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    Sold *PRICE REDUCED* Mesa Boogie King Snake #482 of 600 - 100 Watt/6L6/Vintage Altec 417-8H Series II

    It is with a heavy heart that I am listing my King Snake, but Jelle Welagen is building my dream amplifier, I have an original Mark I with a similar mojo and more sentimental value, and this one has to move for the greater good. This is #482, purchased from Sweetwater Music in 2014. Shortly...
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    Sold Welagen 100 Watt 80's Overdrive Special w/NOS Parts 6L6's

    This is a stunning Welagen Overdrive Special built by Jelle Welagen, SN# 034. The amp is an all 6L6 design inspired by the famous Dumble Overdrive Special amplifiers made famous by Robben Ford and Larry Carlton. This amplifier is based off the 80’s non-Skyline circuit. It will cop Talk to Your...
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    Sold Bludotone Bludodrive 100 Watt Bluesmaster - NOS Parts, Footswitch and Loopalator

    It is with deep sadness that I offer up my Bludodrive - the grail amp for me, and the place where I stopped my search when I first got it 6 years ago. But due to unfortunate family circumstances, this amp must go to a new home. Bludotone Bludodrive - $SOLD Born in early/mid 2010 100 Watts...
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    Santana/Mclaughlin Love Devotion Surrender Reunion DVD

    83ddjtnT7KU Coming next month. John sounds great!
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    64 minutes of Great Gabor Szabo Footage

    After seeing the performance of "My Love" a few years back, I've been searching for the full footage of this session recorded in Gabor's native Hungary for a while, and lo and behold, Youtube saves the day! Magical stuff, to say the least. His playing is quite on point. He even digs into some...
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    Untitled Improv Instrumental Jam

    As I was going through my files, I found a piece that was recorded in a guitar player friend's living room about 3 years ago with him, a bass player, drummer and percussionist. It's quite a meandering little beast until about 4 minutes in... Not quite sure what it was we were going for...
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    Old Boogie through a Hemp JBL.

    I dusted off my old Boogie for the gig this past Wednesday, and had a chance to open up the lead channel a little bit on an impromptu minor blues number with a couple sax players. Really dug the tone. Guitar was straight in to a 1977 Mark I head, no pedals, JBL E120 speaker in a front-loaded...
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    New Santana Instrumental Album "Shape Shifter"

    Looks like Carlos is dropping the pop schtick and doing it his way for the next album. Sounds promising. Here's a track. Click to Listen to 'Nomad' Here's an interview on the album: Shape Shifter Interview Another Shape Shifter Track: Click Here to listen to 'Mr. Szabo' A tribute to...
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