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    Do any true stereo analog delay pedals exist?

    Ah yeah, I even had one of those, but they're like at least 40 years old now, and I wouldn't use one except for studio color. I was thinking of the EHX dmm Hazari, which is true stereo, and a wonderful box, but not in any way analog.
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    3rd party expression pedal with Source Audio

    Interested to see what transpires.
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    3rd party expression pedal with Source Audio

    This doesn't work with my Vertigo and EP3. Wierdly, it does work with my Vertigo and a Digitech FS3X tap switch. The EP3 does work with other pedals.
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    3rd party expression pedal with Source Audio

    I'd also like to get the EP3 to work with a Vertigo tremolo. I'm already using the RCA connectors to swap the connectors but I can't get the EP3 to work with the pedal
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    Julian Lage's recent IG post on his Tele (interesting "mod")

    Just unscrewing the guitars neck works with any bolt on of course. I taken my Jaguar and a 63 Dano back and forth across the Atlantic. Metal inserts sound interesting but aren't necessary per see.
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    Psa: sweetwater has a few dod pedals in stock

    Yep, was just playing with my band with one. Being able to bring in self oscillation on the fly etc etc is so useful.
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    Best “bang for your buck” guitar right now?

    Yep, particulary if you play and sing In a band. Easy to adjust on the fly.
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    Psa: sweetwater has a few dod pedals in stock

    The Rubberneck is the best performance-orientated analog delay there is, bar none.
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    Panning pedals?

    EHX Pulsar(all stereo models) Source Audio Vertigo
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    80’s Old School Punk - What OD(s) are using?

    Bob Quine used an MXR Dynacomp into a Marshall as a booster with the Voidoids. The Buzzcocks initially used HH Amps. In their recordings, they had MXR Flangers and Delays.
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    What Reggae, Ska and Funk Songs Use a Phaser Pedal?

    Mick Jones and Keef both favored the MXR Phase 100, rather than the 90 or Small Stone.
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    Your favorite tremolo songs?

    No Bo Diddley. Fail! Let's start with "Roadrunner"!
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    Analog Phasers That Do More

    I love the Lost Highway personally. You can actually set it as a pretty good vibrato as well. But then I like the EHX Bad Stone RI as well. Just need to run it directly after a good buffer (Eventide Rose in my case) to limit the popping switch.
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    Roger Mayer Octavia Tips?

    With any Octavia you can get some good sounds by turning down the tone control on your guitar. A RAT into a trad Octavia yields some very mono-synthy style sounds.
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    Nobels ODR-1 vs Nobels ODR mini

    Same for me. I run mine at 18 volts, that does seem to increase the headroom.
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    Dynamic envelope-controlled modulation pedals (vibrato/chorus/tremolo/???)

    The Fender Lost Highway phaser has an envelope/dynamics mode.
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    Eventide Rose vs. Meris Polymoon?

    I love the Rose pedal myself. I definitely wouldn't buy it if you're looking for crystal clear delays though. The Rose has more of a 12-bit or analog character. It is one of the few new pedals that offers really long delays for Riley-style (aka Frippertronics) looping. As well as flange &...
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    Is this a chorus pedal? (80s melodic hardcore)

    For the live track, I would guess the guitarist is using a JC-120/JC-50/Some other kind of chorus amp, possibly in conjunction with another amp for tube-style grit. It's purely a guess, but a lot of punk/post-punk players used or use that kind of setup. It just doesn't have the all-consuming...
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    Which Nobels ODR pedal?

    Depends what guitar you're using. My ODR Mini at 18 volts is fine with my Jaguar and Esquire. If I had more bassy guitars I'd probably want a bass cut ODR.
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    Octave Pedal for Baritone sounds?

    More importantly it won't feel like a baritone!
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    What pedals go straight into the PA?

    Stuff I've used that worked great as a replacement for an amp direct into the PA: Tech21 SansAmp Tech21 FlyRig Award Session JD10 Stuff that worked well as a sparkly clean DI replacement: ZVex SHO Stuff that was acceptable as an amp sim: Digitech Bad Monkey
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    New Spaceman Effects release May 3

    Unfortunate for them they launched this after the DBA Germanium Filter!
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    The future of delay pedals - Strymon Timeline 2.0??

    That would be the EHX Grand Canyon.
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    Cort Guitars ( Cortek ) now owns the Digitech brand

    I suspect Cort will just manufacture DOD and Digitech pedals from the most recent lines that sold well. That would certainly be the easiest way to relaunch the brand.
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