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    New Tophat Amps on Youtube

    Oh my god.
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    Superlead, no attenuator, no MV mod

    So...who's running their 1959 type amp without an attenuator or master volume mod? How are you doing it? Where do you play? What kind of tones are you going for? I'm asking because I used a 1959SLP exclusively for several years but always used an attenuator at gigs and rehearsals. But, I...
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    Nashville Trip, What to see and do?

    Hi all, My wife and I are planning an extended weekend to Nashville, and I am wondering if any of you have some recommendations for us. We both love rock and americana music of all varieties and genres: Son Volt, Wilco, Alison Krauss, Lucinda Williams, Charlie Sexton, lyle Lovett, Steve Earl...
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    10 Reasons why I love my Club Royale

    1. It has the most amazing overdrive grind at real stage volumes. (I used to gig a 100 watt plexi, overkill to say the least). 2. The master volume works better than the attenuators I have used with other amps. 3. Master all the way up feels like a NMV amp. 4. It can chime like a vox and...
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    For those with an end in sight...

    For those of you that see an end to your gear purchasing, what would it be? I am well aware of those who feel that it's all about the search, but others, I being one, might feel that there is an end to the tone quest. Here's my "I'm through" rig, what's yours? Also, feel free to mention the...
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    All Gold R6

    I finally got around to snapping some pictures of my 2005 Gibson R6 and thought I would share.
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    Gibson Historic Nut Replacement

    Hi all, I have been playing my R6 for a few years now, and have been dealing with a nut that was improperly cut from the factory. I had it rebuilt from a guitar tech who did a decent job, but the string spacing is still not quite right. I am considering having the nut totally replaced, I...
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    Favorite Tophat Club Royale Pedals

    What are you favorite pedals to use with your Tophat Club Royale? Mine is my Fulltone Octafuzz (I just ab'd this and another fuzz pedal in the studio where I rehearse and the Octafuzz was the clear winner for my tastes) What are your favorites?
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    Victoria DoubleDeluxe

    Hi all, Just played a Victoria Double Deluxe and I must admit that I am totally blown away. It's been a long time since I played a tweed type amp, and I forgot how much I like, and miss, them. Does anyone have any gig experience with these amps? How do the work in a full band setting? I am...
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    Calling all 56 Historic GoldTop Owners

    I noticed on my 56 historic that the back P-90 doesn't lower very far into the guitar. In other words, the pickup is fairly close to the strings and when I tried to lower it it wouldn't drop down much as the Pick up route is shallow. Are your 56 Historic like this as well? Thanks
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