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    Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional replacement pickguard

    Has anyone been able to source a replacement pickguard for their Nick Johnston Diamond Series? I've been thinking about converting to HH pickup configuration (the guitar has a swimming pool route) but have been unable to find any examples of replacement guards. Of course I could send in a...
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    Which bent steel saddles for Gotoh 510? (narrow spacing?)

    I'm sure this has come up a few times, but couldn't really find a good answer. I have a Charvel DK24, and love pretty much everything about it, except I want to bring back a little bit of the Strat zing and airiness from bent steel saddles. What are the best bent steel replacement saddles for...
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    FS: Paul Reed Smith DGT Standard - David Grissom Tremolo - Antique White

    For sale is my 2012 DGT Standard in Antique White. Moon inlays. All stock. With OHSC and paperwork. Very light wear on the pickup covers and some small scratches in the clearcoat on the rear of the guitar. $1600 PP/shipped/OBO [SOLD]. No trades of any kind, please.
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    FS: TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb Pedal

    Hall of Fame Mini Tone Print reverb pedal. Comes with box and paperwork. Velcro attached. $80 PP/Shipped. [SOLD]
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    FS: 8 Ohm THD HotPlate

    For sale is a (very) lightly used 8 ohm THD Hot Plate attenuator. Comes with box, paperwork, and cables. Asking $200 PP/shipped [SOLD]. Only trades would be for a Bogner Uberschall distortion or a compressor pedal (Whirlwind Red Box? MXR Custom Comp?)
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    FS: Dunlop MXR Custom Audio Electronics CAE MC404 Crybaby Wah

    For sale is a Dunlop MXR Custom Audio Electronics CAE MC404 Wah. Includes box. Velcro attached to the bottom. In great shape. $100 PP/shipped. [SOLD] Only trade interest would be a Bogner Uberschall distortion pedal or TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb (NOT Mini)
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    [SOLD]: Lava Magma cable, Switchcraft 229 connectors For sale is most of a Lava Cable 229 Kit. I will include ~8.5 feet of uncut Lava "Magma" cable (in black) with 14 of their special version of the Switchcraft 229 plug (in nickel). $25 PP/shipped. [SOLD]
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    [SOLD]: Dimarzio 36th PAF, Tone Zone - nickel covers

    For sale is a set of Dimarzio humbuckers with nickel covers: a DP103N 36th Anniversary PAF neck (single conductor) and a DP155 Tone Zone. Asking $100 PP/shipped. No trades, please. Would prefer to sell separately, as shipping separately is becoming cost prohibitive. [SOLD]
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    [SOLD]: Xotic BB Preamp

    For sale is a lightly used Xotic BB Preamp. This has Pedaltrain hook side velcro attached to the bottom. Asking $120 PP/shipped, or trade for an Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff + cash. [SOLD]
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    WTB: Pedaltrain Junior with bag

    Looking to buy a Pedaltrain Junior with bag. Can purchase outright or throw in a Pedaltrain Nano with bag.
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    NBD: Music Man Classic Stingray 5.

    New bass day. Classic Stingray 5. Coral red. Tortoise shell pickguard. Birdseye maple fretboard. The local Guitar Center is clearing a ton of stuff out, including a number of Music Mans. Took this home for around $500 off.
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    [SOLD] G&L USA ASAT Classic

    For sale is a G&L USA ASAT Classic in a vintage white finish. This guitar has the #1 neck with a rosewood fretboard. The bridge pickup has been changed - I am not sure what the current pickup is. OHSC included. Looking to get $750 shipped/PayPal'ed. Clearing out all of my electric guitar...
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    [SOLD]: Badcat Hotcat 30 1x12 combo

    For sale: a Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 1x12 combo in perfect condition. Black tolex and grill cloth. This is the older non-reverb, separate inputs version. Will include an A/B footswitch for selecting channel inputs. Asking $1350. Local deal only, cash or PayPal, no trades, please. Will ship for...
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    New Kramers - The 84?

    I have been thinking about tracking down a metal/shred guitar, and the Kramer 'The 84' model caught my eye. These were just listed on Sweetwater, and I don't really remember seeing them since around 2000 when I started playing. I definitely want something with a narrow nut width, and this one...
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    [TRADED]: Custom Mesa/Boogie Thiele Design 1x12 speaker cabinet

    For sale is a custom built Mesa/Boogie Thiele Design 1x12 speaker cabinet. This cabinet was built by GTS on the Boogie Board. This was custom spec'ed with: -blue bronco tolex -tan cane grille with white piping -brown leather corners and handle This cab is only a few months old and has never...
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    [TRADED]: Paul Reed Smith Mira Korina - birds, your choice of pickups

    For sale is a 2009 Korina Mira with birds and the Regular neck shape. Guitar comes with OHSC and all case candy. Asking $875 PayPal/shipped. [TRADED] Would trade for an Ernie Ball Music Man EBMM - Axis, Luke III, Morse, Albert Lee, etc. (MM90 pickups a plus), G&L ASAT Classic (with 1 5/8" nut...
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    Les Paul with narrower nut?

    I love the sounds, look, and feel of a Les Paul, but would prefer something with a narrower nut/fretboard, due to the shape/size of my hands. I loved my DGT but a single cutaway guitar is more my style. Where can I find a Les Paul (or other guitar with the same traditional style) with a 1 5/8"...
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    Custom wiring assistance? (LP with DGT coil splits)

    I have guitar with a Les Paul wiring scheme, and I want to set it up with 4-conductor Dimarzio pickups and a single push pull to split both pickups. I was curious if someone could come up with a diagram to do so, but also use resistors on the coil splits ala the PRS Grissom wiring scheme...
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    Recovered! PRS DGT and Baja Telecaster

    My prized Paul Reed Smith Grissom Goldtop (serial 11180450) were stolen from my home in Kansas City in broad daylight today (June 21, 2013).
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    Nano footswitch with LED?

    I am looking for a footswitch for my incoming Mesa/Boogie Mark III. I would use the stock item, but I would like to get one in a 'nano' sized enclosure - e.g., EP Booster, Echo Baby, etc. Where can I find a latching footswitch in this size of enclosure that has an LED that doesn't need to be...
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    Cabinet for Lone Star?

    I am looking for a cabinet for my incoming Mesa Lonestar Classic head. Ideally, I could find a matching blue/silver 1x12 or 2x12 open back, but that looks tough. Maybe a 2x10 or compact 4x10 like the Marshall 1965 would be cool. I definitely don't want a 4x12, looking for something a little...
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    Modern Tele bridge - with bent saddles?

    I am looking for a 'modern' Tele bridge - ala the Gotoh - but with bent saddles like the American Standard. This would be a retrofit for an ashtray style bridge. Is there anything like this out there, or will I need to buy the saddles and bridge separately? If so, where can I find bent...
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    JCM800 sounds - real thing with attenuator, MV mod?

    I am looking for low/mid-gain master volume Marshall sounds out of one amp from home practice, up to playing with a drummer/bassist volume. Should I be looking at getting a 2204 and attenuating it, going for a master volume mod (post phase inverter?), or something else? I am okay with the...
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    Custom humbucker Esquire wiring question

    Does anyone have or can someone draw up a wiring diagram to wire a (Dimarzio) humbucker to a Tele three way switch with these three positions? 1. Series humbucker 2. Single coil (closest to bridge) 3. Kill switch (no output) ...if this is even possible. I am looking to build a single-humbucker...
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