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    Klon KTR Back In Production???

    i was 30237 and did not make it.
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    Klon Ktr Psa Thread

    I ordered from Humbucker Music. Got the email, refreshed until it said add to cart. Typed as fast as I could. Got the confirmation email. Then got the call about an hour later that I didn't make it and I could either cancel my order or I could process it and wait until the next shipment...
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    Klon KTR Back In Production???

    Eh I got the call. Better luck next time I guess.
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    Klon Ktr Psa Thread

    I got one!
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    Klon Ktr Psa Thread

    If anyone wants to flip one let me know!
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    Big Sky owners... If you've played/owned a Flint and/or a Blue Sky, get in here...

    I'm late to the big sky train. Are they in stock or is there a wait list
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    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards (Round 3)

    There is a TS9 and an ep booster hiding out of frame
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    Show us your rig part 2!

    I have a 62 Princeton at home also. Bottom right there is an ep booster and old ts9 that is cut out
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    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards (Round 2)

    We're playing at a worship conference tomorrow. Doing a little last minute tweaking in the hotel room. An old TS9 and ep booster got cut off from the bottom right
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    What's your favorite soldered patch cables?

    I've had it with solder less lava and am going back to soldered cables. What's your favorite, low profile preferred, solderless patch cables?
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    What is up with the above retail prices on Strymon Timeline in the For Sale Forum?!?

    My timeline cost me over 500 new from strymon after tax and shipping. People that live in California have to pay sales tax and are likely trying to just break even. Rant Over
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    My old ts9 crapped out. What should replace it?

    I was also thinking the new Galileo
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    My old ts9 crapped out. What should replace it?

    I use an old ts9 for boosting my Klon for leads and the level pot has been scratchy and intermittent and today it finally took a dump. I could fix it but it's an excuse to buy something new so.... What's something in the TS vein with a little more bottom end? I really liked the JHS 808 on...
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    Catalinbread Galileo

    Is this a limited run?
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    Catalinbread Galileo

    I wonder how this would sound into a clean matchless lightning, this could be amazing, no? Could maybe almost be a second Channel
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    I think I fried my Timmy at Gathering of the Vibes

    Paul will most likely fix it. Last year a guys plugged his into AC power and melted the wires and Paul still fixed it
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    Timeline build quality...questions

    The foot switches have short travel which has never felt right to me but that doesn't alarm me. And even if it did break strymon is so good about fixing stuff I have no reason to be alarmed. They totally stand behind their products and the few I've heard of that broke were immediately replaced...
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    What will turn my matchless into a marshall?

    I've got transparent ODs down and it loves them but I just need something heavier
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    What will turn my matchless into a marshall?

    Ive got a Matchless Lightning but am really struggling to get a good lead tone that I can roll off on my volume and have a nice rhythm sound. What's the best touch sensitive, clear but thick OD that can give me this sound and touch sensitivity If...
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    Strymon Timeline... 1 year later...

    I got mine the day they were released and I think it was delivered a year ago today and it's still the best delay I have played or used
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    Who still uses a TS9?

    I've been through countless boutique overdrives and always wrote off the TS9 as a pedal that had a bunch of problems but I found a reissue on Craigslist for 40 bucks so I bought it. To my amazement it's one of my favorite overdrives now. I liked the JHS 808 better but for 40 bucks it's a killer...
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    Does the exotic ep booster add much background noise?

    No not really with mine. It will amplify any existing floor noise or 60 cycle buzz but it adds very little floor noise of its own
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