speaker...
  9. fisticuffs

    We've been Google'd! Take a Tour of Full Compass

    Google came in with their cameras and did a Street View of our showroom. I think it's pretty nifty!,-89.558322,3a,90y,53h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1scgl156_JVk0AAAGu5u4G2w!2e0!3e2!4m2!3m1!1s0x8807a5780930c5b7:0xf0ee3141a937c884
  10. fisticuffs

    Mission Engineering FRFR cabs

    The Gemini. I think it addresses a lot of the issues everyone has with a certain other product. Will have more info on it when I get back from NAMM. Definitely more professional piece. We will for sure get these in house as soon as we are able.
  11. fisticuffs

    New Source Audio Pedal

    Manta Bass Filter Well I sold off my BEFPro a month ago and now it looks like I might have made a good move. I was about to add the OFD distortion/fuzz pedal as well. this will probably cover both. Killer sounds as always with or without hot Hand wizardry...
  12. fisticuffs

    New Guitar Lines @ Full Compass

    I'm proud to announce I just set up Reverend and G&L. Both brands I've played and loved for many years. Reverend is set up and on order. Should have guitars in the next week or so. G&L Should be along shortly afterwards and online this week. We set up and inspect every guitar we sell and while...
  13. fisticuffs

    Palmer Fab 5

    Love the Eins and Drei. This one seems to add some common sense features to that great signal path. Namely switchable boost and power soak. And it even looks cool.
  14. fisticuffs

    Gibson LPX :horse:horse:horse Amiright?
  15. fisticuffs

    Rob Marcello on the Boss GT-100

    Always like watching Rob play. hb7_sL7-_Yo
  16. fisticuffs

    New Boss BS-2 Blast Station

    The first of many...
  17. fisticuffs

    New G&L: Fallout

    I'd hit it. All your expected custom options as well. Nice to see some new G&L's and this is both unique enough, and classic enough to fit the brand. I did play one at NAMM but not through an amp. It played like any US G&L...
  18. fisticuffs

    Best headphones for Metal?

    Nevermind. I found them:
  19. fisticuffs

    New Pedal Day!

    Source Audio Pro Bass Filter. The Hot Hand is on it's way as well. I went wired because I'm cheap. Anyways if nothing else I now have 6 filters on my board instead of one.
  20. fisticuffs

    Is there a "Best Concert of 2012" thread?

    There is now. Mine was Radiohead. 2 drummers, insanely tight great seats. Not sure how they ever managed with just Phil back there. It freed up Johnny to make more weird noises. Second place, Old 97's Too Far To Care anniversary tour. All the great songs with the great energy but through a...
  21. fisticuffs

    Westone UM3X

    Auditioning some right now.. Wow! I have dual driver custom mold's and these make them sound like Skull Candy's. Probably try out the 4-driver consumer ones next.
  22. fisticuffs

    Saw the Old 97's last night!

    They played Too Far To Care from start to finish and then some greatest hits after that. I kind of expected a little more polish than 10 years ago but I think it was the opposite. Still great but the drummer didn't seem to know how to end several of the tunes and the lead guitar was a little on...
  23. fisticuffs

    It's Foo day at Fender! I do really like the white on white deluxe. Gonna have to take it for a spin once they show up in the shop.
  24. fisticuffs

    Mackie DLM Speakers

    Anyone seen these things? Concentric design, super light. Buddy went to the launch in Seattle and I guess they are the real deal. Priced right with QSC K's. I normally don't go for much Mackie but my back thinks these might not be so bad.
  25. fisticuffs

    Full Compass is now a Mesa Boogie Dealer

    We just received in our first shipment full of California tube goodness. We'll also be servicing the line. I think I know what I'll be doing with my Friday afternoon for the next couple weeks.
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