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  1. bluejazzoid

    Wolf Van Halen - “Distance”

    Wow - what a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing that -- OP and Wolfie.
  2. bluejazzoid

    Little Kid Bassist with a great groove and even better Bass Face

    The funky groovin' kid has got it for sure ---and the faces (lol)--- but are those cig burn marks on the headstock?
  3. bluejazzoid

    Oh, Craigslist...you never disappoint

    In other words: "Your pay will be the joy you feel being bent over a table covered with white linen."
  4. bluejazzoid

    No EVH Tribute: Clapton,Beck,Townshend,Walsh,McCartney etc?

    Who doesn't want to make the tribute?!!!
  5. bluejazzoid

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    A surf buddy of mine shared this with me -- just a cool EVH tribute board somebody did:
  6. bluejazzoid

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    My heart has a huge hole in it now.
  7. bluejazzoid

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    I absolutely LOVED this guy when I was a teen.... so much fire, always fun:
  8. bluejazzoid

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Red, black & white tears. :cry:
  9. bluejazzoid

    Feeling annoyed about an open mic night jam

    Man, I think it would be a refreshing change to have someone bring a didgeridoo to an open jam myself. The mindless sax and harp guys that think "playing music" means constant blowing are the most annoying breed of open mic'ers ever. Sorry your jammy friends didn't appreciate it --and listen--...
  10. bluejazzoid

    Feeling annoyed about an open mic night jam

    You said you decided to take it to an open jam. So if anyone walks into an open jam with a didgeridoo, the jam people are most certainly going to ask to jam - again, they are cool. Maybe you just haven't been to enough open jams to understand the underlying disappointment that generally goes...
  11. bluejazzoid

    Feeling annoyed about an open mic night jam

    My 2 cents: at an open jam, whoever brings the didgeridoo --not the others-- should come expecting to adapt their playing style to the more common instrumentation found at open jams. You were disappointed, but truthfully - you had expectations that were kinda unreasonable..... just sayin...
  12. bluejazzoid

    Dan Aykroyd and John Landis: how we made The Blues Brothers

    I [re]watched it with the wife and kids just 2 weeks ago... our son-in-law had never seen it but wanted to, so we made a "movie night" of it. One of the coolest things to come from us watching it was seeing how much he and my younger sons enjoyed John Lee Hooker (having never heard of him), plus...
  13. bluejazzoid

    RIP Peter Green

    Man, sad to hear this. RIP Peter Green. At least now he is truly free.
  14. bluejazzoid

    Please help: has anyone here gone from "truly incapable" to "passable" singer?

    What you're talking about is called a "Reverse David Lee Roth" -- which is totally doable, considering. Start with Dave's latest Vegas shenanigans, then work backwards to VH1... you'll be good to go!
  15. bluejazzoid

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    Dang man! RIP Mr. Daniels.
  16. bluejazzoid

    Our needs as guitarists are ignored...again

    Okay, where do I send the check?!!! :love:
  17. bluejazzoid

    Our needs as guitarists are ignored...again

    Even if they were handmade by Monica Belluci... naked... in person... at my house... well... um.......what are we talking about?
  18. bluejazzoid

    Hey, church guys … what's with the plastic drummer shield?

    I've played with a few drummers that I certainly *WISH* had been sitting behind one of those shields. :eek::rimshot
  19. bluejazzoid

    You RIP guys are slacking - Lucky Peterson

    Dang, just 55! :eek: RIP Lucky!
  20. bluejazzoid

    For the longest time, Zep’s “D’yer Mak’er” sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t place it. Until now.

    Man, that would make a good mash-up to play at gigs - that is, years from now when gigs actual exist. :aok Thanks!
  21. bluejazzoid

    McLean sounds off

    Don McLean and his naked thoughts.
  22. bluejazzoid

    A sad day.. fellow TGP member and father candid_x passed away today

    I sure like what I knew about your dad from his posts here, Eric.....I'm sorry for you and your family's loss, and ours here as well.