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  1. Mikeroesoft

    FS Mythos Oracle Analog Delay

    Price drop bump
  2. Mikeroesoft

    Who has moved from Fender to Two-Rock and regret it?

    I went from a vintage Fender to a Two-Rock with no regrets and have subsequently moved on from the Two-Rock. My main amp is a JTM45 of sorts and it suits me the best. Just the right amount of headroom, volume and the perfect feel. I will say that I run it into a vertical 2x12 loaded with KTS70s...
  3. Mikeroesoft

    Sold Pedal Power 2 Plus

    I imagine you know what this is and what it does. Comes with original box, cords and connectors. $125 shipped and paypal’d
  4. Mikeroesoft

    FS Mythos Oracle Analog Delay

    Beautifully built analog delay with tap tempo. Top notch delay that doesn’t get in the way of your playing. This pedal is in excellent condition. $205 shipped and PayPal’d
  5. Mikeroesoft

    Do Two Rock's sound their price difference vs similar amps (given some diminishing returns)

    I had a TS1 for 9 years. I’ve played a number of other Two-Rocks and they definitely sound and feel great. But they do a thing and if it’s not your thing you don’t need to go down that road. They’re fairly high headroom amps and specialize in tight, deep, pristine cleans. If you want hairy or...
  6. Mikeroesoft

    Austin Speaker Works Elegante

    I can’t recall for certain but I believe both are 40oz Alnico magnets. I suppose the manufacturer could be different and therefore the actual composition of the magnet could vary slightly but the weight is the same and I would think the cone and voice coil would have a bigger impact on the sound...
  7. Mikeroesoft

    Austin Speaker Works Elegante

    Huh…well there you go. I agree that the Cream also has more bass, my experience with it was that it had more of everything, including a high end presence. I know there is variability from speaker to speaker and from application to application, but for me the difference was pretty clear. Just...
  8. Mikeroesoft

    Austin Speaker Works Elegante

    Sorry I missed this earlier. I’ve had both a Cream and now have an Elegante. I’ll not pick here a little bit but to my ears, the Cream is louder and has more presence and is a little more defined in the bottom than the Elegante. These are usually characteristics I like in a speaker but I much...
  9. Mikeroesoft

    What's your favorite D-type/2-type speaker?

    If you haven’t tried an ASW KTS70, IMO, you’re doing yourself a disservice.
  10. Mikeroesoft

    Sold Germino Club 40 1x12 Combo

    That has to be one of the nicest combos I’ve seen. Perfect amp in so many ways. Good luck!
  11. Mikeroesoft

    Carol Ann Amps - Thread XVII

    With the OD2 I used to have I really like pedals that would get the pushed clean or mild overdrive because I don’t feel like the amp six that part well, at least at practise at home volumes. I used a COT50 or an Xotic AC Booster with Comp (their custom shop version). I have a Vemuram ODS-1 right...
  12. Mikeroesoft

    NPD: Dustin Francis Ivor

    Congrats ! Ivors are amazing. It happened to me. I started with a ‘67 Ge Ivor and quickly realized I needed a Si as well. They’re flat out awesome. The silver one is my ‘68 with BC183s and the black one is my ‘67 with NKTs.
  13. Mikeroesoft

    What can you tell me about my "new" EVM-12L?

    I’ve had a few EVM12L’s and definitely preferred the older Mesa version to the newer light blue labelled ‘classic’. It should sound great with your OD3r. They are heavy though and add considerable weight to you rig. Enjoy it
  14. Mikeroesoft

    Who has the best Master Volume out there??

    This has been my experience as well. Carol Ann by a wide margin.
  15. Mikeroesoft

    Marshall 2061x lead and bass

    I have a Carol Ann British Series 18w and it’s go the layout of the 1974/1974x amp. It’s tube rectified and really touch sensitive and plenty loud. With a strat and and Ivor Fuzz Face I get glassy cleans for days… The key is the fuzz face though. IMO, it’s a really integral part of that tone.
  16. Mikeroesoft

    What’s your most collectible amp?

    Well, I suppose my Carol Ann Revo45 amp is the only ‘collectible’ amp I have left. It’s based on a JTM45 and there it’s the only one that was made. I picked it up from Alans house in April, 2011. It’s a phenomenal sounding amp and has all the features I could even ask for. For best results, I...
  17. Mikeroesoft

    Celestion AlNiCo Comparison

    Are you running EL84s primarily?
  18. Mikeroesoft

    If you had to sell it all, and just buy one new amp......what would that be?

    I have to say, my Carol Ann Revo45 that Alan built me is that amp. Great tone, great feel, feature set and just useable in any situation. That said, a good cab with the right speakers is almost equally important as the right amp…
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