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  1. memberzonly

    Sold Friedman Smallbox - Wildwood Edition Head SB50

    Comes with everything shown. Save a few hundred dollars off "new" and no wait or tax. Will ship with a replacement TRS cable as I can't find the original. $2600 shipped CONUS. No trades.
  2. memberzonly

    Sold Suhr Classic S Roasted Maple

    Ex condition. Comes with build sheet, tools & Suhr padded bag. $2500 CONUS. No trades.
  3. memberzonly

    Sold Suhr Classic S Paulownia

    Ex Condition. Comes with Suhr hardshell case, vibrato arm, build sheet & tools. $2700 CONUS. No trades. Specs as listed in build sheet.
  4. memberzonly

    Sold Walrus Mako D1 V2

    Just got this for a project that did not materialize. Ex Condition. Comes with all shown. $300 CONUS. No trades.
  5. memberzonly

    Sold Bogner Helios Eclipse

    In a move I am certain to regret, I'm offering up my Helios Eclipse. $2600 CONUS. No trades.
  6. memberzonly

    Sold Strymon Zelzah

    Ex condition. Comes with trs to midi cable. $315 CONUS. No trades
  7. memberzonly

    Sold 2018 M2M Gibson Les Paul R9

    2018 Gibson Custom Shop M2M in Dirty Green Lemon. Guitar arrived with some finish missing (likely from guitar hanging and hanger incompatible with nitro) shown in one of the pics. $4800 CONUS. No trades, sorry. All specs in link...
  8. memberzonly

    Sold Friedman BE100 Head - Purple

    Comes with footswitch/cable. Previous owner said this has the Gen 2 revisions. Will post a gut shot soon. Front panel has voicing switch, channel switch, 3 way bright for clean channel and gain cut for BE. $2850 CONUS. No trades.
  9. memberzonly

    Sold Suhr Alexa, Free the Tone Flight Time 2, Free the Tone Tri Avatar

    No trades. All prices shipped & PP CONUS Suhr Alexa - Comes with box. Velcro on bottom of pedal $225 Free the Tone Flight Time 2 - Velcro on bottom of pedal. Comes with box, power supply & manual. $SOLD Free the Tone Tri Avatar - Comes with box, power supply. SOLD
  10. memberzonly

    Sold 2020 Fender Custom Shop 57 Heavy Relic Strat

    Excellent condition. Comes with all case candy as show, COA, shop traveller & FCS tweed case. Specs as shown in traveller photos. $3000 CONUS. No trades.
  11. memberzonly

    Sold Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Single-Cut Wood Library 10-Top/Brazilian Fretboard McCarty Sunburst

    Beautiful guitar in exceptional condition. Purchased new by me a few months ago and lived in its case with minimal playtime. I've included one dealer pic, the rest just straight Iphone shots. Guitar is far more beautiful in person and plays as good as it looks. $4400 CONUS Shipped/PP. No...
  12. memberzonly

    Wizard cabs?

    Other than the cosmetic consideration, is there any advantage to pairing one of their 2x12’s to a Wizard head?
  13. memberzonly

    Sold Fender WW10 51 Nocaster Heavy Relic

    Excellent shape. Specs shown in traveller photos below. Comes with embroidered Custom Shop case, case candy, COA and strap. Weight is 6 lbs 8.8 oz $3000 CONUS. No trades.
  14. memberzonly

    Sold Friedman Smallbox 1x12 Extension Cabinet

    Excellent condition. $500 CONUS. No trades.
  15. memberzonly

    Sold Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC50

    TC50 - Upgraded Marshall tolex and piping from Mesa. Comes with pedal, cables, owners manual, slip cover. Fresh set of EL34's installed with about 10 hours. All amp/cab specs available at Mesa's website. No trades accepted. Please don't ask. Head: $1600 CONUS
  16. memberzonly

    Sold Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue 2555

    Excellent condition. 100 watt version with 1/2 power switch. Comes with original box, manual, single button footswitch. No trades. No trades. ON HOLD $1600 CASH for local pickup 06410 $1800 CONUS.
  17. memberzonly

    Sold Bogner XTC 3534

    Got this last week new from a local dealer. No longer needed & not returnable. Basically mint. Played it for about 2 hrs total. Footswitch still in packaging. Includes manual, power cable, footswitch, original shipping box. Save $$$ over new and no tax. No trades. $2000 cash/local...
  18. memberzonly

    Sold Anderson Icon Classic

    Icon Classic - Specs as shown. All wear from factory. Vibrato cover/screws included, of course. Original hardshell case. $3000 CONUS. No trades on these. Looking to downsize.
  19. memberzonly

    Friedman BE100 & Cornford MK50H II - Which is more 'Marshall-like"?

    Friedman BE100 & Cornford MK50H II - Which is more 'Marshall-like"? Which one cops a more traditional plexi vibe (modded with more gain, obviously) in tone and feel?
  20. memberzonly

    Sold Xotic XSCPro2

    Excellent condition. All wear from factory. All case candy + SKB case. $2000 CONUS. No trades.
  21. memberzonly

    Sold 2020 James Tyler USA Black Classic

    Excellent condition. Specs as shown. $3900 CONUS. No trades. Respectfully, all trade offers will be ignored.
  22. memberzonly

    Sold Lexicon PCM 81

    Comes with IEC power cable. VG cosmetic condition. Ex functional condition. Purchased for a rack setup that never materialized. $800 CONUS. No trades.
  23. memberzonly

    Sold GFI Specular Tempus

    Ex condition. Comes with all packaging and USB cable. $315 CONUS. No trades.
  24. memberzonly

    Sold Xotic XSC2

    Beautiful XSC2. Comes with documentation & original SKB case. Great flame maple neck with rw board. Original black single coil covers included. $2200 CONUS. No trades.
  25. memberzonly

    Sold 2021 James Tyler USA Burning Water 2K

    Excellent condition, less some pick swirls on the pickguard. Back cover removed for photos but is included. All tools/candy included. Cool painted headstock. All specs listed in build sheet photo. $5000 CONUS. No trades.
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