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  1. GreenKnight18

    Choosing a pre-wired Strat Pickup set

    I am putting together a Parts Strat, and I’m going for nice bits. I see that Fralin and Novak offer pre-wired Strat pickguards, and I know that, along with all of the ones that are parted out of Fender guitars that there a number of options. I generally play clean Fender amps and use pedals for...
  2. GreenKnight18

    Why are you buying a Silver Sky?

    TGP is all abuzz with the usual forum furor. It makes for good drama. Why do you want one?
  3. GreenKnight18

    Sold Dawner Prince Boonar Delay

    SOLD! (on Reverb)
  4. GreenKnight18

    Light Strings and Billy Gibbons

    I totally admit that I like a few classic ZZ Top songs, but their ship of being an interesting and vital rock band sailed more than 30 years ago. Whenever people mention lighter string gauges that guy comes up like he is the sultan of tone. Screw that. If you have tens of thousands, or hundreds...
  5. GreenKnight18

    Glou-Glou Rendezvous: super expensive Cadillac phaser/vibrato pedal

    I know one of you guys has to have this pedal. Please tell me about it! It's really pricey at 590€, so everyone who will not spend more than $50, $100 or $150 on a pedal, please tell us all how you'd never spend that much on a pedal. Too bad you can't get this one with the Sweetwater...
  6. GreenKnight18

    Replacement knobs for Klon KTR?

    A certain post has reminded me that I'd like to get some cooler control knobs. The KTR has a split D shaft no?
  7. GreenKnight18

    Buyers versus Sellers

    As a TGP regular, I see these threads come up all the time. When it's a disgruntled seller, the replies are all about how Paypal, eBay, Reverb, and whomever else always favor the buyer and the sellers are always getting hosed. When it's a ticked-off buyer, I see instant calls for filing credit...
  8. GreenKnight18

    Sold 1979 Fender Champ

    Fender Amp... with 'upgrades.' Yes, I know TGP loves to roll their eyes at that one. Two distinct tones from the different instrument inputs. Three-prong plug. New Weber Alnico speaker (no original one). Fun. SOLD! Trades: if you have a Princeton Reverb, I can add some cash and make a deal.
  9. GreenKnight18

    Sold 1W Blackstar Head HT1-RH

    Here is a little one watt tube bedroom/apartment amp head. It can go Fender or Vox style-- clean, dirty, or super crunchy. It also has digital reverb. Here is the Reverb listing. For TGP, $235 (includes domestic shipping).
  10. GreenKnight18

    Sold Spaceman Effects Aphelion Overdrive

    Hi guys! I'm hoping to cash in on the Spaceman Hype bandwagon! This is a cool pedal, but I don't really use it, and it seems like some people want to check them out. IMPORTANT STUFF: Please notice the "scuff marks" on the sides of the pedal. Per some other Spaceman users I understand that the...
  11. GreenKnight18

    I Have The Perfect Transparent OD

    However, I do hear a few ghost notes.
  12. GreenKnight18

    The Minifooger Drive is really good

    While there is a very loud TGP contingency that is losing their collective sh*t over the Soul Food I feel like the Minifooger Drive has slightly slipped under the radar. There are some other threads too that are figuring out that this pedal is really amazing. For what it's worth (not much) I...
  13. GreenKnight18

    Current Production Odd Shape Pedals?

    Disclaimer: for all of the people that say "sound is the only thing that matters," I get it. I appreciate that opinion, but I want to see what cool pedals are out there with neat shapes. I love all the cool old pedals with their odd-ball shapes, but I don't want to spend all my time on eBay...
  14. GreenKnight18

    Bill F finds new builder for KTR

    Freekish Blues.
  15. GreenKnight18

    I'm Retiring From Reading Klon Threads (except this one...)

    I've enjoyed reading through the endless tread train wrecks for a while now. For every civil/informative post there seem to be 10-20 posts complaining about something... well everything-- and it's just getting worse and worse. I don't think I have seen any element of the pedal, real or imagined...
  16. GreenKnight18

    Need help getting a new guitar case for a pointy Kramer

    I have an incredibly beat up, bad smelling, and generally broken guitar case that I'd like to replace. I don't necessarily want to spend top dollar, but I don't need to get it on the cheap either. Since the guitar is an odd shape and I don't want to case to be oversized(like it is now), I...
  17. GreenKnight18

    Okay, I'll be honest: I don't really "need" that many guitars

    My wife is cool about all the gear I get and we can currently afford the 8 guitars I own. For me it's not really about money or getting on the nerves of my s.o. . It's just a philosophical idea. I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of TGP people that define "need" in some other way than I do...
  18. GreenKnight18

    Am I the only one who...

    is tired of posts like this? NO! I think a lot of us are. Why are there people who think their slightly contrarian opinions on guitars are so friggin' unique?!? You think Les Pauls are ugly? Big deal. You've never liked Telecasters? Congrats. You think Eric Clapton is a weenie...
  19. GreenKnight18

    The Big Four Best Shims

    Might as well combine these two amazingly insightful threads into one.
  20. GreenKnight18

    Need versus GAS

    I don't "need" another guitar at all, yet I peruse the TGP emporium and various brick & mortar and online shops constantly wondering what is out there. How many of you fellow TGP'ers really 'need' an additional guitar for a legitimate reason? If you actually do... what is the legitimate...
  21. GreenKnight18

    I need some speaker buying tips

    I have a Fender Deluxe Reverb clone in amp head form. It puts out about 18 watts, and has 8 and 16ohm speaker outputs. I am getting two cabinets built for it. One 2x10" and one 1x12" If I am looking for "American voiced" speakers and hopefully a little bit of break up from pushed tubes at...
  22. GreenKnight18

    Firebird VII wiring question

    I am getting two Lollars and one Tom Short mini humbucker installed in my Firebird VII. When my tech got "under the hood" he found that the original pickups switching is set up to always have two of the three pickups active. Is that usually the case? In order to expedite things (I just want...
  23. GreenKnight18

    What's the deal with boutique builders? Part 2

    I want this thread to live again! Frankly, I like 'em. I found out that the guy who fixed my amps built his own, and I bought one. It looks and sounds great. I'd like to think that I am not a complete idiot, and can tell the difference between a tone-farting-electrocution box and a well-built...
  24. GreenKnight18

    Do you ever crank a 100watt amp on stage?

    I realize that 100 watt amps, namely Marshalls, but many others as well, are an essential tool/icon of rock and produce a tone revered all over the place. During their heyday they were needed to fill up the huge venues with sweet tone (or loudness at least). But what about today? My...
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