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  1. ninjaaron

    Questions about 4ths tuning for guys who use it frequently.

    I'm all sold on the benefits of fourths tuning. I'm interested in trying to switch over. What I'm not quite sold on are a couple of disadvantages for some of the kinds of figures I like to play. I mostly play P&W, and I use a lot of 2 chords. I mostly do like this: 3 3 5 5 3 X for C2 or 5 8...
  2. ninjaaron

    Went to a show...

    Looks like Satchel's endorsing Charvel now that I've started playing one :D
  3. ninjaaron

    yea or nay: Bluesbucker in the neck of my Charvel?

    I got me that Charvel San Dimas Mod-Pro 1 a while back. It comes with a JB in the bridge and a 59 in the neck. Deep inside, I'm really as single-coil guy -- I just hate all non-locking trems. Anyway, I use the guitar with split coils 90% of the time (add the extra coil for leads mostly). The JB...
  4. ninjaaron

    Zoom G5n - two weeks in (and played a gig with it)

    Some or none of you may remember that I was shopping for an all-in-one unit for live use recently. I was looking at the Helix LT and Headrush units especially because they have really awesome interfaces, but I was sort of scared off by the massive emphasis on tweaking most users and demo makers...
  5. ninjaaron

    New year's resolution: reasonable picking-speed target?

    I've been playing for about 16 years, but I never really focused on technique, because I was playing mostly in chruch and that isn't very demanding music. I mostly just focused on learning songs, making up cool riffs, ear training and improv. My left-hand technique is pretty decent, I guess (it...
  6. ninjaaron

    Is it possible I'm over-using my pinky?

    I'm self-taught from books and internet and asking questions on Harmony Central message boards back in the day. Somehow, I got the impression it was very important to learn to use your pinky when playing scales. As such I use my pinky every time I hit a note that is three frets above where my...
  7. ninjaaron

    I've found my bliss: I only need two guitars.

    Er... two *kinds* of guitars. :D The first a tele. I trust that needs very little explanation. I realized quite some time ago that Teles were the best guitars in the history of the universe. You can play basically any style on them and it works, as is well known. You got your blues and jazz and...
  8. ninjaaron

    Best all-in-one floor thingy for live Pt. 2: Keep it simple, stupid.

    On Monday, I posted this thread. Basically everything in the original post there holds true here: I don't care about perfect models, I just want something with plenty of effects that sounds good and is simple to use live. I'm a clean amp + pedal player with "real" equipment, and I'd like to use...
  9. ninjaaron

    Best all-in-one floor thingy for live use? (Fractal? Helix? etc...)

    List of things I care about: Ease of use in a live setting Great effects (not only amp modelling). I mostly mean delay, dirt boxes, reverb, compression, EQ and possibly some pitch effects, but pitch effects aren't essential. ^ regarding that, if they have good stop-box dirt pedal models, that...
  10. ninjaaron

    I saw Nuno Bettencourt and Extreme last night and took a little video.

    They were amazing. I'm not a huge fan of their music, but I saw they'd be here in Frankfurt on my birthday, so I figured I'd check it out. When the musicians are that talented, it sort of more about seeing them perform than, like, the artistic merits of the music or something. Anyway, I wasn't...
  11. ninjaaron

    Tell me about the cleans on your Quilter combo!

    *not required reading* Lil' story, because I always have to tell a story, because I'm pathological or something: As someone who played a lot of gigs and didn't always bring my own amp along, it didn't take me long to discover my guitar zen: If I can get "my sound" out of a clean amp with...
  12. ninjaaron

    NGD: New Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas 1; first impression review.

    tl;dr: Charvel makes awesome super-strats for strat guys with great value for the money. Note on color: I wanted a really '80s-looking guitar. Wanted pink, but I also wanted to be able to use it all the time at any venue and leave my spandex at home. I figured white was still an iconic '80s...
  13. ninjaaron

    What's the word on new Charvels?

    I'm looking for a super-strat that's constructed similarly to a strat; i.e. Alder, Ash, poplar or basswood body, and a maple neck with a maple fingerboard. Naturally it's also got to have a good Floyd and a couple of humbuckers. Preferably no pickgaurd, but, eh. It looks like Charvel is going...
  14. ninjaaron

    Looking for an analogue dirt pedal with presets and midi.

    I have a Nova Drive that I love with every part of my body. I should buy another because they are no longer in production, and who knows how long supplies will last. However, I'm interested in finding something that can one day replace it, but I don't know any other analogue dirt pedals with...
  15. ninjaaron

    Any idea why mahogany bodies tend to be favored for Superstrats?

    When I was younger, I liked teles and strats. Ok, I still like teles and strats, but as I've matured, I've become more and more interested in pointy guitars, as most do. :D I like superstrats because that long scale gives them a bit of the Fender-ish twang, but with more punch and power than an...
  16. ninjaaron

    Anyone make guitars with a body style like an LP or PRS, but with 25.5" scale?

    Title pretty much covers it. I like the nice carved top aesthetic, but I hate that shorter-scale tone.
  17. ninjaaron

    Does a double-locking trem suck tone?

    ... and if so, how does that work?
  18. ninjaaron

    Do an jazz players use... a Jazzmaster?

    If a Tele can be a popular(-ish) jazz guitar, I don't see why a Jazzmaster couldn't be, but I've never seen anyone playing jazz on one. I'm mostly interested in knowing if anyone famous does it, but if anyone here is a gigging as a jazz player and uses one, that is also interesting. If you own...
  19. ninjaaron

    NGD: You guys will hate this!

    Woo! SX Furrian FTW. It's got: - 3-piece American Swamp Ash body (the body alone is worth the $150) - Forearm and belly contours like a strat - Fairly chunky neck - very flat fingerboard (I like that, though I like compound radius more) - huge frets - neck binding. - saddles that intonate...
  20. ninjaaron

    NGD: Something with a Floyd, finally (DBZ Barchetta)

    So, I have a Dean Zelinsky Private Label Tagliare These get a lot of mixed reviews, but I like mine lots after a pickup upgrade. Anyway, I get emails form DZPL, and last week they sent me a flier that they were having a factory sale on the 9th at their location in Chicago, and there would be...
  21. ninjaaron

    Anyone else find themselves having difficulty bonding with 24 3/4 scale?

    I increasingly get the impression my ability to bond with a guitar is tied directly to its scale length. I can play Fenders all day long, and I love me some shred guitars, but I've never played an Gibson-style guitar I liked, and I'm pretty meh on PRS, too, though I do have a better time with...
  22. ninjaaron

    New pickups: GFS Fat Pat and Mean-90

    That there is a Dean EVO of some sort that I picked up used for $200 (cuz' cosmetic damage). The stock pickups were not the worst I've ever played... but they weren't great either I could never get them to cut through with a band. Even split (this guitar came with push-pull pots), the singles...
  23. ninjaaron

    A man in search of a mod...

    I have some kind of Dean EVO that I got used for crazy cheap because of cosmetic damage. EVO is an LP-style guitar with one tone and one volume knob. It came with push-pull pots for splitting the humbuckers. Problem is, pushed or pulled, these pickups don't cut through in a mix. Got new GFS...
  24. ninjaaron

    I see the Bad Monkey is discontinued. What's the best cheap TS-style OD anymore?

    Bad Monkey used to be my #1 recommendation for my students. What's up now?
  25. ninjaaron

    A left-handed young lady came to me and asked about learning guitar.

    I told her it would be best in the long-run if she tried to learn to play right-handed because she would have a much wider choice of instruments at better prices, and both hands have to do a lot of delicate work in either case. Does this make me a bad person? :messedup
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