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    Aria Pro II - Fan Club

    Whats this little beauty all about?
  2. fishlog

    FS Ibanez 1995 AS80 with 57 Classic Neck, SD 59 Bridge Updated Electronics and Hardshell Case.

    I have been trying out a bunch of Semi-Hollows and found the Ibanez series from the 90s might be the most underrated guitar I have ever come across. After playing this guitar and a few others no need to own a Gibson. Trying to decide which one to keep has been a chore as I could easily keep...
  3. fishlog

    Best value ES335?

    This JSM20 is quickly growing on me.
  4. fishlog

    How about some Ibanez love - Most underrated? Let’s see yours

    Unfortunately the ASV100 is about the worst relic job I have ever seen... but for some reason it sounds better than the 3 others. Scofield Plays the best. AS93 (red one) probably the the best all around. 1995 AS80 just getting into its prime!
  5. fishlog

    How about some Ibanez love - Most underrated? Let’s see yours

    You find these models to be different enough to own both? Thinking about getting an AMH90 and already have 3 of the JSM type body styles.
  6. fishlog

    Ibanez Vs Bigbsy Vibrato

    Did you end up getting the Ibanez trem?
  7. fishlog

    Ibanez EKM10T

    This is true... the 58's kick butt. I have been looking at this model and to be honest can't justify the price just to have a Bigsby. I currently have an AS93, ASV100 and a JSM20 and what I have found is that they are essentially the same guitars. They all sound virtually the same at first...
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    Best value ES335?

    I just may have climbed out of this rabbit hole after playing/owning several semi’s. An IBG Epi (x2 watch the fret work on these I played at least 10 and bought 2 before I found one with out sharp fret edges) and Eastman T486 which was killer but just lacked some tonal character I thought. A...
  9. fishlog

    Ibanez EKM10 vs JSM10

    Only difference I see is the trem but would love to know more!
  10. fishlog

    Sold Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar in Tobacco Brown

    These are really underrated guitars for dirt cheap!
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    Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?

    This is good information! I am returning the es335 today probably. Ibanez should be here tomorrow but main reason is I also got a Gretsch. The Gretsch is a lot different but it is a different sound I really like and I didn’t buy it as a replacement. Only bummer part about ES335 is it was the...
  12. fishlog

    Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?

    Which one is that? IV?
  13. fishlog

    Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?

    Love when people reinforce what I want to do! lol
  14. fishlog

    Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?

    Was construction between the AS73 and AS93 similar in quality? Less bling is always the direction I try to head in but playability has to come first.
  15. fishlog

    Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?

    How are the pickups in the AS73? I am not big into the AS93 Flame tops but I rather get a guitar with good pups instead having to swap things and all that junk.
  16. fishlog

    Another PRS price hike

    Me too...
  17. fishlog

    Another PRS price hike

    I recently found a used guitar being sold by Chicago Music exchange on Reverb for more than you could buy a new one for... so I messaged them. "With the difficulty in acquiring great pieces like this these days, we've been having to really pay up for everything. This will get a complete setup...
  18. fishlog

    Ditch my Epiphone ES335 for Ibanez AS93?

    Looking for an inexpensive alternative to a ES335. I had an Eastman T486 it was a vastly better build quality but actually thought the Epi had more character. That being said after 2-3 weeks I feel like I am constantly having to tweak the Epi to keep it playing nice. Something about the...
  19. fishlog

    es 335 alternatives help

    I know this is from a while ago but did any of them end up standing out more for you? I am in this very same boat right now... already done the Epi and the Eastman T486. Both very good. The Eastman was a better instrument but I found the Epi to have more tonal character.
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    Epiphone IBG ES-335 or Eastman T386? What's the way to go?

    I’m right now in the same boat. What did you end up doing?
  21. fishlog

    Anyone here stack a OD3 with a Rat like pedal?

    I did for years... Turbo Rat though.
  22. fishlog

    Sold Electro harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress 1999 missing dot

    In my opinion best Mistress of all the versions. 274 paypal and shipped
  23. fishlog

    Sold Eastman T486 Flametop Dark Red

    Price drop for anyone wanting to use paypal friends.
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