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    Folks gigging with modelers. Do you bring a backup?

    And if so, what are you bringing?
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    Saw John Fogerty last night

    GF got tix given to her at work yesterday for his show at the Hollywood Florida Hard Rock. We went with no expectations, indeed, traffic was so bad we almost turned around and went back home. I'm sure glad we didn't. I had forgotten how many hits this guy wrote. Every single song he played...
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    First gig with the GR-55

    Got it about a month ago. The plan was to replace my GR-20 and see if it would work as an all in one solution to the GR-20 and my VHT rack rig with Rocktron Replifex. I'm please to say it works fine for that. Does it sound as "organic" as my VHT rig? No, but for my purposes it's mostly good...
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    GR-55 pitch shifter

    Has anyone used the pitch shifter in the MFX block? I was trying to get an octave down effect mixed with unaffected guitar, but the output had beat frequencies and other anomalies that rendered it useless. The octaver had similar issues, but I kind of expect it with that effect. I wound up...
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    GR-55 question

    Is there any delay when changing patches on this unit? I'm planning on using this live and that would be a deal breaker.
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    Low E string goes sharp on Strat with trem use

    I did a search but didn't find anything on this. Recently I noticed that the low E string goes way sharp after depressing the trem bar. If I tug on the string it returns to pitch. I took a file and lightly filed the nut slot and saddle ( it has Graphtech saddles and stock nut; 2004...
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    Roger Waters to Take 'The Wall' Back on the Road

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    Should a leftie learn guitar right handed?

    My girlfriend's nephew recently started showing an interest in guitar. His father spoke to someone at a local music store who advised him to learn the guitar right handed,even though he's a leftie by nature. Honestly I never thought about this but my gut says that if he's left handed he should...
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    Please school me on speaker cabs

    The variables alone are daunting... open back vs closed back, front loaded vs rear loaded, ported, detuned, birch, plywood, MDF. 2X12, 4X12, single 15, single 12. I'm playing in several cover bands. Using a VHT Valvulator GP3 preamp into a VHT 2/50/2 power amp. I cover a wide variety of...
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    96 khz. Does it really matter?

    While I understand how increased bit rates in digital recording will reduce quantization errors I don't understand why pushing the sampling rate up past 48 khz would make a difference. Does it? 96 khz is way past the Nyquist point.
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    Never underestimate the power of dirty contacts

    A friend asked me to fix his keyboard amp. 50 watt solid state combo, 4 inputs. Loud crackling noise, kind of random. I'm suspecting a failing semiconductor. All the noise is coming from Channel 1. Long story short, Channel 1 has a phantom power option, and with the phantom power switch in...
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    The quack is back (Barden Two Tone Content)

    For years I modified my Strats with a Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge position. For me, this allowed me to have the best of both world as a bridge humbucker worked for the harder rock stuff I've been playing. I recently joined a band where I really need the quack that you get in position 2 on...
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    Cover Tune: First attempt at multitrack recording

    The classic rock band I'm in needed at demo. We recorded this in the singer's garage, Motown style...everyone playing together direct to tape. Didn't have enough mics, so I asked everyone to bring whatever they had. No condenser mics, unfortunately. Mixed it down at home using my stereo for...
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    I've been having what I believe is tendonitis from playing guitar; it may be something else, like carpal tunnel syndrome or simply age ( I just received an application from AARP... like I need the reminder that I'm turning 50 this year). I ice my wrist 20 minutes on, 10 off and wear a wrist...