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  1. fitz

    The Power of "8"

    I have a 2006 LP 58RI and love the way it plays. But about 10 years ago I hopped on the 50's wiring bandwagon. The 58RI has the Burstbucker 1&2 pickups which are pretty bright. When you coupled that with the LP being a bright guitar, it was way too bright overall with the 50's wiring scheme...
  2. fitz

    Nikki Hill

    So I have a Blues Fest going on near me and checked out the schedule and I saw Nikki Hill. I'm a blues fan and know most of the past and present blues ambassadors but I never heard of Nikkii Hill. All I can say is wow! Getting my ticket now. I want to go to this party.
  3. fitz

    I Am Officially A Boy Band Slayer

    As a little background, I live in a semi rural part of Northeast PA (Pocono Area). My house and most of my neighbors have 1.5 acre plots that are semi-surrounded by woods. Nice, quiet and full of nature. The house next to me is an Air B&B so every weekend or so there are family and guests, I...
  4. fitz

    Fender Vintera Strat

    I have a bunch of guitars of all kinds in my collection so I am not looking for my uber guitar, but feel another Strat may be in order. Now I have an 57 AVRI and a G&L Legacy, both of which I've had many years. But one guitar that I absolutely loved was a MIM 50's Strat in Daphne Blue. I had...
  5. fitz

    Help Me Out. Am I Biased?

    I have Fender PRRI for years now. For some reason, every now and then my V6 gets super hot and glows a lot brighter than the other power tube. So I shut it down and figured I'd check the bias and plate voltages. The tube appears to still be good and is operating as it should. When I checked...
  6. fitz

    Reality Check - Gibson Website

    Is the Gibson website up and running for everyone? I can get to the site & the page opens. But the website has a gray hue to it. When you click on a link or pic, nothing happens. This is on my laptop, iPad cell phone (wi-fi & cellular) and is the only website that doesn't work. I'm looking...
  7. fitz

    The Les Paul Deluxe Tone

    Well I admit, I am a fan of lower output humbucking pickups and the Les Paul Deluxe tone is more than I can ask for. The Les Paul Deluxe was my second real guitar in my life and I used it for years in bands through a blackface Vibrolux back in the 80's. I remember way back then how clear and...
  8. fitz

    NGD Gibson LP Deluxe 70's Gold Top

    I have always been a Les Paul Deluxe fan. When I was in my first band or so I had a 1974 Deluxe in cherry red. In later years I had a Gold Top Deluxe from the Gibson Guitar of the Month Club in which only 400 were made. That one clocked in at 7.94 pounds and had binding on the headstock and...
  9. fitz

    Went With A New Gibson Gold Top Deluxe Today

    So Barry Bailey passed away today & I got to thinking about the Les Paul Deluxe. I had a 1974 model in Heritage Sunburst that I chopped and put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in. Dumb. I had a Gibson "Guitar of The Month Club" in which 400 Gold Top Deluxe were only produced. It weighed 7.94 lbs...
  10. fitz

    Neal Francis - Anyone?

    I was turned on to Neal this afternoon doing a solo concert on a radio station in Philly. I thought it was great stuff, looked him up & am impressed and waiting to dive in deeper. He is the singer songwriter, piano player and leads the group. Kinda R&B, Blues, New Orleans vibe going on. Some...
  11. fitz

    Barnstorm - Joe Walsh

    I came across this article. It looks like there may be a future Barnstorm project featuring Walsh, Joe Vitale on drums and Kenny Passarelli. I'm looking forward to it if it comes to fruition. Barnstorm 3
  12. fitz

    Valentines Day?

    So what ya all doing. Sending flowers. Going in a date? Staying at home for dinner & some sweetie pie? Or listening to Steve Earle?
  13. fitz

    Trower - For Earth Below

    I'm a big Robin Trower fan for many years. We all know "Bridge of Sighs" which his most famous album. But I think "For Earth Below" is underrated. Trower, Deer, & Lordan click on this. Songs: Shame the Devil Alethea Gonna Be More Suspicious For Earth Below And Dewars singing is amazing...
  14. fitz

    Writing Song Lyrics - How does it happen you you?

    So, my life is a little stressful due to job stuff and life in general. I take pride in my guitar stuff including licks, riffs etc which come to me easily.. But lyrics are tough for me in a sense but I study poetry and read a lot which helps. But usually when I am in an "emotional" period the...
  15. fitz

    Newer Jackson Browne

    I thought this was a cool tune & I am a big Jackson Browne fan. The sparseness is cool & his guitar playing is equally open. Any one know who the lap steel guy in this tune. Similar to Lindley in style for sure. The Barricades of Heaven
  16. fitz

    Les Dudek

    I believe Les was so underrated as a southern rock guitarist. I believe it was actually him playing the licks on "Ramblin Man" & which he may have co-wrote and never credited.
  17. fitz

    "Tell Me Something Good"

    I was driving back from shopping and this tune was a blast from the past. I believe this song has it all. First Chaka Kahn who made my hormones rage back in the day, wha guitar, talk box, great background soulful vocals and clavinet. Love this tune. Fans?
  18. fitz

    Anybody Do Their Best Singing When Their Voice Is Shot?

    I am primarily a guitar player that has to do the singing in our recording scenario. I am far from being a good singer but can pull some stuff off when it is in my range. I usually record vocals on my own usually late at night when I'm in the mood. Typically it's like "crap, I have to get this...
  19. fitz

    Richard Manuel

    I believe he was one of the greatest singers of all time. Crazy thing was I thought he was the "sane" one in The Band, and offed himself days after I saw him at the old Lone Star in NYC. This is an obscure one.
  20. fitz

    Brandi Carlile - Amazing

    I am a fan of her music especially her originals. But I saw this version of "Madman Across The Water" and did dig it. The tw9ns did a great job on this version. Fans?
  21. fitz

    Th Band - Underrated or Amazing

    I think one of the most superb singers of all timed Richard Manuel. But the vocals by Levon, Richard and Rick were amazing. great songs too. found this version of "King Harvest" which showcases the whole Band.
  22. fitz

    Any Keb Mo Fans?

    I remember when Keb Mo(Kevin Moore) hit in '94 with one of his first albums. I swear I learned everyone of his songs and tunings. 5- time Grammy winner & superb songwriter. Some from the Delta.
  23. fitz

    Gregg Allman - Superb Singer

    We can all recite every Allman Brothers tune on the planet, but Gregg Allman did some amazing solo work which showcased a different side of him and added a certain sense of his true musicianship. This tune is from the "Playing Up A Storm" from the late 70's. It's a ballad, but heck what a voice.
  24. fitz

    Woke Up To This - Hollow Body Content

    I must have had a couple of full hollowbody moments last night. My 6120 & 59RI 330.
  25. fitz

    The Gratification of Doing Your Own Electronic Work On Your Guitars

    Preface: I've been playing for 50 years, have done my own basic guitar work forever & am a former electronic tech. So I have an Les Paul R8 that I installed a RS Guitar Works 50's wiring kit a long time ago but have thought it was too bright and wanted to put it back to modern wiring to mellow...
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