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  1. EBGB

    Fryette Power Station (100) vs Torpedo Captor X

    Hi I'm trying to decide between these two and welcome any thoughts The main use will be taming a '72 Marshall 50 watt so I can be in the same room with it and get overdrive Maybe sometimes using it to direct record I already have the Two Notes Wall of Sound Plugin for cab IRs (and Amplitube 4...
  2. EBGB

    Gretsch G5445T vs. G5230T

    Gretsch G5445T vs. G5230T Has anyone compared these 2 Jets? Which do you prefer and why? The 5445 is double cut with basswood body, maple top, rosewood fingerboard The 5230 is single cut with mahogany body, maple top, black walnut fingerboard Are they neck-heavy? How is keeping them in tune...
  3. EBGB

    Confirming a '66 Tele CAR Refin Body

    So... the body in question is part of a complete '66 tele: correct neck, logo, F neck plate, switch, cloth wiring... It was sold as a '66 by a reputable dealer See pic People always say what a great refin it is It's worn, naturally I believe before my ownership, and has the gold undercoat Can...
  4. EBGB

    Better vibrato with trem bridge floating or flush?

    When you vibrato with a trem bar Do you just go below pitch and back to pitch, as would happen with a flush bridge Or do you vibrato from below pitch to above pitch, as might happen with a floating bridge ? My initial impression is that the latter sounds better But I was surprised to learn...
  5. EBGB

    If I like the SD Hot Rodded Humbucker Set (Jazz and JB), I'll Also Like...?

    A lot of pickups are super vintagey these days (Or they're super metal) (The Jazz and JB can do both of those) To me they sound about 15% more modern (85% vintage) I already have this set in a guitar For variety, is there anything else out there in this vein? They'll likely go in a mahog/maple...
  6. EBGB

    In praise of the Seymour Duncan Jazz neck pickup (after 2 days)

    I just replaced the SD 59 neck pu in my USA Hamer Duotone with a SD Jazz The 59 was a little too plastic-y and jagged in this guitar There seems to be a lot of confusion about the "Jazz" model because - shredders use it (in the neck position) - it's listed as 9/10 on treble Not what we think...
  7. EBGB

    Lightest Best Replacement for Heavy Shaller Tuners 3+3

    The thread title says it all I'm trying to reduce weight on my Hamer headstock I'm open to both locking and non locking suggestions The guitar doesn't have a trem, but I like locking for string changes The least drilling/screwing/mods to the headstock the better No kluson types...
  8. EBGB

    New Website with a Collection of My Music (NYC)

    I've been set up in Midtown Manhattan for 17 years recording music The music player on my new website at has some of my favorite guitar and production work from that time period... leaning towards the more recent It also has information on my musical background and services...
  9. EBGB

    People want new guitars reliced and vintage guitars mint

    Kind of ironic isn't it? And I know this doesn't apply to everyone But think about Strat demand (and supply) Simulated wear on a new guitar is a significant markup, and real wear on a vintage guitar a markdown I think the right amount of wear is part of what makes a vintage guitar great...
  10. EBGB

    Things I want to do to my Les Paul, but it's probably ok if I don't

    I left my 2001 Standard Plus stock for about the 10 years I've had it But now I'm considering: 1) a fret crowning- not because I've worn them down, but because they were pretty flat to start with Gibson frets seem flatter than Fenders... I do want to retain a Gibson-like feel tho 2) 500k...
  11. EBGB

    2001 LP Standard: comes with 300k pots? I think I need 500k.

    It's a 2001 LP Standard Plus Would that come with 300k pots? For all 4 pots? 2 vol, 2 tone As is it sounds somewhat dark and lacks a bit of clarity I like 500k pots in other humbucking guitars and the freq response they give If I do have 300s I think 500s might be just what the...
  12. EBGB

    Dang the frets on my Les Paul are square

    Okay so maybe rectangular It's a 2001 Standard Plus or something They are flat level on top Can they be crowned? The binding on the fret ends makes a rectangle Can the frets be more oval without screwing up the binding?
  13. EBGB

    Fender Rivera Concert reverb issue

    I have a 1x12 Concert combo, a bit modded I noticed there was a 12at7 in v3 which I'm told is the reverb driver Reverb was a little weak Looked at the tube chart and saw a 7025 should be in that spot So I put one in- a used but supposedly good GE I believe The reverb and whole amp...
  14. EBGB

    Boss Line Selector LS-2 as Parallel Mixer?

    Could I use an LS-2 to set up a digital reverb in an amp's serial effects loop? The goal would be to have a pure dry path And then mix in reverb set 100% wet How would I wire (cable) it? How would I set the LS-2? Here's the LS-2...
  15. EBGB

    Using poorly matched tubes...

    Is it A) bad for the amp B) bad for the tone C) bad for the tubes D) all of the above ? Thanks
  16. EBGB

    Tube-Eating Ceriatone Dizzy 30 (Matchless DC30 clone)... Decisions, Decisions

    For my Ceriatone Dizzy 30 when new, I started out buying a quad of JJ EL84 power tubes-- More or less, one was dead right out of the box and one red-plated right away. So I used a mixture of JJs and whatever else my tech had around. This lasted a little more than a year until I started hearing...
  17. EBGB

    How physically tough is a vacuum tube?

    I know it varies by tube type, probably a bit by manufacturer, and by NOS vs. new production... It seems an untouched tube will basically last forever in storage The glass certainly seems thicker than a lightbulb And they seem to survive in amps that are vibrated and heated if not dropped...
  18. EBGB

    Is the THD Hot Plate discontinued?

    The big retailers seem to indicate so... (Looking for a 16ohm)
  19. EBGB

    Standalone (Portable) Closet for Guitar Cases?

    Hi What do folks recommend for this purpose? Looking for something portable, inexpensive... could be a mini-shed, cabinet, armoire To use in my new studio (Cases will be holding guitars) with doors that close... no windows for display mostly electric gtr cases... if it could fit acoustic that...
  20. EBGB

    Can lighter tuners cure a neck-heavy guitar?

    So last night I was playing my '90s Hamer Duotone at a gig Nice guitar (Although any straying makes you realize how perfectly designed a strat is) It was definitely feeling neck heavy to me More than I recall Hamer has a pretty chunky headstock and this is a relatively small half hollow body...
  21. EBGB

    I Still Think The Original Line 6 Amp Farm is the Best Modeler

    It sounded natural, very much like the modeled amps, and had just the right parameters Nothing since has sounded right to me AFAIK: Amp Farm only was for Pro Tools TDM Is no longer available/compatible Although it has many more sounds and parameters- The current POD Farm does not have the same...
  22. EBGB

    Marshall+Fender+?: need a 3rd sound for studio

    In my studio I have 3 amps I adore: modded JCM800 50w (a bit in the Soldano direction) stock 1972 50w Marshall '65 Princeton Reverb (not RI) I adore the depth and solidity of these amps It is hard to find a match for them Lots of amps might sound different, but I need an amp that sounds...
  23. EBGB

    Advice on Setting Volume Level at Gigs

    There is not much that bugs me more than after a great gig hearing (from audience OR band members): 1) You were too loud 2) I couldn't hear you Now, I'm a mixer as well as a guitar player so I think I have a pretty good idea of what the blend should be With differing sound systems and sound...
  24. EBGB

    Fender Rivera Concert II vs. Fender Prosonic

    Has anyone compared these two amps? What are the differences? features? sound? Which do you prefer?
  25. EBGB

    Pickups for a Nile Rodgers Sound

    Which pickups do you recommend for this bright powerful disco tone? Like here: Yes I know it's in the player (that's for sure) Yes I know he has a hardtail Stratocaster of vintage parts I'm asking about the pickups (And I wouldn't exactly describe...
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