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  1. riker4208

    Steely Dan dropping the ball.

    care to point to a source? I'd love to read up on that one.
  2. riker4208

    Why is downsizing guitars so difficult?

    I think the real problem is actually selling them. Acquiring use to be so easy in the glory days of tgp and craigslist. Deals everywhere and not enough cash or time to get them all. Now it seems like there are way more sharks in the water on the selling end of things. So like Scrooge McDuck...
  3. riker4208

    Boomer Bends revisited.

    Nothing more fun than playing stuff people don’t think are cool. Music doesn’t really respect these kind of imaginary boundaries
  4. riker4208

    $7,500 Budget for New Home Stereo ... Suggestions???

    I remember the first time I heard a parasound amplifer, it was a halo series with surround sound. It was like the heavens opened. Granted my experience is limited but that convinced me that lotsa wattsa from a kick ass amp can sound glorious. Wish I could remember what speakers the system...
  5. riker4208

    Here's a live stream of my gig last night.

    Sounds great! Really fun inspired playing and well crafted songs with a band listens to eachother.
  6. riker4208

    Tell me about Glenn Frey's rig at this time, please...

    cool how Glenn could play the majority of the guitar duties himself at that point.....he's awesome
  7. riker4208

    Rick Beato is not happy

    He's doing God's work and no one gets it!
  8. riker4208

    Saw Dead and Co for the first time last night…it was very “meh”.

    Driving to Missoula to see Phil and Friends at an outdoor Venue this Friday. Phil has surrounded himself with young hungry players who go for it live. I much prefer his shows. They also tend to be smaller venues which really helps.
  9. riker4208

    So I just bought 63 guitar pedals...

    If you were Joey Defrancesco then.........
  10. riker4208

    Stuff our producers tell us

    I assume by producer you are talking about your wife?
  11. riker4208

    Probably one of the worst album covers of all time

    When you put up Push Push as your worst album cover without mentioning what a killer record it is.......well that's on you.
  12. riker4208

    Met Rudy Sarzo this weekend

    man he looks great! Hope I can look that good at his age after all the craziness
  13. riker4208

    The Cult - Love

    Yes that was an awesome tour! I caught Kravitz and the Cult in Tempe Arizona. It was off the charts!
  14. riker4208

    The Cult - Love

    Dreamtime is awesome too. BoneBag is awesome. That album doesn't have the AC/DC power thing going on, it has more of a vibrato laden thing which is just awesome. Go West is awesome too. Early Cult is so good
  15. riker4208

    Brian Jonestown Massacre Gear Stolen
  16. riker4208

    I can't see the dots on the top of my fretboard

    I bought a cheap 16th inch hole punch off Amazon for like five bucks and just got run-of-the-mill white sticker paper and punched holes in that. With heavy play time the dots last about a month Before they need to be reapplied
  17. riker4208

    Digitech GSP 21

    Thats really cool! Remember a guy in the big band that played one of these all the way back in mid 90s
  18. riker4208

    Well the Chilis appear to be on it…

    You can't fake the Frusc
  19. riker4208

    Great Rick Rubin interview with Frusciante

    finished the interview......exellent. What a cool guy. Not a fanboy, just an old fan of the band. No autotune here LOL
  20. riker4208

    Great Rick Rubin interview with Frusciante

    Man, one minute into this interview and I'm blown away by John's detailed memory and deep dive answers into the first question about the first time he heard about the Chili Peppers. This is going to be cool
  21. riker4208

    Metheny/Mehldau Live!

    these guys ever release a live record together? Lovely tune.
  22. riker4208

    In your opinion, who was the King of tripped out psychedelic guitar madness?

    I can’t believe Both chrome and Helios Creed were mentioned in the first page of the thread! I’m no Uber fan or anything but I have several albums by chrome. I saw Helios creed in 1992, by far the most acid soaked guitar I have ever witnessed in my life. And it was just his way of doing things...
  23. riker4208

    Jerry Garcia Band - did you see them?

    I actually "got" what was happening musically with the GD after attending a JGB show. I was 18 and travelling with my girlfriend. Met my brother and his wife at Shoreline to see JGB (this was around '93). Girlfriend and I were determined to take shrooms that day and we did find some. First...
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