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  1. rowdyyates

    Sold Collings 0002H Maple

    OUT OF TOWN UNTIL 8/12 2007 Collings 0002H with maple back sides and neck. Just bought an I 35LC Vintage and need to replace funds. Reverb listing $4599 shipped and pp’d here
  2. rowdyyates

    NGD Collings 0002H

    Haven’t had a “new“ acoustic in a while I’ve always liked Collings maple guitars and when this one came available at a decent price I had to try it. 0002H Maple with ebony tuners and a regular headstock (slotted headstocks are a pain to me). It’s a 2006 but appears to have spent its life in...
  3. rowdyyates

    Jaco Pastorius and Word of Mouth

    At Montreal 1982. Just watched this afternoon. Unbelievable musicianship, and not just from Jaco. All those guys were incredible. Adding the steel drum made it so different, and Othello played it like no one I’ve seen before. Well worth an hour of your time even if you’re not a jazz fan.
  4. rowdyyates

    WTB Custom Shop Telecaster

    Non-negotiables Must be light weight 7.25lbs max and preferably under 7 Must have a big neck - .860 at first fret is absolute minimum Maximum radius is 10”, preferably 7.25-9.5 compound Must have a humbucker in the neck and regular Tele bridge pickup No Thinlines with 2 volumes and 2 tones Must...
  5. rowdyyates

    Sold Suhr Eclipse

    As new. Never used. I bought this a couple of months ago for a project that didn’t happen. Never plugged in. $200 shipped and pp’d. No trades
  6. rowdyyates

    Sold UA Dream ‘65 Reverb Amp

    As new, in box. Sounds amazing. I thought I was going to need a mini rig, but that fell through. I registered it - the extra cabs, and factory and artist presets add a lot of capability. These are hard to find. $375 shipped and pp’d. No trades
  7. rowdyyates

    Brown Eyed Girl

    Think it’s just a tired, overdone old song? Anybody know who the guitar player is?
  8. rowdyyates

    Sold Lucky Dog Evangelist

    Specs and info at $2750 shipped and pp’d here
  9. rowdyyates

    Tennessee Whiskey- Dean Dillon

    Just watched this on Amazon Prime. We’ll worth an hour and a half.
  10. rowdyyates

    Sold Fender JV Modified’50’s Telecaster Drop to $950

    A few weeks ago I needed a Tele fast. Both of mine had issues at the same time so I got this one to cover my needs in the interim. Great guitar! I should keep it, but 3 Teles is one too many. Nice neck. They call it a thick V, but it’s a very soft V, and is about.850 at the first fret...
  11. rowdyyates

    Sold Martin 000-28 1937 Custom Shop Authentic Price Drop

    Reverb listing $4199 shipped and pp’d here Now $3899. Ive had, and still have, some really great 000’s and OM’s. This one is right at the top.
  12. rowdyyates

    Sold Nik Huber Twangmeister Goldtop

    2019 Twangmeister Goldtop in excellent condition in original case. Typical Huber quality. Lightweight. Haussel pickups. $3450 shipped. We can discuss payment options. Only trade interest is Collings small body acoustic or equivalent.
  13. rowdyyates

    Sold Line 6 HX Stomp XL

    Excellent Stomp XL. In box with papers, etc but I CANNOT FIND THE POWER SUPPLY. I always powered it from my board. I’m sure the PS is here somewhere and if I find it I’ll update the listing (and the price). Works perfectly. $550 shipped and ppd
  14. rowdyyates

    Sold Fender 70th Anniversary Esquire Sunburst 6lbs 12oz Now $1250!!!

    Like new. Nice wide grain on this one. Very resonant unplugged. OHSC with certificate, strap, etc. Useful 3-way on these. $1475 shipped and pp’d CONUS Now $1250
  15. rowdyyates

    Sold Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster Nocaster Neck. Fiesta Red Journeyman Relic

    Love rosewood boards but don’t care for skinny necks? Here you go. More pics at Reverb listing here $2850 shipped and pp’d here. No trades at this time
  16. rowdyyates

    Sold Nik Huber Krautster Worn Vintage White Price Drop $2450.

    Great Krautster. More pics and info here $2750 shipped and pp’d here Now $2450 Possible trade interest added below
  17. rowdyyates

    Sold Strymon Iridium, Strymon Flint, Suhr Woodshed Compressor All Sold

    All have been on my board but have seen little use - excellent plus, with original boxes, etc. Iridium $350. SOLD Flint $250. Flint is sold pending payment. Woodshed $120. SOLD All for $650. All prices shipped and ppd.
  18. rowdyyates

    Sold Tuttle Tuned T Black with Roasted Maple Neck Price Drop

    Tuned T with Roasted medium C neck, .830, stainless frets, Patent Denied pickups Reverb listing $2999 shipped and pp’d here Now $2799 Trade for Fender Custom Shop Strat. Must have big neck and light weight...
  19. rowdyyates

    Texas Special Tele neck pickup is muddy

    Just got a Tele with Texas Specials. Bridge pickup works fine and both together work fine, but neck only is bassy and muddy. Tone control doesn’t seem to change anything on the neck pickup. I don’t see any solder breaks etc. The Only thing that looks strange is on the neck pickup the white...
  20. rowdyyates

    Sold Fender Custom Shop P90 Thinline Tele Relic Ltd Edition

    2020 P90 Thinline Tele Relic. Mint, as new relic condition. Natural finish. Fat Tele Tones, light weight. Neck is roasted 3A maple with a 9.5 radius and 6105 frets. I put some compensated titanium saddles on, originals are included. I’ll put the originals back on and intonate if buyer...
  21. rowdyyates

    Sold Moody Camel/Cream 2.5 Standard Strap

    I’ve used this Moody strap for several years. Moody is The best quality and most comfortable strap available. I’ve got two, and only need one these days. It will last many more years. Slight staining on the light cream lining. This strap has all finished leather, not suede lining. $75...
  22. rowdyyates

    Sold Fender Custom Shop True ‘54 Telecaster Relic

    Sweet one Reverb listing $2550 shipped and pp’d here. No trades please. Thanks for looking.
  23. rowdyyates

    Sold Fender 70th Anniversary Esquire LPB.

    Esquire in Lake Placid Blue. Reverb listing $1550 shipped and pp’d here. No trades, please. Thanks for looking.
  24. rowdyyates

    Sold Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

    Excellent to mint. Reverb listing $359 shipped and pp’d here.
  25. rowdyyates

    Sold Collings OM2G Sunburst

    Beautiful Collings OM2G Sunburst, German top, 42 inlay on fingerboard, 1 3/4” nut, K&K with Vintage Jack professionally installed. Near mint. No trades. $3995 shipped and pp’d.
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