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  1. 6strang

    You got amps….you got style… em!

    This DG30 has the tone and the style.
  2. 6strang

    Fender Brent Mason Telecaster

    I have one as well. It is so versatile in its ability to coax the variety of tones needed for a gigging musician. I did change the gold control plate to chrome. Had to make it my own ya know?! Love the guitar. Brent is an inspiration of mine. It’s an honor to have a guitar that represents his...
  3. 6strang

    Does anyone use Eminence speakers anymore?

    Another nod for the GASC64. Great with that blackface Deluxe type amp!
  4. 6strang

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello from Mecosta County!
  5. 6strang

    I still like Suhr guitars

    Love my Suhr Classic T’s! ❤️
  6. 6strang

    The Hellecasters

    Jerry Donahue had all the bends! Will Ray had the reckless abandon slide and bender licks and John Jorgenson was the superglue that made it all come together. His tone and playing was/is pretty special. Love them! Was able to meet them in Nashville at the old Ace of Clubs when the first record...
  7. 6strang

    The Black Crowes

    Here is a pic of the Saturday night rig from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan show. Great tone and loved the band.
  8. 6strang

    Any love for Bogner ATMA?

    Yes sir! Love my Atma. Super versatile and the attenuation is a fantastic bonus. Ran mine in the 5 watt mode at a jam the other night. It felt great. Long live the ATMA!
  9. 6strang

    Gibson sues Heritage

    Love Heritage and they folks at the factory. Great instruments built with intentional care and quality craftsmanship.
  10. 6strang

    Soldano SLO Mini SS 30

    I picked up an SLO mini and have done quite a bit of reading about the unit specs and limitations online. It is not intended to be used with a reactive load or tube type attenuator in the traditional fashion out of the speaker jack output tap. I believe that the unit could become damaged if...
  11. 6strang

    Small, no-nonsense gigging combo under 25 lbs...

    I dig the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Blonde from Fender. You may be able to pick one up pre-owned. To me, it is about 95% of what a good tube DR sounds like. I do have several tube amps, and have no problem using it live. In fact, multiple guitar enthusiasts ask about the tone when I gig it...
  12. 6strang

    NGD: 2021 Heritage H-535

    Love my 535! Congratulations and nice score!
  13. 6strang

    Why Do You Still Buy Guitars?

    I like guitars that have unique voices and inspire me play a bit differently. Moods, feel, genre all affect the sound I hear in my head and want to translate. That being said, I’m also a gear junkie and have a sweet tooth for nice stuff. Lastly, GAS is typically cheaper than long term therapy. Lol.
  14. 6strang

    Met Rudy Sarzo this weekend

    71 years young! Love his spirit and musical soul. He focuses his energy in all the right places. Go Rudy!
  15. 6strang

    David Grissom. Current tone or Joe Ely era?

    I think that David owns his tone no matter what he plays through. I voted for the Ely “era live” tone as the Live at Liberty Lunch is flat out amazing. That being said, my Marshall addiction has been fed by that tone, the “Whatever We Wanted” Mellencamp album and Chris Kinght’s debut album. In...
  16. 6strang

    Is it so wrong of me to be digging a solid state amp so much.

    I have had multiple musicians and others compliment me on the tone from my Tone Master DR blonde when played live. I really do enjoy the amp and it takes overdrive pedals so well…it ain’t always the gun, it can also be the gun slinger. ;)
  17. 6strang

    Andy Timmons wow

    Absolute beast on the guitar. Great guy and one hell of a musician. Love this.
  18. 6strang

    Sold Bogner Atma Ecstasy Headshell Cabinet

    PM sent on headshell.
  19. 6strang

    Sold Marshall SV20H -SOLD

    No issues. Maybe a few small signs of use on the headshell. Love the amp...I have 4 "M" style amps and simply wish to pair back. SOLD PM for payment details. Plenty of solid transactions here. Happy to chat as well! Based on the legendary 1959SLP for use at home or in the studio. Switch...
  20. 6strang

    Lukather 'Breakdown dead ahead' Solo!

    Yes! Epic solo with a swingy jazz feel. It is one of my favorites. Luke is a GEM.
  21. 6strang

    Line 6 Catalyst - modeling Combo ....

    I gigged a 100 last night. Analog pedals sounded good into the clean model. I did run an external mxr EQ pedal to sit better in the mix. I will probably have to ride the volume knob on my guitar for solo boosts from now on. Manual mode on clean or the chime is where I will stay with a couple of...
  22. 6strang

    Sold Soldano SLO 30 Head - Sold

    First off, I love this amp. Secondly, whoever buys it is gonna love this amp. Not a scuff or any live use on it. Less than 40 hours on the tubes. Save some $$ here. Sold.
  23. 6strang

    What's on the record player today?

    Yesterday, it was Operation Mindcrime from Queensryche. Today, was mindless tone/gear noodling in the jam room.
  24. 6strang

    Sold Bogner Atma head with fresh tubes!

    Good luck with the sale! Great price. I won’t let mine go. Incredible and versatile amplifier here!
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